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    So same ships change power if they fly from the moon to the planet... It's a stupid mechanic. I hope designers rethink these things.

    I suggest to keep counting and mark each passing day with an X on the calendar. If it is not fixed soon fly out to Germany and protest in front of their headquarters. Make sure to make lots of "Justice for Volans" signs.

    and now you can boost it to infinity, but once they cap it, likely just a few planets will be enough to reach the maximum

    if they do not cap it, well then, the game is completely screwed

    Few comments...


    Almost all of tech bonuses apply on *all* planets/ships

    Why would you then bother with a custom tech tree? With 14 planets being the norm for a developed account, you can simply split your planets and have 3-4 of the same race, pump their techs on their planet to reach the maximum (which will be capped, so 3-4 planets should be enough for this maximum).

    The whole idea of having separate tech trees per planet becomes pointless.

    It also makes absolutely no sense that each planet develops the identical technologies multiple times. Research should be on empire level. This is like, Elon Musk makes colony on Mars, and now they need to research the wheel again because... it's a new planet and what humanity already discovered does not apply.


    Every race has production bonus techs that apply on all planets. Some even for the same resources, so they will overlap. When all of these bonuses are combined, production will go to the extreme levels. 10B point accounts will become the new norm.


    Same as for production, but now for ships.


    If the concept is not given more thought and redesigned, it will mess up the balance of the whole game (even when they cap the bonuses).


    It will not bring more people to the game, it will do quite the contrary. Imagine a newbie being thrown into V9? They would quit after a day.

    Does anyone know where to edit the script to add different language support for expo statistics? In HR for example only fights and ships are detected.

    I just tried the transport function and it works perfectly. Overall, the plugin is the best there is.

    A few more suggestions to make it even better:

    - add the time of planet list update (as in Infinity). This is important to plan hidden colonies.

    - military stats - bring back ship count on the list (right now it is popup). This way you can figure out turtles just by glancing at the ship number.

    - add ogotcha link in combat reports

    Prongs  WeTeHa can we have some official GameForge feedback/FAQ regarding this version? Everyone is in the blind regarding how things exactly work (how are bonuses applied, planet bonus vs account bonus, are they stacked etc...). You can't expect every single player to go out and figure out these things on their own. oGame as it is has a steep learning curve, and this version will make it way harder and very overwhelming for any newcomers (and even old players) without any FAQ

    There is no FAQ of any kind and we are left to ourselves to figure it out.

    What I don't understand, and it is the main question that affects the whole strategy behind techs you will choose, is :

    Are bonuses tied to the ships on the planet or apply everywhere?

    So if I have a discoverer race planet with all those expo bonuses, are they effective only if expo is sent from that planet?

    The same with ship speed, ship upgrades etc.

    I have just tried this and it's a great plugin. I use(d) Infinity, but this one seems to be superior at this time.

    However, there is a huge feature missing that is available in Infinity - expo mission auto-select with exact amount of SC or LC needed for max gain (+ 1 Pathfinder). I can't any kind of shortcut for expo mission here, has it been removed or am I blind?

    Another suggestion - please use darker blue color for VM players in statistics. Current color is too similar and VM players are hard to spot.