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    I understand, that x10 eco is always new unis.

    So about settings. Above are written our wishes. So for pools, I think it is ok to contain all your examples:
    - eco x8

    - research x16

    - deut consumption 0.5

    You can add other settings to vote like (But i think they won't be voted):

    - Fleet speed x2

    - DF 50%

    - DF to def NO (now is NO too)

    And about new server, if it comes with 10x eco, I would tottaly join it. I think it is possible to create pools ingame for new universes and I belive, the best would be to make this pool before it will open.

    Thank you, CornerTwist

    Hello again Lorovus

    I saw new unis are opening, 3 of them are special with 10x eco. Since it is only question when on .si will be new server (small chance to get x10 probably) and last uni was openend in 2019, i think it is cool to get us x10 eco, so .si community could have this special uni too :)

    We are still waiting for changes. :)

    Also thanks to rearrange forum section, now it looks much better :)


    Thank you for answer, and interest for discussing for probability to have 10x eco in existing universes.

    We are happy to hear we could get cahnges.


    Hello everybody!

    It's been more than a year since last setting change in universe Andromeda. I talked to players from our universe and we are for some changes. I saw, many communites have special unis with 10x eco, can we have it too?

    Settings now:

    - eco speed - x7
    - research speed - x7

    - deuterium consumption - 1

    My suggestion (If possible to have this special settings):
    - eco speed - x10
    - research speed - x20

    - deuterium consumption - 0.5

    If it is not possible to have x10 eco, we would like to have:

    - eco speed - x8

    - research speed - x16

    - deuterium consumption - 0.5

    Game is at late stage now, would be more interesting to have little boost, to grow easier. Research speed is really needed, it take really too much time with current settings.

    Best regards, CornerTwist


    I think, some players already suggested that. But since there is still no rule like that (which would be fair) I think it is must to be mentioned again. Also attack ban for 2 days instead of v-mode for player who merge would be cool too. So player could gain some ress from mines and look for targets etc... Other players would have enough time to adapt new playstyle.

    How ironically you only answered to his third point and tottaly ignored his first and second point, where he shows your poor behaviour as a person/player. It is easy to click those buttons for sending fleet, when your fleet is stronger than any other players on server.

    And for third point, yeah all players in Andromeda are weaker than you, try checking military points.

    I won't lie, nice numbers. But that is all what is nice here.

    You joined our uni and land on rank 8. We all know, you could join uni only if you are not in top20. You just used bad GF system to join this uni, so there is nothing to blaime you. Well tickets were open already, but question is, when they will be processed.

    But bad thing is, this 2 alliances have a pact about no attacking each other, about which you were informed. At least play clean and don't gain fake trust with joining alliances and breaking pacts.

    exactly. 3bn+ in 10 days is absurd. Also back in time (maybe it is still like that) in Turkey DM was chepest, which results in biggest account there.

    They should limit packages. Like each of package per day, so you can only buy number of packages equal nuber of days passed on uni. There would still be income for GF, but game would be a lot more balanced.

    Also would be nice to have events like that without DM, but prizes would be only coupons/research levels/etc... which GF don't need to pay.

    Would be really nice to have one event without DM just to play like in old days. But that would not bring money to gf. With that event they got really nice amount of money and they will pay only 3 Iphones + mugs/shirts etc...

    If you think this 20M points in 1 day is a lot, take a look on .tr server where n1 have 1,8 bn points in 5 days :)

    Any reward players will get, probably won't be more worthy than they spend (1,5k for iphone) or anything less to be top3 in community to have 1 free upgrade...

    But smart move from GF actually.

    I agree, there is no point of pirate/alien DF with current settings. Would be nice to disco get back 100% finding pirates/aliens and somehow df would be tied with n1. Could be something like 10% each ressource of n1 points. for example if n1 have 100M points, there would be max df of 10M metal and 10M crystal. Also other classes can manage halfe of that.

    Also whole max finding could be tied to n1 points, but not till 100M points but at any point. And max find would be like 1% of n1. For example if n1 have 100M points max find would be 1M ressources. Pathfinder would make it to 2M and disco would get x1,5 + (xEco speed). Max in uni with eco x8 and n1 having 100M points would be 1X2X1,5X8 = 24M ressources.

    With this scale disco won't become less proffitable than collector in late game and won't be too powerfull at beginnig.

    So disco would get back 100% finding pirates/alliens. on other hand there is no need to change classes (because of expos), only change rules for overall expeditions, but this ir probably wronh thread for this discussion.

    I am not that young, i understand most of Serbo-Croatian speaking people. But still, it is not our language. If I want to play in more active uni i would choose .org or .de (I don't even speak German).

    I like our small community. And of course it is small, we are small country.

    hi, a player from .si server here :)

    We have 2 unis after merge in march 2021. Last opened uni was in 2019, when all communites got new uni because of 7.0 version. In Fornax there are 50 people registered, maybe 3 of them are active. On Andromeda there is 300 players (because a lot of inactives), but there are like 10 out of 40 active players who play serious.

    If there will be merge from all these 3 communites, which language would be used? I play on .si server just because it is my mother language. I remember back in times when GF opened more unis on .si we had a lot of fun at beginning, but yeah it become death after like 5 months. (I think, it is like most unis from other domains). I am simply against this merge just because we would lose our language.