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    Why does GF choose the settings for new universes?

    I trust them, simple as that. I think the team is more than capable to filter the desires of this thread and convert it in reasonable settings.

    :golly: Did I read that right? Trust GF to get a merge right.......:Vomit:

    :beer:Cheers for one of the best laughs in the last 20 years this game has existed. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    In all seriousness there needs to be a PLAYER poll for the settings. Please.

    If Alpha was a 1x warspeed group 2 would be a nice option. Is there a reason Beta was dropped in this scenario? Why not make it the 2 or 3x uni and make Gamma a 5x uni? There just seems to be a ton of resistance to any new 1x warspeed uni for a merge outside of leading all accounts to uni 1. 2x for 1x players just leads to faster MD's, lost fleets, and more quitting. Most 1x players like a full night of sleep which is why we play 1x.

    Furthermore, if you want to really balance a merge and create competition, why can we not program newer unis to only accept players up to a certain points level? It would be a lot different to send a 300-500kk point account to uni 1 than to send a 30-50kk account. The top of universes are always top heavy so why not send them where they will actually have competition and leave smaller growing players to grow in their own uni. Keeps out the big fish which is a major complaint and a main part of your rebuttal Danimanza

    If you are referring to WeTeHa then I am sure he is already aware of this thread. I would like to again please ask that my previous post below please be considered as a legitimate part of the discussion. There appears to be no way to save Dorado and regardless of the e-mails and such that are being pushed, I do not expect Doraro to be saved. Dione too. That can be okay provided there is a legitimate alternative which does not leave those accounts to be shark food.

    Danimanza  Prongs  WeTeHa I am respectfully asking for you to review my post below about creating a new 1x warfleet uni with lower eco and tech speeds than uni 1 and also about having it be a universal target for the merge. Any thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. If there is someone else who this needs elevated to then I would be happy to do so.

    Sorry this thread was lengthy so I thought you were adding options that people suggested. Sorry for the confusion. I am hoping Danimanza will have an opportunity to address the suggestion.

    Danimanza I would also very much like it if Dorado could just stay as it is or something like that. I like to play mostly 1x uni and already have an account in uni 1 so this would be deleting an account that is 10+ years old, just doesnt seem right to me

    As there is only one x1 target, you can :

    - choose another target and give it a try. If you don't like it, you can use the next option.

    - migrate it to uni1 and make one of them inactive (the one you don't want to play in uni1), then go to the graveyard and then send them to any x1 universe that it's not involved in the merge.

    So I am also in the legacy settings camp, but have played under other settings as well. Even if Dorado ceases to exist which we should all recognize as a shame, is there any other possible 1x uni alternative that GF will accept other than forcing Dorado players to uni 1?

    It is nice to have a chance to be in the top 100 or 150 if I work really hard on my account, but in uni 1 most Dorado accounts would fall outside of the top 400. We have all played a mid ranked account at one point, but few of us understand what it is like to build that account through perseverance, patience, and a lot of time into a top 100, top 50, or top 25 account. I just do not want to see all of my efforts wasted because we are going through a merge yet again and many other players who have invested money into the game feel the same way if not moreso. In uni 1 Dorado and Dione players will largely be sentenced to acquire a new account to be truly competitive (some devils advocates will argue this, but every veteran player knows exactly what I mean), or spend all of their time and effort to get a good rank only to merge again/be merged into (Poor uni 1 players as baal tried to point out) and have it be ripped away from them.

    Danimanza Is it possible to create a new target uni with 1x fleet, 3x eco, and 6x research or 1x fleet, 5x eco, and 10x research? ( aliendestroyer option 7)

    Can it also be possible to make it an overall target for any merge group as well so that there are plenty of players to populate said uni?

    I love the 1x all legacy settings, but if I have to give it up, my option is a lot more fair than throwing almost all of the Dorado uni players to the wolves?

    The options for Dorado suck. Make Dione a target instead of an exodus or send us to Gaspra. If you can let whales kill Dorado but we can handle that just fine then the Gaspra folks should be just fine when Cathedral has his fleet there.

    Please use the thread to give your general feedback about merges, you can state if you like merges, if you hate them or how would you run them, but don't off topic or we will need to bring the warn/ban hammer :)

    Are we able to get any answers to some of the later questions asked on this thread? There were multiple posts about Dorado residents including my own post which have gone unanswered regarding merges. Multiple posts have asked if there would be a poll here regarding merges. Other posts have mentioned the general lack of forum users and how this thread will not get to many ingame players prior to any implementation. Are there any answers regarding that situation? Finally does any of this even matter or are we going to repeat history? Previous GF history has these threads produced as a formality to cover up decisions that are already made and only need the corporation to feign asking for community input. Is this another of those times?

    Again, I will ask again, can someone address the questions from Dorado, and is there any way to do a poll again like what used to happen? Thanks!

    I agree with Cathedral that Dorado should be left alone. It should remain a target uni untouched just as uni 1. If it does need to be eliminated, Prongs  Danimanza what would be the possibility those players could merge to uni 1 of Thanks and GL with these merges.

    As a general note, most of us really do not want another merge and this thread basically guarantees that another merge will be happening. Please do recognize that you will lose more active players in the process just like what has previously happened. The merges have a cycle: merge, more players are active because some came out of v-mode to merge or hit new targets, 1-2 months later those numbers take a nose dive. Throw in a whale or two in there and you can consider the uni done because those accounts are spending a ton of money, but wrecking the game which does not create a challenge, but a constant David vs Goliath situation which is rarely won by David.

    Better get your hits in while you can. Looks like your days are running out....

    No, they are still worth doing as long as you have the slots. You will easily make a profit compared to the deut spend. The only issue is if you do not have enough defense to protect a returning expo from being smashed. GL and have fun!


    Someone clearly does not do their homework before creating a post about someone's play style. :zpopcorn: Waits for Cathedral to see the previous post.

    For all those who missed or did not take the time to read the spoiler, I think that some time needs to be spent congratulating Wraith on his Ogame career! Congratulations mate on your full time playing career and enjoy your semi-retirement :) It's been great having you around so long! Thanks for all of the laughs and lessons from the days of the staff too ;)

    Ouch. lol. To be dissed by someone who pretty much loves everyone on the boards puts someone at a new low. Ah, I do remember the Leda days. Felt a bit like playing limbo back then too......

    Anyhow, because I didn't say it before, huge hit so enjoy the profits as I am sure you already have. WM, enjoy retirement and don't look back. Way better advice then GLOTR. Trust me because I looked back and well..... :P

    Censored quote ~Cillidan

    Interesting, so plz tell me who I am.. :S and plz deeper than showing me your ingame nicksearching skills :wink3: but I kinda know your "sources" lmao

    It's ogame 2k22, take it or leave it ...

    Mhm maybe we define the word whale different, but Imma totally fine with it/you do you :wink3:

    I think you'd be hardpressed to find players who would not call an account that is 7x larger than the top account in any established uni a whale compared to the rest of the accounts there. Dr. Joseph moving here is akin to El Dragon moving into uni 1 and that was considered a whale move.