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    Interesting concept although I would actually expect them to either all be created at one time, or create Atlas first and Cygnus last.

    Your idea centers on the "strong" accounts being sent to the uni with the slowest base growth speed which basically keeps giving the other two unis a chance to catch up and play with the stronger accounts in Atlas. Eventually the players who are actually strong and talented will be bounced back and forth between Atlas and Belinda and the newer/not skilled players will be in Cygnus. Someone would have to be absolutely crushing everyone to consistently stay in Atlas.

    Do not complain about free stuff. Before these events started we got nothing. There were times before we had faster research days, cheaper DM days, etc. too so please take the free stuff we do get and be happy instead of always wanting a hand out for more.

    If you really do not like the items then I propose GF just change the res amounts to 4500001 metal and leave everything the same. Next event we can go back to 4500000. Not the same as before, so no issue :thumbsup:

    Looting paid DM is a no go in my opinion aswell as it could be considered stealing.

    GF separates bought DM and free DM already so it should be easy to implement i would say.

    You could also go for a new moon structure that mines Dark matter (at low quantities as not to disturb the $$$ for GF)

    Not sure yet how this DM can be looted however. If you can loot the DM you should also be able to fleet safe it. It would become a 4th resource to fleetsafe. (this is fine with me)

    I'm all for the moon DM mine. That would actually be an interesting idea and mechanic in the game.

    Honorable fights yes. Stealing no. Absolutely no. As a f2p player every expo dm find is a treasure and it takes forever to have enough to do something with the dm. Halving astro or another large tech takes over 200 DM finds as a collector so I do not care how "symbolic" the amount is considered, it is still a lot if I've been building dm up for a long time and getting it the free but very hard way.

    Ultimately I know someone will get disappointed but my feedback is also that Dorado players should not get disappointed ;) #savedorado indeed :)

    Well, I mean, mines are pretty great ;) but at the same time, I'm sure they make for an incredibly exciting reading experience :P

    Congtats everyone on the hit! Insane profits and what a huge smash in a legacy setting uni. Glad you were able to finally get him after all of the hard work! Looking at the rankings it is just bonkers to see an account that large lose over 60% of the account in an instant. He went all the way down to rank 15 and way down there in fleet to like 45. Enjoy the spoils and maybe next time I'll get in on the action ;) Or just probe in the middle of the hit for real to spice things up like Valeyard wanted :P

    A few more cargos, a little more defense and viola! FS problem solved :P

    On a serious note though, some bronze boosters every now and again are not a bad idea, but honestly GF usually offers gold and platinum for fields so just pick one or the other. Not sure how big your account is, but we have not had enough rewards events yet for me to put a platinum on all of my planets. If you still have issues, pick the gold option every now and again. The rewards picks are a balance like everything else in the game. Just a point of brutal honesty, if you need >35 fields from a platinum and a gold and have already cranked terraforming >6, did you really manage your account well and keep a large enough colony? With all of the bonus fields unis and the previously mentioned ways to get a ton of fields, I'm thinking probably not. Just my two cents.

    Top 5 fleeters





    Bala (When the account was not in v-mode)

    Top 5 miners




    Yan Haiqin - The guy keeps chugging along quietly at a really nice pace. Hard to catch. lol.


    Most feared player

    PAGAN - Not really close here. As soon as you see him you better batten down the hatches and change everything you do because apparently you already messed up.

    Most improved player

    NoName - This is a tough choice because I agree with Pagan that what Vale has done is incredible. Pagan is also a good choice because he ground his way to rank 1 and made/is still making huge gains. I picked NoName because the guy scrapped billions in fleet to become a miner and has been wildly successful. Not a lot of players can make the transition and thrive better than before.

    Top alliance

    Wicked - Not really very close here

    Most feared alliance

    Wicked - Also not close. Top 2 individual fleets and another at #5. The alliance is also closing in on more military than the rest of the uni's alliances combined. (Still a ways to go, but that gap is closing.)

    What you believe to be the best hit

    Solo Top 03 - [TOT: 16.927.294.000] PAGAN [WCKD] vs. Pies (A:, D: 14.729.265.000) TP: 2.518.804.359 Because who doesn't love pie? Also, the story was really good with everyone getting a few slices. Some more than others.....Looking at you Cathedral:P

    kewlness I agree and I feel there are a number of players who would like to keep at least one server at the legacy settings. This is also great if there are community merges because then other communities will have a legacy server to merge to!.