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    Lord evilsnake hopes someone buys a Lord evilsnake branded mug.

    You broke character in your last post, even the great lord evil snake is already breaking down in just a conversation with the confederation

    Lord evilsnake has no idea what you mean when you said he broke character.

    Lord evilsnake is not a character.

    Lord evilsnake is the real thing.

    Again, The Confederation, with the false narratives.

    Lord evilsnake does NOT consider you the biggest threat in all of OGame, let alone Bellatrix. That honor goes to Eternity of Bellatrix. Eternity, from Lord evilsnake's reports, does not bully on lower-ranked players. In fact, he was kind to a few of Lord evilsnake's friends. Very polite player. Have not met him, but will do so shortly.

    With that being said, Lord evilsnake thinks you are way over your head, The Confederation.

    In fact, Lord evilsnake wants to bring up a little history lesson.

    Some time ago, there was an American Civil War. This was way before the Man of Iron took on Captain America and nearly ruined the world in the process.

    The American Civil War featured the North, aka the Union, against the South, aka the Confederates.

    Who won?

    The Union.

    Yes, the South won many battles, but at the end of the day, they lost the War. And they submitted to the North. General Robert E. Lee even kneeled when he submitted to the North.

    The moral of the story: You might win lots and lots of battles, but at the end of the day, you will get crashed, you will v-mode like a baby, and you will end up leaving Bellatrix with your tail between your legs, because Lord evilsnake and many others will join forces to take you out for once and for all.

    Thank you for reading.

    The Confederation does not bow to this Lord evilsnake characther, we do not recognize him as a person of notice.

    Many have tried to destroy the The Confederation and none have succeeded. The Confederation is law in Bellatrix.

    You are false, Confederation. You are nothing but a bully.

    You have many enemies. Many have reached out to Lord evilsnake, the One and Only True Hero of OGame, with a mission to #MakeOGameGreatAgain. In order to accomplish that mission, we must eradicate this Universe of bullies who prey on the weak. This is you, Confederation. Your actions will no longer be tolerated upon Lord evilsnake's arrival in the Great Bellatrix.

    This next part has nothing to do with the Universe of Bellatrix, but Lord evilsnake wants to make it known that he has a fetish for Bellatrix Lestrange of the Harry Potter films and would love nothing more than to meet her.

    Lord evilsnake is not happy with The Confederate.

    Is Lord Evilsnake referring to a group or an associate or do you mean the player 'The Confederation' who is a bit of an active sort?

    The Great One, Lord evilsnake, is referring to a person named The Confederation who does nothing but bully and farm the young, low ranked players who are just trying to establish themselves. Rather than help them out, he attacks and depletes them, forcing them to quit the game. Lord evilsnake does not tolerate this. Lord evilsnake is probably not strong enough to fight The Confederation when he arrives in Bellatrix, but his mines are very good, so he will have no problems building up a fleet plus joining with his Allies in order to teach The Confederation a lesson for once and for all. The King of MILFs will make sure of this.

    Lord evilsnake is disturbed by the high number of bullies picking on super low-ranked players. Some examples are Stupor Mundi, The Confederation ( Shinjite), and Diesel.

    This is not good. This must be fixed.

    yeah, i understood, but maybe taking down all the ogame servers was a bit exaggerated :biggrin:

    Lord evilsnake, the King of MILFs, has never claimed to take down the OGame servers.

    His mission is to #MakeOGameGreatAgain.

    That is all.

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    Madoka or kewlness I don't believe there is a Discord issue for the ticket system, so I believe you are just trolling me and making it harder by not giving me a direct answer and giving me the run around. You know I haven't done anything wrong, so...

    What do you suggest I do besides the ticket system, which does not have an option for Discord, from what I can remember?

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