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    do i have to make a different thread to express my opinion? it was related to the topic

    i think exactly like i posted: idc that u dont like my opinion, if u ban for opinions im fine dont need to warn me u can give me ban now and im out of here no need spend minutes posting here anything u should be greatful that i even spend any time here

    Warned for continued spamming and trolling. Cassandra

    who spends money for GF games lul

    there is always 1 clown in a server who sponsor the game for everybody else (yeah that top1 guy)

    Warned for trolling


    Message to GF:

    make the game that you can be top1 without spending DM or very little, now highscore is irrelevant, should be removed

    nowadays highscore = top1 biggest clown who donated lots of money to u... cmon

    Researcher class is so bad, especially late game when it is almost useless. Other classes have tangible bonuses like production and combat tech, but researcher basically nothing.

    I are agree, Im discovery class, but I will go for trader. 6mins faster expos dont cut the deal for me. 30mins faster? I would consider

    and btw if transporters are 10% fasters then expeditions are also 10% faster, cause I only send small cargos and pathfinders for expos, so it seems like researchers has only 10% boost on expos, but traders everywhere

    Current problems now are:

    1. Abusing DM through resource packages (even 1 guy kills all the fun)

    2. Game is slow compared to ogame cloners (takes 5-10x longer literally to do simple tasks)

    3. Inventory/Shop loading in 10-15seccs

    4. Constant logouts, for me when I start 2nd expo (I do only expos)

    5. Logging out through different devices. I dont want to be logout so much. Like this is not my bank account

    6. If I was on planet 9th, when Im back I want to be on planet 9th, not 1st.

    Maybe there are more, but this annoys me the most

    I think when I used free DM during cashback event it counted as FOUND, but Im not 100% sure, maybe 90%. Ill test it again

    If I turn off all mines they will remain turn off during inactivity and there will be no res for months?

    It doesn't improve rates. Had one for deu, change to metal and rates were worse that I had to use it again. I thought it will improve, but it changed randomly

    Lets be realistic. Uni without resource packages would be a huge success for normal players. I'd even delete these resource packages completely and give only as rewards in events

    In ogame highscore is irrelevant, cause u can buy it with real money. Like buying fleet and then attacking other players with it and posting here and no acs uni. It's GF fault that allowed buying resources for real money. They do so many flops. GF doesnt dissapoint. Like too op discoverer class or giving ppl space docks. Clown game, circus. GF have no vision for ogame. Only make sure to milk some money. In gladiatus (similar game to ogame also from GF like ikariam, bitefight etc) you can't buy ranking. I was last time playing this game 3 years ago when x5 server came out. I got fastest to level 100 in the world (i checked all servers). The 2nd guy was botting till like 90 lvl then gave up and deleted acc (everyone knew he was botting, but not GO). I was playing on average 16hours a day (maniac mode was on). For premiums you can boost your gladiator stats and eq, but you have to click expeditions, arena, tasks etc to get higher ranking. There were also guys who had a lot money who sold premium items for gold (which can give you better stats and eq NOT ranking thou). With ogame meta they would be top1 not me. So the point of this monologue is ogame highscore/ranking doesnt matter. Its irrelevant at this point. GF just took the easy route, safe route. They calculated that from resource packages they will get more money than keeping the game competitive. But anyway who cares about browser games in 2020 and beyond. We are all here for pure nostalgia, cause I don't believe new players would play such a slow, boring game

    Talking about slow, inventory opens for me in about 10-15secs constantly. I guess its a bug, cause its a last week problem for me. Sometimes I feel like its windows 98. With every click I wonder why it has to be so slow. Step up and give 2020 standard. Thats BASIC. I really dont like that 1-2secs waiting, sometimes even more to jump from 1 planet to another. Please reduce waiting time, cause you are wasting my time and the game feels retarded, 0 dynamics