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    Once again another rewards event start and more bugs to be discovered.

    This time Dismantle a debris field does not complete.

    Congratulations Gameforge for the consistent failures.

    I'm in vmode now, but I checked in and the lag seems have been resolved. I'll have to wait until after vmode to see if the lag returns.

    24hrs and game is still lagging. Most times won't load.

    Tried to open a ticket and the support page won't open either.

    I know it's not my network, I am able to visit any website outside of ogame.

    I'll try to go into vmode when fleet lands until they fix the lagging issue.

    I know the definition of a hypocrite and don't see how that fits any playing style we are speaking about.

    You are wrong about me, I am not a top player. You can look me up in zibal. My account was created a year ago, i've never attacked an active player. My account is where it is because I followed some strategies that allows me to spend 23 hours away. Today is an exception, I'm enjoying interacting with people.

    It's all in the style of play and the strategy you use to play that style. For me I did some studying and research before joining ogame again.

    I'm always nice to other players even if they don't like me or even if they try to crash me.

    It's a game and people are taking it seriously.

    No one is making money off this game and eventually everyone gets a beating.

    As for RBL - I think I have a DGL (Damn Good Life). Time for a beer :beer:

    I 100% agree there needs to be changes to how easily moons can get popped. There are many changes that need to be made for this game to survive. One those changes imo was vmode.

    Who am I is of no concern. The definition of a coward is "a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person." quoted from Good example, attacking a player and then going into vmode before that player can counter attack and to avoid the opposition, the danger and the difficulty of protecting ones resources (ie fleet, res, moons).

    By "proper Fs" are you referring to vmode? I'll continue to fs my way and play the game the way I feel it was intended.

    One thing on who I am, I was a quitter for over a decade because of the DM change that happened. I've been back for a year to play the game a different way. I play by the current game structure that is allowed, I'm not a cheater either. But I won't be a vmoder to protect my moons and fleet. I use trades to keep peace and it has worked.

    why did you run back into vmode?

    why not?.. i must ask

    The abuse of hiding in vmode is hurting the integrity of the game.

    Those that hide in vmode don't care about the future of ogame.

    I see those that hide in vmode as cowards.

    If Gameforge had any business sense they would see these players as a waste of resources to their systems and remove them or change the vmode rules.

    I personally think that once a player comes out of vmode they should not be allowed to use vmode for 7 days. This would eliminate the cowards.