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    Dear Community,

    On Thursday 26th May, we will be performing maintenance on the support system.

    The maintenance will be done in the morning and is expected to take approximately 3 hours.

    During the maintenance, no new tickets will be able to be sent.
    You will see a maintenance page during that timeframe.

    Kind Regards,

    Your OGame Team

    Dear Community!

    Yesterday with the Version 9.0.0-beta20 on the PTS some balance was applied to Bermuda.


    We are very thankful for all the players who went on the Public Test Server (PTS) to experience our newest update “Lifeforms”. The team has now gone through the first wave of PTS feedback that was provided by a lot of players who jumped right into the new Lifeform update.

    Overall, the update created some very interesting discussion about possible strategies with the newly introduced amount of possible build options which is one of the main intentions of the update. However, players also addressed that some of the benefits that are currently obtainable on the PTS were too powerful compared to their cost and that cost reductions were potentially too strong, and we agree. With our first balancing patch for the PTS Lifeform update we want to address the problems that players have highlighted and found so far.

    The team would like to thank all of the players who took their time to test our Lifeform update and provided valuable feedback. This greatly helps us to improve the Lifeform update until it is ready for the live release as we continue our quest to make this polished, balanced, and fun by the time it launches.

    In the following sections we will generally talk about some of the update goals and how the PTS setup will be changed compared to the initial version. Please note this is an ongoing process. As long as the update is tested on the PTS all values are subject to potential changes based on performance, testing, and community feedback.

    General changes

    Below a list of changes that were done to buildings or technologies across the board.


    • Increased build time base value to factor in server speed.


    • Increased scaling of research time for all Lifeform technologies to factor in the “technology & research reduction options” that are available with the Lifeform update

      - This change will make it more interesting to consider technologies that reduce research time since all technologies now will scale stronger into endgame and take longer to build.

    Population & Food buildings

    Population and food together with the introduced conversion buildings for each Lifeform are the pre-condition that players need to build up to access the new Lifeform tech tree. Players need to find a balance between an increasing amount of population vs. the amount of food that is consumed. This balance differs greatly between the different Lifeforms. Where for example Humans have support buildings that increase food production which help with the amount of population, or reduce food consumption the Rock´tal Lifeform has none of those options which makes them significantly more costly to reach the highest population counts that are needed to unlock the species tech tree fully.


    • The cost for population and food related buildings has slightly been decreased. The main goal here was that players have less costs before they can access the full species tech tree, while the last tech tree tiers will still need a significant investment
    • The total energy costs for population and food related buildings to reach the needed amount of population for a fully unlocked tech tree have slightly been decreased. Energy will still be something that needs to be considered when building up Lifeforms.
    • The total amount of food on planets has been reduced dramatically. The consumption vs. production is still the same, but the overall number of food on a planet is now much smaller

      • This change should tackle the problematic where players looted too much food on attacks. While food has the lowest priority when looting resources, the amount of food on planets would still create issues where you would lose out on potential other resources. The change should overall vastly improve the situation.
    • The build time scaling for all population and food buildings has been increased to better factor in nanite and robotics reductions better

    Resource production (metal, crystal, deuterium) related buildings and tech

    The initial feedback of players was that the bonus to production which you could obtain from Lifeforms would be too strong for the costs involved.


    • The bonus values from production related buildings and tech have been reduced
    • The cost scaling and energy scaling has been increased so that higher bonus values have a significant higher increase in costs related to it
    • The time scaling has been increased to factor in nanite and robotics and the newly added options to reduce Lifeform tech build time.

    Overall, we believe that the initial levels for production boost will still give players a really good source to invest into if they want to enhance their production further while higher levels need a significant higher investment of resources and time to increase the benefits further.

    Ship base stats & defense base stats related techs

    The ship & defense related tech benefits will impact Structural integrity, Shield Power, Weapon Power, Cargo Capacity and Base Speed.


    • The overall power that you could gain from those Lifeform techs was too strong compared to weapon, shield, and armor research investments and therefore has been reduced and the cost scaling has been increased.

      • This should lead to a situation where you have a fast and cheap benefit from the related tech where further benefits need a much higher investment
    • The reduction of the tech benefits also factors in that the overall bonus from all techs that increase ship speed should not lead to a situation where ship speed is vastly increased compared to now.
    • The research time scaling for those techs has been increased as well

    Ship speed increasing Lifeform techs

    Overall, the intention of those techs were that players have an option to increase their flight speed further beyond the available research options. But we agree that a vastly increased flight speed is not something that should be possible. Therefore, the bonus values for ship speed have been revisited and changed.


    • Together with the ship base stat decrease the bonus values for ship speed techs have been reduced as well
    • If players invest into ship base stat techs and ship speed techs they will still receive a worthwhile speed increase for their investment but need to specialize now more into this direction

    Ship fuel reduction techs & Recall fuel refund tech

    The main intention with introducing ship fuel reductions and a technology that would give back invested fuel if a fleet is recalled was to make flying around with fleets less of an investment and less of a risk. However, the fuel reduction has been seen as somewhat critical since it also enables exploration missions again to be more lucrative. With the changes we would like to address those concern but keep monitoring further feedback how much fuel reductions impact exploration missions and their gain from this tech.


    • Fuel reduction bonus cost and time scaling increased (limit is now set to -30%)
    • Recall fuel refund bonus cost and time scaling increased (limit is set to 90% refund)

      - You will receive a refund for the remaining deuterium that you have not consumed while flying (example: If you fly 50% of the distance and then recall, you will receive a refund of the not used deuterium for half the way)

    General cost reduction & time reductions

    The Lifeform update introduces a couple of new options to reduce cost & time for production buildings or for specific research like Espionage tech, Weapon, Armor, Shield or Energy research. However, the cost reduction has been reviewed somewhat critical which we understand. Especially high reductions scale too strong into late game. However, we believe that the time reduction for research is still something that should be available since research doesn´t have a similar reduction options like buildings with nanite.


    • Cost reduction related buildings and techs have been decreased dramatically in its effect (cost reduction limit is now 50%, however reaching the 50% limit is extremely cost & time intense) and cost and time scaling has been increased
    • Time reductions have been reduced in its effect but with proper stacking of different technologies and buildings from the Lifeform update and further investment we believe players can reach the limit of 99% reduction

      • Please note that 99% time reduction sounds initially a lot but in exponential scaling systems this can very fast be out scaled again and additionally needs quite some investment to reach

    Class bonus techs

    Some Lifeforms have as technology an increase to the class benefits. Since this can be quite powerful due to the overall benefits classes can give we believe that the initial values were too high for the investment that players had to take to boost the class benefits further.


    • The bonus from techs that increase class benefits have been reduced
    • The cost and time scaling has been increased

    Exploration related tech bonus

    The Lifeform update introduces a couple of technologies for players who like the exploration playstyle. As example a technology that reduce the chance for Black Holes (fleet loss on expeditions) or increases the number of ships you find on expeditions. The initial feedback from players was rather critical about the reductions to the fleet loss chance since it potentially would lead again to a situation where exploration missions would be more efficient and lucrative again.


    • Fleet loss technology bonus values reduced, and cost and time scaling increased

      • Players will still be able to reduce the fleet loss chance, but it will overall cost you more
    • Techs that boost “amount of ships found” and “resources found” on expedition have been slightly reduced in effectiveness and cost and time scaling has been increased

    Moon size building

    The Kaelesh have a special building that increases moon chance and moon size.


    • The bonus to moon size now only works on min. moon size. This makes moons in average bigger without increasing their size in total to not influence moon destruction chance

    Population growth

    Players reported that the growth of population was way too fast. After a short check we noticed that there are 2 current issues where one has been addressed and one will be addressed later.


    • Reduced the growth base value for Lifeform growth to consider server speed settings

    Open issue:

    • The growth rate currently factors in server speed multiple times and therefore is too fast. The intended setting is that population growth from 0 to 100% takes around 20 hours on a 4x server.

    Final words

    Thanks to all of the testers, the feedback we received from the official forum and Discord, we have been able to further improve the balance of the upcoming Lifeforms update. We hope that the changes reflect the feedback and wishes that players have communicated to us so far, as the developers work to fix issues and balance various mechanics introduced with these features. We will keep monitoring how players interact with the Lifeform update and the feedback that is provided, while everyone discovers new ways how to further improve his empire, and further improve it on the way as long as the PTS phase is ongoing.

    Please find on the following link some useful values and formulas for a better understanding of Lifeforms:

    Thanks again for all the feedback. Please keep it coming!

    Your OGame Team

    Thanks again for all the feedback. Please keep it coming!

    Your OGame Team

    Dear Community

    Today, May 19 at 14:00 CEST we will update PTS to version 9.0.0-beta20.


    - Fixed a bug where the Lifeform Experience bar appeared further than it should be

    - Fixed a bug where the resource settings didn't show Lifeform as on pause during vacation mode

    - Fixed two bugs where you could generate resources

    - Fixed a wrong icon in the tech details

    - Fixed a bug where Lifeform Experience affected buildings

    - Fixed a bug where the Crawler overload had the wrong color

    - Fixed a wrong tooltip while lifeform buildings were upgrading

    - Added coordinates of the starting planet to Discovery messages

    Your Team

    Dear Community,

    Tuesday, 17th of May, the game rounds will be updated to version 8.7.1-pl1

    We will have a 2 phases maintenance:

    1) at 13:30 CEST,

    2) at 14:45 CEST, all the other communities

    The new version has no visible changes.

    Your OGame Team

    Dear Community,

    Wednesday, 2nd of May, the game rounds will be updated to version 8.7.1.

    We will have a 2 phases maintenance:

    1) at 10:00 CEST, and Graveyard

    2) at 13:00 CEST, all the other communities

    The new version has no visible changes and only some background fixes.
    Please be aware that no Graveyard transfer will be possible to any community other than until the second phase of the maintenance finishes.

    Your OGame Team

    "Siden 2002, millioner af intergalaktiske overherrer kæmpet for at beherskelse universet, har de sat deres strategiske kunden og militære styrke på test i dette kæmpe rum strategispil."

    Og snart er tiden kommet hvor millioner af intergalaktiske overherrer vil kæmpe mægtige rum kampe… når som helst hvor som helst!


    Start udviklingen af din ydmyg planet, og kræv sejer I intergalaktiske kampe – når som helst, hvor som helst! Send din flåde på mission fra komforten af dit hjem, eller turbolad dine ressourcer produktion mens du går med din smartphone.
    Udforsk din hjemme planets sarte ressourcer for at bygge en power fuld krigsmaskine, og få fordel ved at forske nye teknologier. Udbyg dit imperium ved at koloniserer nye planeter, bygge alliancer og vælge statiske kampe mod andre spillere. Modige rumpionerer kan forvente at stå over for mange farer og udfordringer, men også finde styrke og hæder i de endeløse dybder af kosmos.
    art vil Beta versionen være tilgængelig for Apple og Android systemer.

    Vær der fra begyndelsen og opdag den nye OGame App


    OGame: Stor ‘Livsforms’ Indholds Udvidelse

    Efter et årti, får OGame en spil-ændrende udvidelse, der kommer til at åbne op for stort set uendelige muligheder som spillerne kan eksperimentere med. ‘Livsforms’ udvidelsen vil introducere fremmede arter til OGame universet, hvor hver livsform har dens egne bygninger og teknologier som spillerne kan udforske og opdage.

    De mere rutinerede spillere vil endda have mulighed for at kombinere livsformer i jagten på specielle strategier, og låse op for mægtige fordele. Spillerne kan vælge at forøge deres mine og produktions kapaciteter, eller at producere den mest mægtige destruktive flåde blandt stjernerne. Andre kan fortrække at udforske de store strækninger af galaksen for ressourcer, kæmpende pirater, finde velvillige flåder, og forbedre deres evner.

    Indholds Oversigt

    • Fire forskellige livsformer er blevet tilføjet
      • Af de 4 livsformer, henvender 3 af dem sig til nogen bestemte spille stile (minere, fleetere og forskere). De andre er start livsformen.
      • Livsformerne skal blive opdaget før spillerne kan placere dem på deres planeter (kun start livsformen har teknologien til at opdage andre livsformer).
    • Hver livsform har 12 unikke bygninger (48 i alt).
    • Hver livsform har 18 arts teknologier (72 nye teknologier i alt).
      • Arts tek er ligesom et talent træ, som spillerne kan manipulere og personalisere fra alle de arter som de har opdaget.
    • Spillerne kan frit vælge hvilken livsform de gerne vil tilføje til deres planeter.
      • Livsformerne på planeterne kan også blive skiftet rundt, hvis spillerne beslutter at skifte deres strategi.
    • To nye ressourcer er blevet tilføjet: Livsformer og Mad.
      • Spillerne skal opdrætte deres livsformer for at låse op for arts tek på deres planeter. Jo flere livsformer en spiller har, jo bedre er de teknologier som de kan bruge.
      • Livsformer er sådan set en ressource, som ikke kan blive transporteret eller stjålet.
      • De kan dog blive dræbt, hvis en planet bliver angrebet med succes.
    • Livsformer indtager mad, som spillerne må give dem hvis de skal trives.
      • Mad er en ressource, der kan blive transporteret eller stjålet.



    I midten af det 21. århundrede, låste menneskeligheden op for potentialet ved hyperdrevs teknologien, og var endelig i stand til at undersøge det fjerneste af rummet. Over generationer, har mennesker spredt sig igennem universet, og besat utallige planeter. I denne kvadrant af galaksen, er menneskeligheden den mest almindeligt forekommende livsform. Mennesker har fået et ry for at være pålidelige handlende, og de opretholder gode kommercielle forbindelser med forskellige andre arter. Som en balanceret livsform, kan de hurtigt udnytte naturlige ressourcer, har fine militære teknologier, og sætter stor pris på forskning. Ved at terraforme planeter, er de i stand til at konstruere flere bygninger, og ved hvordan de skal forsvare sig selv når de er under angreb.

    • Mennesker er basis arten, som hver spiller starter med automatisk.
    • De er den eneste art som er udstyret med teknologien til at opdage andre livsformer i galaksen.
    • Mennesker er perfekte til en balanceret spille stil, de dækker alle baserne, men med et særligt fokus på forsknings hastighed.
    • Deres specielle bygning beskytter en bestemt procent af deres livsformer fra at blive dræbt, hvis de bliver angrebet med succes.


    Rock’tal beboer normalt planetoider med stor nærhed til deres stjerner, steder der ville være ubeboelige for andre arter. Deres stenede ydre og langsom metabolisme, gør dem robuste til at leve i betingelser, som få andre ikke ville kunne kalde deres hjem. I århundreder har de levet på mineraler, som de udnytter som deres primære kilde til næring. Derfor er det ikke overraskende, at de er specialister i teknikken til at mine malme og mineraler, som de har brug for til at sikre deres overlevelse. Da Rock’tal aldrig bliver adskilt fra deres naturlige omgivelser, er de i stand til at konstruere bygninger hurtigt, billigt og energi effektivt. De er også meget effektive til ressource anskaffelse.

    • Rock’tal er arketypiske minere.
    • De er højt specialiseret i at producere ressourcer og energi.
    • Deres specielle bygning tillader dem at konvertere ødelagt flåde om til ressourcer under et angreb (når en Rock’tals planet bliver angrebet).
    • Deres specielle tek bonus, giver en bonus til Samleren klassen.


    Mechas er AI der kan klone sig selv hurtigere end nogen anden livsform. De kommunikere via et kunstigt neuralt netværk, hvilket er en kerne faktor i at tillade dem at bruge forbedrede kamp strategier. Da Mechas mangler enhver form for følelsesmæssige evner, er deres handlinger ikke hæmmet af potentielle morale overvejelser. En controller AI i netværket er konstant på jagt efter nye muligheder for at erobre og udnytte. Andre arter frygter Mechas overlegne militære teknologi, med god grund: deres flåder er konstrueret billigt, udstyret med sofistikerede våben systemer, og bliver holdt godt repareret konstant med nanobots.

    • Mechas er arketypiske fleetere.
    • Mechas er specialister i at øge ildkraften af deres skibe og flåder.
    • De kan også reducere deres brændstofs krav til flåde operationer, såvel som at reducere skibs produktions omkostningerne og bygnings tiderne.
    • Deres specielle bygning forbedre Rum Dokkens værdier, dette tillader dem at genoprette flere skibe fra kampene (fint synergi med General klassen).
    • Deres specielle tek fordel, giver en bonus til General klassen.


    Kaeleshernes oprindelse ligger ærlig talt i stjernerne: de er født i stoffets sikkerhed mellem rum og tid. De beboer ikke planeter indtil de når et bestemt alder, men ved at gøre det, rejser de igennem rummet i søgningen efter deres egen slags, og dækker mange lysår. Inden de beboer en planet, skal de bestå en prøve før Sammenholds Rådet. Kaelesh bruger deres metafysiske egenskaber i deres udforskning af universet. Som et resultat af de mange galaktiske hemmeligheder som de har låst op for, har de været i stand til at tage store spring og grænser i deres teknologiske fremskridt. De er berømte for deres effektive udforsknings missioner og deres evne til at se langt ind i rummets dybder.

    • Kaelesh er arketypiske forskere.
    • De er særligt specialiseret i ekspeditioner, og udfører dem med øget hastighed og optjener flere ressourcer.
    • De accelerer også generalen og livsformernes teknologi forsknings hastigheder.
    • Deres specielle bygning øger chancen for succesfulde måneskud.
    • Deres specielle tek bonus, giver en bonus til Opdageren klassen.

    Komme i Gang med Livsformer

    Vil du gerne vide hvordan de nye funktioner fungerer, og hvad du skal være opmærksom på? I følgende sektion, vil du lære de allervigtigste tips til at få dine livsformer til at trives:

    Livsformer blev designet til at være en supplerende udvidelse til OGame der fungere selvstændigt fra det eksisterende OGame indhold, og kræver dem ikke. Den eneste afhængighed der er, er at livsforms bygningerne kræver energi for at virke, men ellers, optager de ikke nogen planet pladser når de bliver bygget for eksempel.

    • Livsformerne skulle gerne have prioritet efter OGames standard byggekø (dvs. efter konstruktionen af bygninger til ressource produktion og forskning).
    • Alle spillere starter med Menneske livsformen på deres planeter.
    • Dit første mål burde være at øge antallet af livsformer på planeten. Dette kan opnås ved at bygge Huse, for at øge befolkningsgrænsen, og derefter ved at fodre dem, ved at konstruere en mad produktions bygning. Disse to skal holdes i balance: hvis livsformerne indtager mere mad end der er tilgængeligt, og madden går ned til 0, så vil dine livsformer dø og holde op med at reproducere sig.
    • Efter du når en vis befolkning, vil du låse op for den første bygning der giver dig adgang til den specielle livsforms tek træ.
      • Du vil lægge mærke til at dette træ har 3 forskellige etager. Den første fortæller dig, at du skal bruge et bestemt antal livsformer for at låse op for de individuelle pladser. Når en plads bliver låst op, kan du fylde den med et livsforms tek.
    • Fortsæt med at udvide og balancere din husholdning og mad produktion for at øge din befolkning, lås op for den første livsforms tek træs plads og fyld den med en teknologi.
    • Da du starter med Mennesker, har du kun en mulighed til den første plads, og det er Forsknings Centeret.
    • Du kan derefter bevæge dig hen til Galakse skærmen, og sende en skib til forskellige planeter i søgningen efter nye livsformer.
    • Bliv ved med at investere i dine Mennesker, og prøv at låse op for bygninger med et højere level, som giver fordele til produktionen og vækst i midten af spillet.
      • Mennesker gør det primært nemmere for dig at opdrætte livsformer, og kan også blive udviklet omkring ressource produktionens fordele osv.
    • Jo længere du kommer frem, jo flere livsforms tek pladser kan du låse op for (op til 18 i alt), og få fordele til alle de planeter du ejer.
      • Livsform teknologien er global, ligesom de almindelige forskninger, men hver planet har dens egen livsforms tek træ. Som et resultat af det, er der utallige måder til at kombinere og stable de forskellige bonusser.
    • Når du når hen til det punkt hvor du har koloniseret en ny planet og opdaget andre arter, kan du beslutte at bosætte den art et andet sted. Dette giver dig adgang til helt nye livsforms bygninger og teknologier.

    Hi all,

    On Monday 25th April, between 05:00 and 08:00 Server Time (06:00 and 09:00 CEST), we'll be having a network maintenance.

    During this time, OGame game rounds might have a short downtime or degraded performance. Any interruption should not be longer than a minute.

    Your OGame Team

    Dato: 18/4- 19/4

    Tid: Hele dagen.

    Event: Der vil være rabat at finde på alle platin items i perioden.

    Dette vil være et trappe udsalg. Det betyder jo højre værdien af varen er, jo højere er rabatten!

    Dette gælder også klasse ændrings items



    Dit OGame.DK Team

    Dear Community,

    Wednesday, 20th of April, the game rounds will be updated to version 8.7.0.

    We will have a 2 phases maintenance:

    1) at 10:00 CEST, and Graveyard (shortly after the PTS servers will also be updated to align the version but nothing new besides what was announced before)
    2) at 13:00 CEST, all the other communities


    - Rettede et problem hvor planet værktøjstippene forblev synlige efter spilleren holdte op med at svæve over dem
    - Rettede et problem hvor alliance invitationerne og sparkende, lavede en uendelig indlæsning
    - Highscore baggrunds farverne skifter nu korrekt imellem sort og gråt
    - Handelsmandens ressource ombytnings funktion er blevet rettet, sådan så når man klikker på ‘Brug Handelsmand’ knappen, bliver MM fratrukket men Handelsmanden forbliver der indtil en handel er blevet gennemført med succes, eller at en ny ressource bliver valgt
    - Rettede et problem, hvor spillerne ville blive placeret i toppen af highscore tabellen efter de blev unbanned
    - Rettede et problem på mobil og tablet enheder, hvor nogen bannere ville overlappe spillet, og gøre det svære for brugerne at spille

    Your Team

    Dear Community,

    Thursday, April 7th, between 10:00 and 12:00 CEST an attack block will be activated on the rounds mentioned below.

    We will need to replace some hardware and at some point between this time the game rounds won't be accessible for 30-60 minutes.

    The affected OGame communities are:

    • br_149
    • cz_137, cz_156, cz_159
    • de_162
    • dk_117 (Quantum), dk_119 (Sirius)
    • gr_120
    • hr_119
    • it_155
    • nl_143, nl_146
    • ru_139, ru_147, ru_149, ru_152, ru_153, ru_157, ru_175
    • tr_172
    • us_170
    • OGame.yu: yu_116

    Your Team

    Tid: 1/4 kl 18.00 - 2/4 kl 23.59

    Event: Der vil blive givet et tilbud på 25% - 100% mere Mørk Materie ved køb i tidsperioden.

    Bemærk: De 25% gælder "kun" de serverer der er yngre end 12 måneder, og alle serverer ældre end 12 måneder vil have 100%

    Får 25% HH Polaris
    Får 100% HH Uni 1, Quantum, Sirius, Oberon



    Dit OGame.DK Team