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    I disagree. I play as 100% Discoverer with Kaelesh on all planets, except one that has humans. Here is a SS of my expedition haul today.

    You screenshot proves nothing. Kaelesh have useless buildings, and you can have the Kaelesh researches with any lifeform.

    Rocktal are the best lifeform production-wise, Humans can be better for discoverer miners if they fly a lot of expeditions each day. Mechas are only really suited for full-fleeters.

    But Kaelesh? They are pratically useless.

    But spending a lot for Humans is too expensive since expeditions and the disco class are dominated by the collector once you reach about 200M eco points, right? So it shouldn't be worth to invest in humans even if you are discoverer early/mid game (which you should be because it's the best).

    I always find it kind of funny that often there is a (seemingly) random point value thrown around for when the collector become better.

    In fact, it depends on quite a few factors, mainly the number of expeditions you can fly in a day. But these make such a difference, that with lifeforms the range can go from 0 to 1+ billion points (yes you read that right) for when collector + Rocktal is better than discoverer with Humans or Rocktal. And even without lifeforms, I'd consider 200 million points maybe as a low threshold if you can only send like 4 waves a day.

    I haven't read in yet about the whole new update.

    But why Rock'thal? What's so special there?

    Rocktal have very strong production bonus buildings, while Kaelesh have no buildings that provide you any long-term bonus.
    Also consider that you can select any research with any lifeform, you don't need to choose a lifeform based on their researches, instead you choose it based on their buildings.

    If you want raw production bonuses, then Rocktal are the way to go, and they also reduce cost for their own buildings, and also mines.

    If you want production, but also want to boost your researches a little bit, then take Humans. These are only better if you invest a majority into Metropolis and fly a lot of expeditions per day.

    If you are a full fleeter and dont care about production, then take Mechas, as these can boost researches even better, but only have a deuterium production bonuses building.

    Kaelesh are only useful to switch to for a few days, but not for anything else.

    You are missing the * buildingLevel at the end.

    It should be 87500 * 1.219 * 20 for level 20.

    If you find the Kalesh life form and then upgrade the Bio Modifier building, does it apply to just one planet or all planets?

    Buildings always just apply to the planet they are on.

    so i have a planet colonized by rocktal but randomized the second pick and got plasma 1% bonus (Mecha lvl bonus) only applies to the 3 tech levels on my Mecha planet!?

    No, they are affected by the level bonus, but on a Rocktal planet they are affected by the Rocktal level, not the Mecha level.

    Basically forget different lifeforms when it comes to the researches.

    Any lifeform research will be affected by the level of the lifeform on that planet, not by the lifeform level of the lifeform the research "belongs" to.

    The new origin board has been open for 4 weeks now.

    36 registrations have been made, and I wouldn't be surprised if at least half of them are part of the Origin team.

    Not really great for tool developers.

    Prongs What problem does the new forum solve which the current (this) one cannot? For me as a tool developer I don't really see why I need to move my thread to the Origin board, because that way even less players will see it.

    Also I get that you want to have closer contact to tool developers, but why can't this be done in this board?

    And new tool developers have to get their tool approved on the new Origin forum I guess? What tells us that it will take less time there than here, and why exactly will it take less time?

    Personally, I waited a few months before I got any feedback regarding my tool, and even then it took over a year to have it moved to the correct section.

    I don't really see why the workflow for user-made tools will change with the new forum and how it should be better. The only thing I see is that less people will find their way into another forum to get their tool approved, and less people will see user-made tools because they're not in the board(s) of the communities anymore.

    TLDR: Same question as NMA: Why the new forum at all? What problem(s) does it solve?

    Version 2022.10.15.19184 is now available!


    • added some missing messages for ES/AR/MX servers
    • added some missing messages for PL servers
    • Amortization calculator:
      • QoL: changed default to no lifeform for new colonies if lifeforms are not enabled on the server
      • QoL: added a button to deselect all items for each planet
      • QoL: added a button to select "ignore inactive slots" for each planet
      • changed crawler settings such that you can now enter a specific production percentage
      • added lifeform level to player-wide settings
    • Production overview:
      • added possibility to change production related values (like mine levels, active items, player class)

    Version 2022.10.04.20364 is now available!


    Empire -> Amortisation Calculator:

    - added option to optimize amortization for only selected resources

    - planet and astrophysics settings are now greyed out when disabled for computation

    - fixed a bug where lifeform submenu on planet settings menu was not hidden after lifeform deselection

    - fixed a bug where the default settings did not detect 30/90 day production boost items

    - fixed a bug where cost reduction from current LF research centre level was not applied correctly

    Empire -> Production

    - fixed a bug where the consumption for the fusion reactor showed an additional zero in front of the fraction


    - Timed notifications can now be paused by hovering the mouse over one notification

    Server/Language Support

    - added partial support for ar, es, mx servers

    - added partial support for br servers

    - added partial support for fr servers

    - added partial support for pl servers