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    Hello Nebohodec,

    Thanks for the feedback, appreciated!

    Here are some answers:

    1. Its not planned to individually configure missions / kept ressources for each planet / moon.

    2. Locked transport can already take into consideration resources on the targeted planet (the "-" button). It wont be set by default, as this feature is also used as a todo-list for a lot of players. Plus, it will force players without Commander to check the targeted planet anyway, so no real use...

    3. This is already in the OGL todo-list.

    4. OGL has 11 color tags, not 5.

    5. The "live activity" is not doable, not in a "light" maner, at least.

    6. Attacks from spy table already send an extra 7% ship bonus.

    Good day!

    All in all, I'm in doubt which to keep but for the moment I'll stay a bit more on oglight and see how I like it. I wish it was still worked on

    Thanks to the maker for all the work

    Nice feedback.

    Regarding the "multi-levels building" : you can lock several buildings, researches, fleet orders. It will show the total needed (in the lock menu).

    The tool is still under development, the dev is just no more updating the post on this EN board.

    - The 4.0.0 version when live last sunday => OGLight v4.0.0

    - And a first "feedback fix" was pushed last night (so, not sure what version you tested) => OGLight v4.0.1

    Mainly, the new features are :

    - auto update of local database when browsing galaxy (update player positions and mobiles, etc)

    - the PTRE ingame activity tracking can be displayed ingame (instead of only on the website)

    - failing probes will be re-sent again (from target list)

    - ranking page displays player status / positions

    - you may hide planets menu tooltip

    - galaxy browsing improvement

    Anyway, all feedback will be appreciated.


    Trying this out and my moons keep disappearing and I can't remember which button brings it back.

    My have to dust off my scripting knowledge and modify it so that it doesnt' change the UI but I like some of the features, eg. status coloring in high score list and some other feats.

    Push to PTRE is working well, only thing I can't get working is the activity tracking but I'm not sure if that's part of OGlight or PTRE.


    Not sure what you mean by "moons keep disappearing".

    If you want, come over on Discord, we will have a look:


    Here is an update of last features added to PTRE:

    - Improvement of Team Swap: when opening a report (or player profile page), you no longer need to use Team page to swap Teams

    - Improvement of player profile page: add best fleet scanned + cartography

    - Add a feature to allow deleting in one action all reports of a none-existing player (could be extended to all player, will see during merge)

    - Add the defence recap to Discord updates

    - Add link to player profile during Discord updates

    - Add a feature to restore Admin/Team Key when lost

    - The universe menu only displays your universes (when logged in)

    - Player's activities are directly displayed ingame via OGLight (this presentation post is not up-to-date, FR one here)



    Btw, is the merge menu fixed? I mean, is it only displaying every possible targets you can join without checking prerequisites, like ranking and uniserse age? (Hard to verify it by ourself, but lately it was not the case at all).

    The player should be able to select any target without being afraid to get ban / moved because prerequisites where not OK.


    Little update. The project is still moving forward, even if not a lot a visible features have been done recently. Here are some new features requested by users:

    - The command !ptre !push can force the output channel of the OGLight push notifications, instead of sending it to the last used channel by PTRE.

    - You can now migrate a spy report from an universe to another one. It was asked in order to manage spy reports after a merge.

    - You can now rename your Team (for those who created a test team and finaly kept the Team ^^).

    In addition, as it was a lot requested too: i asked RiV from AGR to integrate the PTRE spy report push into his tool (like done in OGLight). He seems ok with it, its more a matter of time. Will see...

    Link reminder:

    Website: (edited as it is not tolerated yet)

    Discord: Discord PTRE

    Patch 8.1.0 pl-1 did not fix messages or galaxy issues: still 15 seconds to displays messages (with 100 messages) and 2 to 3 seconds to display a solar system.

    Great job, keep going!


    Here is an update regarding new features :

    [rework] Rewrite bot code with a new up-to-date lib.

    [feature] Pushing SR from OGLight (OGLight english post) will notify Discord as a push directly from Discord. The message will be sent to the last channel used to push a SR (probably the default PTRE chan). You need to push at least one SR to Discord to enable this feature.

    [feature] Via OGLight, players IG activities are pushed to PTRE (see below for details)

    [feature] Display player IG activity graphic.

    [feature] Integration into OGLight of the best PTRE report (the informations and link will be displayed in the OGLight right pannel).

    [feature] You may choose how many SR are displayed in top menu last, top fleets, bunker (5, 10 or 20 results).

    [feature] User techs can be saved for each universe (instead of one set for all universes).

    [bugfix] Fix users techs sent to Trashsim.

    [display] V7 class is added to spy report and player profil.

    OGLight IG pannel:


    Details about player activiy graph:

    - To update IG player activities you need to pin a player in the right pannel and check all his positions.

    - Only the current pinned player activities will be sent.

    - Players activities are shared between all member of a PTRE team.

    - You can check global status of players activities on the status page.

    - The player activiy graph is displayed on profil player page (link on the OGLight pannel)

    - You can use filter to display the graph (timeframe + WE or not)

    - Its a experimental feature, you can give us update on the PTRE Discord.

    - At the moment, its planned to keep 1 month of data, will see how it goes.

    - VM mode and other stuffs need to be added

    Here is how it looks like:


    I am aware of the technical details, i was talking about FR rcommunity rules (and maybe other communites also) where it is not related to the moon ID but to the position (like [3:2:11:moon]). It says "you cannot attack a position more than 6 times during 24h)... And admins already confirmed that the new moon is considered as same position and with the same "bash counter".

    US community have also another sub-rule saying you must send a ticket with API to justify the 2 differents targeted moons...

    What a mess !

    Its really depending on the community.

    For FR community for instance : you are not allowed to hit the new made moon if you already had 6 hits on the old one during last 24 hours. The bashing rule is related to postion and not the moon internal ID.


    • Info: PTRE - Spy Report Sharing Tool (over Discord and IG)
    • Author: GeGe
    • Website: edited
    • Support: (to english channel)
    • Screenshot: check below
    • Browser: all
    • Compability: all
    • Languages: French or English


    I would like to introduce you to PTRE (standing for "Paye Ton RE", excuse my french, name was found a long time ago).

    PTRE is a Spy Report sharing tool over Discord and IG.

    Some context

    Late 2018, after the last French merge, our favorite website related to sharing spy reports (Topraider) was down for weeks and was not able to manage V7 even after beeing fixed.

    So i decided to create a tool to share spy reports between friends. Only Spy Reports storage and a Discord bot to manage it. That was PTRE.

    Now, the tool has a lot evolved and its mature to be shared with the community, i guess. I did it a week ago on the French board (link : PTRE FR). Design is not really something i care too much about (i am not web developer, at all ^^), nice features and "easy to use" is what i want (and what you get).

    I did kind of 2 large tests on more or less 10 top alliances in October 2020 ans Mars 2021. It was well received, so i would like to share it here also so it could help you guys.

    Features :

    Here are some of PTRE features (all features can be found on the PTRE english splash page). Screenshots are in french, but the website has an English version.


    PTRE allow anyone to create a team without personnal datas (such as email). A team can be a real alliance IG, or a group of friends or even one single guy. Connection to website is done via a shared Team Key (it will be saved into your browser).

    PTRE bot

    The PTRE bot can be invited by any Discord admin of your team server (no need for admin rights). Then, you just need to give it some access :
    - access to all channels
    - or only on channel "paye-ton-re" / "ptre" / "reports" (or whatever, name does not matter)

    The bot only gets API code and PTRE commands, nothing else (no flood). It is compatible avec AGRbot.

    Once installed, you need to match your Discord server to your PTRE team (its done by copy-pasting your API-WO key into a channel).

    Push from Discord

    Once configured, each and every API key posted will be uploaded to PTRE website in your private space.

    Discord bot will give some feedback statistics regarding fleet upgrade, ressources, etc.

    You may also post players banks, it will not be used as comparison when you will post full fleet next time.


    Push from OGLight

    You can also push Spy Reports directly from IG via OGLight addon (OGLight eng board). Thanks to nullNaN. He did not update his ENG post with new last version, screenshots and new features can be found on the OGLight download page. This tool is a must-have.

    To do that, you just need to add your Team Key into OGLight options and click on the "P" close to spy reports to upload it.

    Fleet evolution

    Once a Spy Report uploaded to PTRE, you can display details (french screenshots here, but its available in english).

    PTRE will display fleet evolution since last fleet update: global stats, stats for each kind of ship, and for ressources.

    Discord commands

    PTRE has a lot of discord command, you can:

    - do a research (pattern or exact search)

    - fleet flash feature: it will output a sumup of all scanned positions of a player

    - select a default univers to match all commands so other universe Spy Reports will not flood (you still may force research on other universe if you want)

    - display fleet top

    - display last reports

    - same commands with bunker (instead of fleet)



    Multi-team management

    PTRE can manage multi-teams into the same browser. That means you can save your PTRE Team Key for each and every universe you are playing and switch from a team to another with a simple click.

    Easy AG Simulator

    Easy AG simulator is a tool to manage huge team fight (like 5 versus 5 players) into trashsim without entering a single number into simulator. No need to add each and every kind of fleet type into Trashsim, PTRE will do it for you.

    You just need to upIoad each fleet into your private space and select your composition.

    No need to remove cargo, Deathstart, probes, etc of attackers, there is an option to do it.

    The tool can manage fleet "ungrouping" (dont know the correct term when you split your fleet to optimize combat versus Deathstars).

    I hope this tool may help other players too. At the start, it was only for our team, but it can be used by anyone now.

    Do not hesitate to give feedbacks or ask for features, i still work on it each weeks.

    Good game!

    Hi there,

    *** Short description of tool to be developed using the API key ***

    --> The tool/website is already up and running since October 2018. The tool is a Discord parser that will save all pasted SR to database. Its a kind of AGRbot but with a database and profil handling : all SR are kept into a alliance private profil and can be retrieved from Discord again. It have many filters and multi-team features. Presentation here : (French, but i will do a english one).

    Currently, its working because of @ Kalinka's Proxy (big thanks to him), but request number is limited : that's why i would like to have an API key, plz. I would be able to share the project to more alliances.

    *** Scope of your project: Alliance, Community or International. ***

    --> International (it already works for everyone. More or less 15 French teams and 1 Portuguese team are using it)

    *** Will it be open source? ***

    --> Not at the moment. Could be if redisign is done.

    *** A short description of your developer / programming experience ***

    --> System developer from 2010 to 2015, and DevOps since that. On the other hand not a pro web developer, but i play with it all the time.

    *** Link and description of previous work ( tools already developed ) ***

    --> I have created during V7 and the current project

    *** Valid e-mail and the IP (only IPv4 address and must be static IP) from which the Key will be used ( this is private information and can be sent separately only to piink by PM ) ***

    --> I will send it just after this post.