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    Not supposed to post ticket here? No problem. But do let me know if anyone receive any constructive feedback from GameForge or Ogame team.

    I've tried making a ticket in support three days ago. No response.

    GF is not only obligate to provide information about the end time, but also obligate to ensure as far as possible that players are aware of this information. Posting on forum and Facebook is necessary but absolutely insufficient. As others have pointed out, some kinds of notice should be displayed on lobby level and in-game purchase interface. A check box for players to accept the special terms and conditions should be helpful.

    Legally speaking, GF has the right to terminate the operation of any universe at its discretion (surely, under certain conditions), but it isn't supposed to erase premium accounts and in-game purchase unless the player violates the terms of use.

    To me this does sound like a low key scam.

    GameForge did say it's a temporary universe, but they did not make it clear at the very begining how they would manage active accounts and unused DM after the closure, neither any notice or warning message appears when one starts the game and particularly when one initiates an in-game purchase. What's more, GameForge intentionally lured players to buy more through some event server-only discounts without telling the players that they will soon delete everything including premium accounts and unused DM. GameForge was exploiting players through an information asymmetry advantage.

    In my opinion, merger is a nature option, otherwise GF needs to come up with a solution to refund unused in-game purchase if they want to avoid legal risk.

    There is no such thing as a higher cost when there is a bidding duel between a low rank and a top rank player. Low rank player will feel too confident with his anonymous tag and end up losing even more resources due to unnecessary confidence. The top rank player wont even notice the cost of the item at the end of the day. This would be a waste of time for ogame team witch should spend their scripting power in fighting against botters not tampering with the auction house.

    This suggestion is for eliminating unfair bullying and threatening that commonly happens in auctioneer. It's not for granting low rank players any privilege to win the bids. Low rank players should smart enough to foresee possible loss if competing with top rank players (that's also why top rank players would be very likely to show their names), and yet if they decide to do so anyway, they should be protected from bullying.

    The "higher cost" resulting from this change may not be noticable for top rank players as you said. But I think it's actually a good thing for the implementation of this suggestion because top rank players wouldn't be too hard to accept the change.

    To my understanding, this change won't give the development team too much burden. But at the end of the day, it will be their call, not ours, to decide if this is worth doing.

    I think this one needs a referendum of some sort haha. I for example by outbidding/bullying some low level players teach them not to waste their resources on auctions witch belong to the big boys. Low players should be more concerned about their planet, fleet development and not trying their luck on auction houses. The "anonymous" sign wont stop me from taking the item I want. This would mostly benefit the players witch have pissed someone off and are getting targeted and their growth slowed.

    As I stated in the original post, top players can always outbid low ranking players because they have more resource. It is totally legitimate and should be encouraged as it demonstrates what the real meaning of auction is. Bullying the low ranking players and prohibiting them from bidding, on the other hand, is an unrighteous manner.

    If this suggestion is taken, no doubt the big boys will still win the most of the biddings, but with much higher costs (which should be much closer to the true value of the items). Low ranking players won't benefit much from it, but at least they can participate auctions without too much worry. I'm not trying to be the Robin Hood in this, but will be glad to see a more efficient auction system.

    What if I go in a bidding war with an anonymous player and it turns out that I made my alliance member/buddy... lose a ludicrous amount of resources because of my greed for a specific item? If a player has try-harded and gotten himself the status and respect from others in the auction house it is well earned and shouldn't be bothered.

    Yes, you got a point. And that is exactly why I recommend a self-selected option for show/hide nickname in bidding. Normally, I assume top ranking players would like to show their names to avoid the situation you mentioned, while low rank players would like to hide their names to protect themselves from bullying and threatening. In general, it will make the auctioneer much more efficient as a market. However, some top ranking players would definitely hate this because they will lose some "free" items.

    In real world acution, a bidder is allowed to bid anonymously, or designate a proxy to bid on behalf of him/her. In Ogame, of course we are binded by the multi-account rule, so anonymizing bidder is the only way out.

    Problems in status quo:

    In most old or one-sided universes, items in auctioneer are monopolized by a single or a very few top ranking players, usually with extremely low prices. This often happens because the top players bully and threaten low ranking players who bid against them. This way, the top ranking bidders can scare away their competitors and easily dominate the auctioneer. This is definitely not what an auctioneer should look like. Top players should win the bid through resource advantage but not military advantage.


    The root cause of what is happening in the auctioneer is the fact that bidders' names are shown. If one can bid without showing his/her nickname on the auctioneer, bullying and threatening won't happen. I recommend the game development team to consider anonymizing bidders.

    Of course, some top players may want to show their nickname in bids, probably to show their determination of winning the bid or simply to show off. In this case, the development team may consider creating a checkbox in options so that players can choose to show or hide their nickname in bids.