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    Of all the complaints I have seen, this one in my mind is the most legitimate.

    I wish they had offered the players in the communities which merged into ORG the same targets they offered now.

    I honestly have no idea why it was not done the way it was.

    However, there is a good side which does come from all of this:
    Once you merge to one of these universes you will not need to merge again as these universes are not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Thx 4 your response. I agree with you, it could have been incredibly easy to avoid such a situation - just offer the intended permament unis to the players from exodus communities.

    It baffles me. WHY??? Incompetence? Indifference? Lack of organisation & long term strategy? Greed? Disregard of player feedback? Being out of touch with the player base? Not sure lol.

    Of course only a minority of players are affected by this decision but pls GF give us at least a guaranteed free relocation for every colony or make an instant transfer to the Graveyard server possible. I honestly don't want to play in the 2004 fossil uni which seems to be the only single fleet speed one. 60 days forced vmode otherwise, many players won't come back for sure...

    Hey guys!

    Just want to draw attention to some issues with the recently announced merges!

    At the end of last year / the beginning of 2022 Gameforge started to shut down a lot of the smaller communities. This was a sad decision already, although somewhat understandable.

    They gave us a decent choice of unis to merge into which was nice.

    Imho it would only be logic to assume that they're only offering us servers which they intend to keep as target unis in the long run. I merged over from the Finnish community and chose one of the unis with the intention to play and stay there for the next couple of years!

    But of course, GF decides to close this unis 3-4 months later! Are you kidding me? This doesn't make any sense at all. Sadly it's typical for GF, it's just one of many bad decisions they made over all of this years and it will certainly help to keep the servers running smoothly - because nobody will play anymore besides the metal pack cashers lol.

    GOOD JOB GF, as usual.

    I know this topic won't change anything because GF doesn't give a sh*t about player feedback, but there's at least a little bit of hope. Please don't force us to merge again!

    To all the fellow Sombrero players and the people of the Finnish community, good luck wherever you go. :smile2:

    Hey Sombrero Uni, how are you doing?

    Just want to drop a fat HI THERE!!! and hope you guys have a cozy space available for a couple of guys coming over from Finnish Gemini server! :fatgreengrin: We are chill so don't worry hehehe.