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    Well make a ticket and complain about it. That's what i meant by starting this post.

    I will leave ogame now after they pulled that off.

    But i can say now, Ogame Team i told you so

    I decided to come back to ogame 14 days ago.

    So I created an account again and the latest uni was displayed as a suggestion (s208) Supernova.
    So I started playing normally there and was shocked to find out that it was an event server.

    It was not marked as a temporary uni.

    No Notification nothing. I Just got the information from someone else playing on this server.
    You can't assume that you search for information in the forum beforehand as a returnee.

    Offers for DM and store items are still displayed and you can even buy things. <- I take that alone as a low key scam. You don't mark it in game and still offer things to buy.

    If the uni is really be deleted, I and the others who didn't know anything about it and just came back to ogame will leave the game forever.

    I mean for real advertise an event server on the front page as a normal server. Dont mark it as such and only refer to the forum in a subtext and still offer Ingame offers on this server until the end.
    What kind of business practice is this?

    I will play on this uni and if it get deleted we are out.