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    We never worked together, you delusional fool.

    There’s something to be said about having such a lengthy back and forth with Kevlard that speaks of severe mental imbalance and pure desperation, but I’m here for it.

    Keep going, he’s probably the only one left willing to entertain you for more than half a minute, anyway.

    Has it ever occurred to you that u do not have what it takes to stand up against souch a dominant force to begin with, ice baby? I gave it a shot anyways, despite knowing first and foremost u lacked the character.

    You're confusing Kitty for -Arcane- Common mistake. She is King Muppet after all.

    Its a mountain, not a universe.... and if they could read; they would be very offended right now.

    Funny to see how quickly you turned on assassins. Remember those conversations we had where you told me that you have no friends, you really felt like part of the team and you're really trying not to mess that up? You almost had me fooled there xD. Turns out I was exactly right about everything I said and how this would play out. I hope this is all some messed up ruse for some reason as if anyone else cares. To do exactly what everything thought was gonna happen between this little bromance is hillarious. Lord was right not to trust you with an account and was only willing to pull you ;). (called that too) Who would have thought history repeated itself for the 294843 time? First SOT, then Pinky (with a conviently placed figment of your imagination requim) and who knows who else.... But hey, at least you got a little excitement sending IPMs to make yourself feel better. Yay you!

    Get a grip comrade. Realizing a partnership is not bearing fruit is hardly turning on. I did try to bring people from various alliances together but they weren't on the same level with me. It's not my fault that they made me feel ashamed to have links to them. In honesty some of them are overdue for retirement simply because they don't cut it but it's their call.

    If god gives u lemon you make lemonade, if god gives you pat, ice et al. to work with u just flee in horror. That's the simple reality.

    I get why u jump to the defense of the biggest donors of muppet accounts though.

    Lastly, Ozark is a universe of its own just like looney tunes or mickey mouse is.

    You are confusing me with your maga extremist buddies u barbecue with in the Ozark universe bud.

    the one certainty regarding this situation is that my reputation is way bigger than the ineptitude of assassin newbs could tarnish. I walked away from this partnership unscathed.

    Its just funny to see you here bitching about this over and over again when you were in my DMs bragging about how you built your old account for so cheap. If your so fussy about bank accounts, you are always free to share your's.

    Why did u even intervene? My reply was about Santana's misleading statement. Also I alwauys said that my cash position was a net zero when I quit. Read what u will into it.

    Make a thread at the appropriate section and I am willing to share all the information I have but members of the planet of the mupes have to go first and convincingly so.

    How is it that you know this? It can't be because you can so expertly spot someone else who was doing the exact same thing you did. Surely.

    Also about the insider friend, ive asked about this and the answer I got was "if we knew it was coming, we would have dropped another 10 grand before it was patched" which I 100% believe, and I think deep down in that place normal people keep their brain, you would also agree.

    Rise of the planet of muppets started with 3-4 march 2023 happy time thanks to siddheartz. Said 10 grand must have been invested then. after the end of may happy time may 2023, sanatara stopeed buying packs off of coffy and got his own stash. I know it because both accounts used the 2 week account transfer cool down period to start spending. Question is, who were the accounts transferred to at the exact time of the happy hour and who made the purchases? Who is the intermediary and is he maintaining a Lira DM loaded account as well?

    The timing of these bulk purchases along with the similar vmode / unvmode pattern suggest that factors other than coincidence are at play here. all these shady stuff were non existent in universe 1 before fairygotron squad and muppets arrived. others brought their bullshit along with them as well and uni 1 turned into a parade of counterfeit veterans.

    I may be wrong and you guys have the receipts to prove me wrong. If u dont have the guts to show them, dont bother to respond.

    I urge all the whales to to show the receipts of their DM purchases and cash deposits from 3rd parties on various money transfer accounts. Let's start with siddheartz dm purchase on the first week of march '23.

    That's what everyone says until they don't want to get left behind on the leaderboard/fleet size. Let's your growth records do the talking for the next months and then see ;)

    He loaded up on cheap Lira DM and be done with spending. He and his insider friend are among the culprits who ruined it for players from TR.

    If only this was implamented in real life :D. How much you contributed that is how much your vote is worth xD.

    Also this is your double edged sword :). I've returned so basicaly i got only 2-3years worth of play time in this uni and i voted for increase in DF...I think what you wrote should actually work more against you :). Usually the older population doesn't want change, not the new one ^^

    - for every hour of active daily play time which is calculated as daily average over the last 365 days, player gets 7 points.

    - for every year the account stayed in uni 1 in its entirity, player gets 2 points

    - for every x amount of cash the last player on the account invested, the player gets 1 points.

    10 points equals to 1 voting right.

    Feel free to tinker with the values or create your own algorithm. I am not willing to put much work or thought in it since i m not actively playing anymore.

    But the fact that a player who lives and breaths the game has equal vote weight with a miner who spends < 30min a day or a filler account is ridiculous. Dedicated players are the ones who makes the game tick and they should be rewarded for their commitment.

    1. Player A sends Player B 1T deut

    2. Player B merchants 1T deut into 2T crystals and sends it back to Player A

    3. Player A merchants 2T crystal back to 1T deut and sends it back to Player B.

    4. Player B ends up with 1T clean, free deuterium

    In total= Player A sent Player B 2T deut and in return received 2T crystal. Totally fair trade where Player B magically ends up with free 1T deut.

    You can rinse and repeat as many times as you'd like since it satisfies all the conditions set by GF.

    Aren't those two contradictory?

    - A player with less than top 20 eco and less than 2bn points, can send more than 500m res to a single player or multiple players every week.

    - A lower ranked player can receive 500m res multiple times in a week, from different players. However, each of those players can at the most give 500m res in a week.

    So how much can a lower ranked player receive at most from a particular player? 500m or higher? lower ranked is allowed to take more than 500m weekly from players outside top 20 econ and lower than 2b points?

    Instead of a weekly cap, a yearly cap of 3T metal units at 3:2:1 would be better for established target universes so people can get help to complete expensive research projects like 18-19th planet.

    first off my suggestion is public offer universe 1 as if its going to be listed in a stock exchange, and give each player a number of shares which would be a function of age of the account, cumulative active playing time and to a lesser extent the money the player invested in it. the number of outstanding shares stays constant but players can gain or lose them depending on how the deciding variables change. then weight of a player's vote would be determined by the number of shares said player has. as things stand, one could make several new accounts just to affect poll results then delete them.

    as for the topic yes fleeters need more incentives to keep fleeting. prospect of bigger profits is one of them and another incentive would be making rebuilds less costly, and more swift. abandon the 1 ship / second limit and unleash the full power of nanites. if n13 can build a rip in say a minute, then the full power of a n13 is around 500k msu. the shipyard should be able to pump several ships every second to match its full capacity. that would make the effect of detroid use less severe on the wallet too.

    fleeters are not shit sons of the universe and they deserve better.