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    either you / the game / legor or santa send your fleet at 30%

    impulse lv5 20k max speed

    30% one way 8h 58m 35s

    you are 1h into the flight therefore tot return time is 7h 56h 54s + 8h 58m 35s = 16h 55m 29s

    once you eliminate impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable - must be the truth.....

    before there was only one, now its only two

    who do you define as *we* as its not the players as clearly visible in the post

    mby this post shouldn't discuss the setting change but a management changes as the current its clearly not working with the players rather against them

    lets for now discuss any changes you want to see for universe - unless you skipped all the posts, this is what we are doing

    10eco 40% df + deut to df zero speed increases gets my vote

    thats my last post on here, mod it delete it as u will comrade


    Now the State tells us the situation here is not dangerous. Have faith, comrades. The State tells us it wants to prevent a panic. Listen well! It's true, when the people see the police, they will be afraid. But it is my experience that when the people ask questions that are not in their own best interest, they should simply be told to keep their minds on their labor and leave matters of the State to the State. We seal off the city. No one leaves. And cut the phone lines. Contain the spread of misinformation. That is how we keep the people from undermining the fruits of their own labor. Yes, comrades... we will all be rewarded for what we do here tonight. This is our moment to shine.


    Before we get too far into the conversation, let me remind you that you can use this link to find out what you can ask for: Possible Universe Settings

    King Rabbit Don't hesitate to mention one of the admins when there seems to be a consensus on one or more options ; )

    hay there boss

    not wanting to be this guy but actually i do want to be this guy so here it is

    if the setting change request features are fixed in stone and no eco above 8x then how is that the quasar pl had settings changed via same vote from 8x to 10x

    that shows me that the setting options for us to request are regulated by org team as it is clearly possible to do in other communities as per above

    so its clearly not a GF rule but ORG rule via upper management which you are apart off.

    Therefore can you please clarify to us humble dwellers of ORG community as of why our lovely management is treating us worse than other communities management is treating their players.

    I would like to request a change on that in order to enable 10x eco option and await official response from the team as of to why it isnt possible.


    the honor system have been bugged for years , and does not work properly at all

    what you are suggesting is to add to existing broken spaghetti code and make it even more twisted, if anything the way protection works could be re-worked so its a no from me

    i would suggest sending cash down the tooldevs way 1st and foremost, as a player i can stomach the update changing design and issues coming with it, what i cant stomach is add-ons being screwed with, if anything give tooldevs info and cash to have incentive for puting up with this would be my advice, i can live without free officers or expo slots, i cant live without AGR and tracker

    As no life disco with 2 accounts, i cant even begin to express the frustration that not fully considering the impact of community made tools make on day to day activities.

    to implement the update knowing that not all details requested was provided to toolmakers its a slap in the faces of players, a decision that was made consciously.

    at best it was lack of understanding how impactful the community tools are to the day to day gaming, it is sad to admit but the vanilla version of ogame in current state its dire

    modern age requires a quick and simple ui, and not abundance of clicks to get anything done, as much as i can appreciate that the game development can not depend on 3rd party ad-ons, without those said add-ons and sites, we cant even send enough ress to build next 2 or 5 or 10 lvls of anything in advance as game only permits us to see cost for next level, sure we have a formula on master excel file but that just proves the point really lol

    since addons went down today, the generic activities of growing disco account in fast eco/income environment have increase 10fold in time consumed

    requirement to manually collate/send open 3rd party sites to check the costs for next lvls, calculate amount of cargo to send and need to jot down where i need to send what have killed little joy that i had left.

    my main will remain in v-mode, was coming out today after fallout 4 break, thats just impossible the game already feels like a job as is, no way im doin it now.

    farmville will tick over till cargo capacity full and ima park it up too until better days.

    big shout out to Riv and Wonky for amazing job making the game playable, without you its not at least to me

    i shall await better days when everything is back to normal :(

    better luck crashing me in another life boys Hedge's out

    there are players/aliances currently that control like 30+ filler account used for blocking etc, im sure there can be 100s more made ahead of time to by pass new acc voting, if the certain point limit would be introduced im sure those could be feed

    good idea but with current state of how things are it wont do anything

    Thuban not even a year old and now we have players there with bigger account than uni 1. How is this even fair

    Does this look like a one year old uni to you? The age of a uni has already been made obsolete with metal packs.

    I agree with you on the metal packs but now we have accounts 5 times that of previous number 1

    coz someone clicked 5 times more then the last guy, give it 2months a new clicker will appear

    if gy scrip worked correctly or faster than 2 accounts per month, we wouldnt have overcrowding issue for slot 8/15,

    scrip have been back for what 4months or something and we still have accounts inactive for 2years chilling in u1

    we defo dont need more galaxies, what we need is the damn tools to work properly and timely.