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    Vecna (My words are not for you. Those who understand will understand.) (Actually, I'm not a rude person. You are forcing me to this.)

    You are right about some things. Forum rules are the same for everyone. It's not special to me.

    The last message I wrote here is not a war report. It is a reaction message written to someone who is arrogant.

    For example:

    - It is claimed that I am using BOT, although it is not real. This is against forum rules.

    -My personal photo is posted on the forum. This is against forum rules.

    -My original game was shut down due to an unnecessary rule. (5 second rule in all countries of the world. It was rated as 30 seconds for me.Software deficiencies in the game, BUG formation is loaded to the player. This is not the player's problem. This is a software bug.)(100 of people have violated this rule. But this rule only applied to me. 20 days later!!! In every universe with an alliance war system, you have to send spies in the last seconds. They saved a player they didn't want me to hit while attacking. And they punished me)

    -Many people here think of themselves as managers. Whoever I attack is texting me nonsense. I complain but no results.

    - Many people use abbreviations in their writing. Many people do not know their meaning. You have no answer to give them.

    And the like..

    The main source of these problems is the player named Caprica, which has a fleet of 250 billion. However, it has no action other than exploration wars and lunar trials. He's just talking. Coward Chicken; not once did he dare to attack me.:evilgrin2:

    Despite everyone and everything, I continue to fight. I'm first in the destruction score. Both in this game and in the old game.

    The ostrich thinks it is hiding by burying its head in the sand. Although your head is buried in the sand, you are not aware of your ass in the open. I also interfere with what I see. Those who want to understand understand.

    Despite everyone, only LUCIFER. You will not forget this name. I will continue to be your nightmare. In this universe and in new universes.

    See you later folks.

    After the battle ...

    Attacker ReX [HAN]

    Large Cargo 2.500 ( -0 )

    Defender Caprica [NOSTARS]


    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:
    101.106.337 Metal, 0 Crystal and 1.379.323 Deuterium

    vs x5

    Emperor Darth Zero  jerom  Max

    I'm just pissed off. I beat one of you at the beginning of the game. The other is on vacation. The thing is, that idiot Emre thinks he's shit and is posting photos of him acting like a dog.

    Don't worry, I'll send you a picture of my organ, you can hang it on the wall of your house. Both you and others benefit. You cannot find your way home because of the mission. So it helps.

    This will be my last post on this forum. Reply from the game if possible. In accordance with the purpose of the game. You won't understand, but I'll say it anyway. The aim of the game is to fight. But people like you don't understand that.

    I don't deal with guys who act like street prostitutes. I will give my answer from the game from now on.

    After deciphering, you felt the need to explain. You're such a bitch man. You were writing in the third person when you were talking about Caprica. What happened now, you went to the special forces when you were called a servant, you bastard.

    I challenge you. Both financially and as a player.

    Do not try to prove yourself on the forum. You don't even dare to attack. You came back to your dumpster just as you came. Not American custom tubs from you. But he becomes an American butler. Even though you are Turkish, you talk about Turks.

    caprica (His name is Emre, he lives in America.)

    There are games on many servers in Turkey. He only uses dark matter and is eventually shot. I blocked him years ago because of his fraudulent activities.

    characterless bastard. I wrote you a message at the beginning of the game. I said I can't use any more dark matter. Don't let people get away from the game. But your arrogance prevented it. You came to me with a colony and wrote me a message. You declared that the more dark matter I spend, the more you will spend.


    I give a daily tip as much as the money you spend. The bastard who is a maid in America.

    Keep using my picture. You can do just that. It wouldn't be a shit from his acting. Your character isn't worth 5 bucks either.

    Now fuck off and play in the park you bastard.

    (((( I apologize to other forum users for the rude speech I wrote. This person. Since he could not compete with me, he resorted to different ways. He's using my profile picture. My private photo.))))

    we like them fat, keep the DM comming.

    MikeGrinder6 - Affording DM is one thing, abusing is another, lets keep the discussion sane here. You are not getting the point.

    who are you?

    What are you trying to do by using my photo as an avatar?

    You claim to be honest. Characterless bastard.

    Who are you. Fucking son.

    Maxx. Shall I order you dark matter? Maybe you will stop crying. But don't talk while on vacation. This game is not played by looking at the monitor. Mouse movement is also required.

    That's the law of this game. Dark matter.

    Be brave and get out of vacation mode. I promise. You won't be hurt too much. I will be polite.:evilgrin2:

    Why was your alliance mate punished? Do you know?

    It's not 30 seconds, it's 20 seconds. Keep in mind, oGame rules are NOT the same in every community. There are different rules in each community for certain things like this as well as other rules like pulling, moonshot accounts, etc.

    New Game Rules - valid from 17.9.2012

    But I was penalized for 30 seconds.

    NOOBs started writing. Your should be upset. The universe lost a player like zeus. Admins don't know any other punishment. They give a 14-day penalty to anyone who comes in front of them. This has a warning phase. There are extenuating circumstances.

    Dude u are cheater,and none cares about your whining here.:growup:

    U had money advantage over others,and thats not enough,u just had to:Vomit: CHEATE !!:tongue1::tongue1::tongue1: in capital letters.


    You're right. I didn't think about your IQ level.:evilgrin2::evilgrin2::evilgrin2:

    Do I look like I'm crying from there? Who cares about the game? Who cares about the money spent?

    Fools like you can't understand that. But let me explain anyway. If I want, I can call the bank and get all the money I spent back.

    Bird-brained citizen. It's been 2 months since the game opened. Your destruction score is 10k. I think you hit your weak players, your honor score is -1k.:crazy:


    Learn to write in the forum first. It is disrespectful to write roughly in all capital letters.

    go play in the park Noob!

    Damn Luci is mad he got banned XD oh well

    Lucifer is angry yes. He's angry that he didn't get answers to his questions.:love:

    all i can say is lol

    Unlimited Credit Card??
    u must be very wealthy to spend thousands on a game

    but why make this thread??

    hardly anyone cares about you anymore and now there are people better than u,Zeus,WET DREAM,Caprica,etc.

    This person started acting disrespectful early in the game. He was threatening me by texting me from the game.

    I shot him the same day and shot 3 more of his alliance. Then it continued to parasitize on each warhead.

    Come on my friend, I'm tired of warning you. I don't expect anyone's praise. I'm not saying to anyone that I have a lot of money.

    In the first messages on the subject, there was a person who wrote euro war under the war title. My words are confirmed. Everyone has their own money. This is nobody's business. No one can post here about money.

    Nowhere did I say I was the best player. I respect everyone. but bird brains like you don't deserve respect. Play games in kerberos universe first. Then come here and write. Idiot. You overstepped your bounds with your rudeness. You can't be a player. You wouldn't even be a cattle herder.

    Money money money. You write everywhere. God give it to you.

    Yes, I spent a small amount of money on the game. This is nobody's business. But you should know your worth. All war records in the universe belonged to me until my game closed. Do you have one battle? I have 15 record fights. What do you have?

    Do not write to my comments again. I speak very heavily.

    but can someone help me what he did wrong? scanning a planet 30 sec before his fleet hit? erm lol? and why? oO kinda scared scanning players now :S

    In a war. As my ships go to war. I checked the defending player by sending a spy when 30 seconds into the battle. My game was shut down for 14 days for sending spies to the defense.

    I recommend that you read what I wrote as a whole.

    I wasn't the one breaking the rules there. I was just busy setting the time and making the first squadron move. If a mistake has been made as a team, the battle will be canceled and a refund will be requested. But not after 15 days.


    Well,if its 15 day ban,he can return and cash another 2k euro:lol:

    i think its perma,thats why he is shitting here his nonsence.


    It doesn't matter how many euros it is. But much less than you might expect. up to 10 A%.

    I can't wait for the game to open. If I had such expectations, I would not have posted on the forum. NOOBs like you can't understand that.

    Zeus knows me well. He knows very well that I keep my word. He can explain it if he wants..

    In what capacity are you speaking here? Is it TURK? Or is it the new guy who bought the account?

    5 seconds on servers of all countries. The rules are the same everywhere. The rule does not change according to country servers.

    Important detail; The punishment was given about 15 days after the war.:fatgreengrin::fatgreengrin::fatgreengrin: Just when I was attacking. Where were their minds until now?