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    Oh well, you write a lot but at the same time you write nothing usefull

    - Before you never got crashed because you used bot, be a honest man and just admit it, its fine, we all know, that was not cargos lol

    - Again, no you did not send expos to create activity, you were using the bot or a plugin or whats so ever

    - Dont blame the Ogame Team for your ban, they NEVER ban without a reason, before they click the BIG red Button to ban, they must have a solid argument, and usually approved by a SGO, surely we are used to people like you that cry a lot say they did nothing, you did yes, thats why you got banned for scripting, if you dont know let me tell you they can now track your activity, and surely they found yours a big weird to give you 7/15 days lol, so yeah.
    - I remember when i played, you had activity ALL day, you can be a programmer or a super hero, but you wont do it for the whole day, get another excuse that wont help you buddy, dont think your smart, because im smarter than you and i can you tell your full of bullshit.

    - You stopped using Bot ( probably ) after you got your ban, so you couldnt keep up with your fleet / activity, so you got crashed, welcome to the Old Ogame that you want, now just stop QQ.

    - Dont remove the merith from the attack because he has money or not, because thats not really relevant for the hit, you got crashed by him, but you could be crashed by anyone, your fleet was down, so whats the excuse then?

    Well, dont reply me if you are not comming with solid arguments, or at least admit the cheater and bad player you are, thats a fact, if your comming up on forum to reply anyone, always remember to not come with bullshit, you could have just congratulated the attacker and move on with your life, but no, you came with bullshit on forum.

    Tought you didnt posting but well. Good finding. I totally forgot to generate myself activity and well the result is here. I had days doing the same, sending the expos, generating activity to myself and close ogame for 1 hr 30 minutes. The routine was the same along the day (Nobody attacks you while there is activity), I used the time to work, play another videogames, play soccer, go out with family, etc. From days ago ogame passed out to be just another stuff in my life. And it was due what i saw some days before, people spending a lot of money doing fleet and growing up the scores and in some point i felt that this uni broke up, simply i didnt want to spy anymore, i mean i can spend money too, but the essence of the game will be lost, so i decided to dedicate my free time to other games on pc and PS5, and the result is this, i have been recycled by a fleet made by money. Well i think all have to end, and this is my retirement from this uni at least, im not going to spend money to compete. I was thinking to play other starting universe from Ogame but whats the point if people could do the same again, buy fleet and kill you again. Think the gameforge programmers and staff made a monster work to insitate that needing on people to spend tremendous quantities of money in the game xD, kindda vicious that feeling of imaginary power haha.

    I have to say thanks to all my friends in the uni, a lot of support. I was talking with some friends to give my account to them but nothing in firm, so i will wait for them.

    Anyways i wish you all players in this uni have Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry Clayman, but i awlays took you for a better person, instead of come QQ that with all the drama, and what not, just listen to one thing:

    You got crashed because your fleet was sitting like a duck.

    Now whatever comes after that is just execuses and bullshit to be honest, its none of your business how gameforge makes money or if people spend money, it sucks indeed but thats what we have, just admit you sucked badly that after 3 months of universe you still have 500k bcs sitting, you could have done much more but you didnt, you could have fleetsaved but you didnt, so you got crashed and thats the end of story. Now go play PS5, there are plently of nice games there indeed, ogame is not one of them :D

    Again: You got crashed from a money pocket, but your could have been crashed by Lawless or whatever who wanted to fly on your, because you WERE offline, stop giving excuses, thats it.

    Attacker, enjoy the spoils.

    You are not playing games, you are just talking. Is there a single victory against us in the 3-month universe? Do you see the punishment given by the operators as a victory? Where is your acting, why haven't we seen so far, even though I played on holiday, I shoot a man when I return, you are still trying to break the fleet because you don't know how to play under normal conditions, losers 😀

    i did not had time, you were always using bot + vacation mode, its really hard you know.:thumbsup:

    Luci Luci, i tough you have learned a bit from your last shame, it seems like i need to come here more times to put you in your place.

    Dont make me start posting again and you will be finding your shit hole again.

    Only a retarded tags Board Administrator and the Community manager on a forum thread that you cannot even explain yourself what happens, your full retarded once again, stop embarassing yourself.

    I cant wait for the next speed universe to see you banned AGAIN, or either LOSING. Told you i will follow you up and you will NOT win. Ill be waiting for you in the next universe, take the christmas money so you will spend it on next universe ;)

    I dont own the account anymore, not sure why they did not change username but looks like your MMORPG is messed up with old usernames, but yes it was the fleet scrapped from what i know.

    I dont know what happened, but to me looks like they scrapped the fleet, not for push but to re-invest in mines, i believe there is nothing illegal about it, but im out so i dont know.

    Lucifer, why you still in Kerberos? loool

    ofc you should be banned, at most, you should be instantly banned for posting your using bot, im sorry you are retarded, you went from hero to zero luci, next time try to be more humble, maybe this is a lesson to you ;)

    I promissed you, you will NEVER WIN.

    Well, i did not wanted to post, but you are wrong, speak for you dont speak for everyone and dont come with "every player" bullshit, im still following Kerberus Fun after all and yes i left, so dont make wrong assumptions trying to be smart :p

    Anyways, im happy Lucifer was banned! Yayz!

    be happy atleast for someones wallet to be filled xD dont be jelous hah :PDD

    I was the most happy with this situation. I am happy for Zeus.


    Just one more point before i move on with you.

    Who is so retarded, to post himself using Bot + Player Tracker, and than posts 4 HOFs after? Tell me, what world you and your friends live? HOW RETARDED can you be? Tell me? just tell me for once loool, if you can explain this to me, i shut up for all the time!

    You are right, you make any Turkish look fool, just move on.

    I HAD problem with your gang, that in this case are Turks, nothing against the Turks itself. I already explained in a previous post, if you had the chance t read.

    Plus i also explained in another post that im not ERME or whatever the f* who is emre, i have been trolling Lucifer since 10 days, and he still cant believe it, nothing i can do.

    The fun is over for me, now you just do whatever you need to do and have fun pushing on Kerberos, i could not care less anymore.

    damn guess we'll never see the showdown between Zeus and Lucifer

    Nothing to do with Zeus to be honest, so dont involve zeus, she is ok and she did a great job on this universe.

    If you notice no one likes Lucifer & his gang, mostly because of blatant cheat tactics, a person that pushes, cheats & posts photos of a Bot using Hunter on universe targets, cant obviously be taken serious, and should be banned for the SECOND time, not even hiding, going all line, that sir , breaks the fun.