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    No. Kaleesh is the weakest race and it is completely pointless to use it.

    I disagree. I play as 100% Discoverer with Kaelesh on all planets, except one that has humans. Here is a SS of my expedition haul today.

    There are ships and DM I also found today which are not shown, and they can be used in the fleet or recycled for more resources. And this is all on top of my mines, farming inactives, and raids. Personally, I find it to be the most enjoyable of the three classes. General is fine and fun, but most fleeters quit if they lose their fleet since most of their points are tied to the ships. Mining is steady, but slower. There is no way I could mine ~25M crystal in a day (math works out to about 115k crystal per hour per planet with 9 planets). For me at least, it's worth the investment. 10/10 would recommend. AND it doesn't take up much of your time, unlike being a fleeter.