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    How do you want to implement it without completely changing the current mechanics of battle simming?

    You're right it may be challenging to Sim, which I mentioned in the original post.

    I simply put forward the idea because I think it makes cohesive sense from both a gameplay and a balance perspective. Whether you agree is up to you. I think it's a valid reason to be concerned and unfortunately comes from the fact that the community keeps GF's game playable for them. Who here actually uses the in-game combat simulator?

    Since GF won't listen to the pleas of the playerbase and developers, lets see what happens when the volunteer developers go on strike. Half the playerbase would just leave, which I imagine includes a good chunk of paying players. GF would be left with 2 options - fix the problems, or shut down the game.

    Thanks for putting the vote through.

    Also thanks Krumme and everyone who voted. Uni settings are beautiful now.

    I think the Gameforge intention is people pay to re-random instead of artifact packs. Makes them more money to have players pay for uncertain results unfortunately.

    Ion cannons are pretty bad as they are right now and ion tech is useless. Lets change that a bit. Lore-wise it can be explained by ions interfering with targeting systems.

    Refresher of how combat works

    - Each round, every unit randomly shoots another unit

    - Rapidfire against a unit type gives a chance to fire another random shot after hitting a unit of that type

    - Repeat until either 6 rounds have occurred or one side is completely destroyed


    - Being “tagged” by ion cannon fire in a given round decreases a unit’s rapidfire numbers by a percentage in the next round

    - Scales with number of IC hits taken in a given combat round

    - Numbers can additionally scale with ion tech, increasing by some % each level

    Number of IC hits in current round

    % decrease in rapidfire numbers for next round

    1 to 3


    4 to 10


    11 to 30


    31 to 100


    100 to 300


    300 to 1000


    > 1000


    Gameplay Implications

    - Gives an additional use for ion tech

    - Makes ion cannons more viable

    - Affects RIPs the most as they come in lower numbers, could halve their effectiveness for defence bashing

    - Smaller effect on other ships, eg. a cruiser might kill one or two fewer LFs/RLs each round

    - No effect in the first round of combat as nothing has been hit yet

    - Could be problematic for combat sims but surely it can be worked around

    The Problem

    General sentiment is that moon destructions are too cheap and easy. Can't go to sleep without having moon popped in a speed server. "Forced" MD attacks backed by clearing waves can be impossible to defend against. The effects of this problem have already been seen - decline in the playerbase and the "v-mode warrior" playstyle being the only option for some.

    Aims and Considerations

    When thinking of a solution for this we need to consider the following

    - most importantly, the solution must not make MD impossible or remove it as a mechanic

    - make MD more risky, forced MD should be especially risky

    - add counterplay options against MD, especially those backed by fleet

    - make defending against MD more rewarding - reward players for staying up late and successfully defending

    - make use of redundant technology

    - hopefully add more depth to gameplay

    Consider the option of a lunar building. When manually activated, it provides a few seconds of protection against MD attacks, destroying said attacks and follow-ups and generating a DF from the destroyed ships. Part of the DF is transported by gravity manipulation to the defending moon.

    Lunar Building - Graviton Manipulator

    Prerequisites: Graviton 3, Shielding 12, Lunar base

    Cost: Same as jump gate

    Lore: <something about graviton research into defence against graviton weapon, and manipulation of debris fields>

    Active Ability: Activate Graviton Deflector

    - Deflects graviton cannons for a short time ie. Shields your moon from the MD and deflects it back at the deathstars to instantly destroy them

    - Follow-up hostile fleets within a 6 second "radius" also get nuked upon arrival in the resulting graviton explosion (recalling before arrival avoids destruction)

    - Fleets destroyed this way generate a DF

    - Percentage of this generated DF accumulates at the moon automatically - similar to the rocktal LF building, scales with level

    - Active duration 5 seconds and cooldown 30 seconds at lvl1. Duration and CD scale with level with diminishing returns up to a max of about 50% uptime.

    - CD can be refreshed by paying 50k DM (would be controversial - happy to hear your thoughts)

    Here's a shitty drawing of how it works

    Gameplay Implications

    - adds an extra option for defending against MD that doesn't require fleet to be down

    - you need to be awake and click it at the right time for it to work

    - attacker can potentially circumvent by sending "decoy" MD waves

    - defending against clearing waves becomes possible, but attacker can still potentially avoid fleet destruction

    - could make money for GF

    Somewhat like the idea but I think it's a bit harsh. Profit is profit and if it's left lying around it shouldn't be punished to freely take it regardless of who it gets taken from.

    Where I see some potential is if the system could be reworked to discourage bashing or non-profitable attacks. Spam MDs at someone, lose a few hundred rips and find nothing in the process? boom slower ships for you. Bash down a turtle's defence for no gain? get whacked with less production.

    i think changing any fleet speed will cause a fair drop it players, the uni will be dead again in a month or two

    deut to DF is a good idea at this stage i think

    It's only peaceful fleet speed. I think benefits outweigh the downsides. Everyone gets faster expos, faster transports. Hostile attacks will still stay at 2x.

    Only downside I can think of is maybe it changes fleetsave habits

    We can talk until the cows come home about this particular update but there is a deeper problem that goes way beyond this instance. It is summed up well in the thread title.

    Ogame constantly worsens player experience

    This isn't the first time and it certainly will not be the last. Many fundamental problems contribute to this.

    Lack of play testing or efforts to make the game enjoyable

    If there was any play testing at all by GF, this update would not have seen the light of day. Instead of using their test server the way they should, they rely on add-on developers from their playerbase to do the hard work and make their game playable. These developers don't actually receive a single lick of appreciation from GF but rather get a spit in the face by having game updates constantly break these tools.

    Lack of communication and consultation with the playerbase

    Let's be honest. If it wasn't for the amazing playerbase of this game it would be long dead. It is the players whose pockets keep the servers running. It is dedicated players that volunteer to create tools that make the game playable. It is player interaction that makes the game fun. Even those who manage the community are simply volunteers from among the players.

    Yet we see nothing that suggests Gameforge put any effort into listening to what the players want.

    All we see is a barely functioning game full of bugs.

    We see gamebreaking balance issues.

    We see crappy event after crappy event.

    We see poorly handled merges stuffed between dogshit updates to create a huge dogshit sandwich.

    We see a barely working combat simulator.

    We see a sad excuse for a mobile app.

    We see "features" being added that absolutely nobody asked for - honestly nobody cares about moon icons.

    And when we try to let Gameforge know what we want, we see a list of suggestions carefully formulated by the playerbase with the only response being "submitted to GF", probably sitting in their junk mail folder.

    GF have confirmed they won't roll this update back, but regardless of the direction this particular issue takes, it won't be the last issue that causes outrage among us.

    Not sure how much longer I will stick around but I think it's about time I started exploring other games. Other games which I'm not allowed to mention because Gameforge are a jealous bunch. Games with actual meaningful updates over the years to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable.

    Quite sure its just a matter of time before the addon catches up and makes it all enjoyable again

    You're right and it's a testament to how dedicated the add-on developers are, but it doesn't change that this is GF spitting in the faces of their most dedicated players, who do their job for them keeping the game enjoyable.

    Some add-ons will survive but the devs of some others like Ogame Tracker have left the game behind.

    I acknowledge that the suggestion has already passed and I am not a player in Thuban so it doesn't concern me. However I am not fully in agreement with some of the reasons for the change being requested and I'd like to clarify a few things.

    As a player coming from Rasalas, a server which has always had the setting turned on, I note a couple things to be incorrect in the original post:

    Quote from Astral_Codex

    And you will not know exactly how long, without checking all the system in between 1:50 and 1:100.

    The fleet dispatch screen (fleet2) will tell you the number of inactive and empty systems between yourself and the target. You can then use this information to easily work out the exact number of inactive/empty systems between two targets by adding or subtracting accordingly.

    Quote from Astral_Codex

    Worst of all, it makes it completely impossible to calculate flight times, without scanning through all the intermediate systems.

    By extension of the above, this is also not accurate. You just need to add a cell in your calculation spreadsheet to input the number of inactive/empty systems. If anything I'd say it adds some extra depth to the game as it takes an extra step in the calculation to calculate time backs (still a piece of cake though).

    After spending a year with the setting on, I came to really like the setting because it added an extra element of calculation to the game, as well as generally reducing flight times within the same galaxy. As the number of active players became smaller, so too did the galaxies to accommodate for it.

    Once again I have no horse in this race and I appreciate the desire for your universe to become a safer place. This is definitely still a valid reason. Just thought I'd clear some misconceptions about this mechanic that I personally enjoyed.

    May I also add that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY asked for the moon update in the galaxy view, or any of the other so-called "features" for that matter.


    - added a worse version of a feature that all major add-ons already have

    - broke said add-ons (ie. The only thing keeping the game playable)