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    We should all quit the game. In most of communities GOs aren't able to be players as well. You make your choice when you enroll for the staff team, you can't be player and admin at same time..why ? Because as Go you have access on players activities. For example Key Yuki now can tell his friends our timelines and activity easily. Isn't it called as advantage? Examples are more...

    or can people simply use PTRE, imagine that there is actually a tool for that for everyone? a bit of GAMEPLAY in my Excel? People noting down on 30-minute intervals for a few days to know when I'm online?! IMAGINE THE AUDACITY OF THAT! HOW DARE THEY USE MY SLIPUPS AGAINST ME IN A PVE GAME CALLED COOKIE CLICKER OGAME TOTALLY A PVP GAME WHERE TIME TRACKING AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ARE THE PRIORITY!

    CANT BE!?

    I don't understand a few aspects here.
    Yes, it would be best if you did not play on the server you moderate, that is all good and sound and I agree with my past experience in moderating servers in games.
    Overseers here are mostly volunteers, if they don't have active player accounts on the server then there is no issue with them being one.
    Why do you get so salty at another player in Excel the Game?
    I mean if you were angry at the company which makes incompetent choices it would make sense but why do you and a few others like Grinder antagonize players for playing the game?
    Just curious :D

    DM abuse, ah yes remove and restrict the only thing keeping this 20 year old spreadsheet alive....

    Man if only GF provided another 2x uni in the merge like Vega to go to this wouldnt have been a problem..... oh wait

    Hahah enough trolling and on a serious note I do agree that this merge was basically pick the best of the bad choices and it does suck when you get hopes up that things will change and they dont so I feel for the players here. In 6 months you can always try for another vote

    2x? we are speaking about x1 uni where they only leave uni 1 alive.

    yes, they left 2x uni... Whereas the top 100 have only 5 non-1bn+ players (Lacerta after merging, right now has 74 non-1bn+ players...)

    Just a reminder to snowflakes bashing my opinion, we had a choice between these during a merge:

    1. Vega (Eco x8 Fleet x2) (heavy 1bn+ pop)
    2. Uni 1 (Eco x8 Fleet x1) (Ancient uni where some players probably playing ever since the game was created.)
    3. Lacerta (Eco x8 Fleet Peaceful x4 Fleet War x2)
    4. Thuban (eco x10 fleet x5) (almost ogame knockoff-like server)

    Yes, the game had other slower servers but none of them have even 1 1bn+ players and were not a choice for the merge.

    Embarrassing in which way? I like to chat S**t if you like :D This vote just established this server to be definitely dead as current settings are welcoming death and suffering.
    Miners getting farmed, Alliance tab only being there for farming simulator bonus...
    No tactical play and braindead putting one mine into the build queue per week till you forget that this game even exists xD
    ACS would welcome more dynamic play and wake up the server a little bit...

    i just love how these wallet boys are stuck in a dead uni. Money well spend.

    I am sorry however for any normal player also stuck in there...

    Maybe a merge to one of the other target unies is possible?

    Leave them pay piggies in Lacerta

    Don't worry, GF has done such a great job with this year's merges that Lacerta will be exodus next year...

    I've met a lot of decent players there, the only people I am worried about are V-mode warriors, they seem to require a mental evaluation...

    I mean you are correct, I like dramatization, and fight for no reason for a bit of popcorn in this boring life.

    Yes, you have 2 camps, with your statement of merging to ACS or non-acs you forget that not everyone who merged is a 1bn+ player who can actually put a candle against other big players.

    I am personally a disco-miner with a bit of fleeting for fun and I knew that if I had gone to a shark pool while being a goldfish, I would've died :D

    To clarify, I am not arguing the outcome as what is done is done, it was a democratic vote so yh... I am just annoyed with a you spewing crap out of your ass on a topic about a server you not even playing...

    1) Remove all reasonable destinations for transfer
    2) Ignore pleas and requests from the community completely.
    3) Shock Pikachu face players kinda are forced to choose the better of the 2 evils.
    4) laugh at people that they want to adapt new FORCED ON THEM environment to be more reasonable.

    Want to be sarcastic?

    It's really fine they way it is rn. Leave the non acs as it is, you all signed up for it when this uni was opened. We could vote on Deut in Df, and I hope every player votes for what they truly want, and not feel pressured or intimidated to vote yes.

    Or indeed, how hard would it be to let the people who feel trapped in Lacerta move somewhere else? Pretty sure accounts can be moved manually between unis? We also had to choose the lesser evil in this merge, don't see why we need to be "punished" if we oppose a settings change. Can't they just rework this merge, seeing the players are not happy. But ofc the usual answer - we can't please all. Well they didn't even try for this merge.

    what do you mean by intimidated? lolz
    There is no pressure, GF did an amazing job by removing all reasonable choices from the pool marking them exodus.
    We ask for a vote and all players are not pressured to make their vote according to what few want.
    If a vote happens you vote for what you feel is right.

    I am unsure as to why a bunch of you acting like a democratic vote is kin to the North Korean government.

    We also had to choose the lesser evil in this merge, don't see why we need to be "punished" if we oppose a settings change. Can't they just rework this merge, seeing the players are not happy. But ofc the usual answer - we can't please all. Well they didn't even try for this merge.

    Punish in which way? is someone standing above you with a machete next to your neck?
    I agree that everyone was put in the situation of choosing the lesser evil as you are clearly aware.
    No, they cannot rework the merge, voicing here is pointless after bashing them for a week after they announced the merge.
    I bet people who made the roster don't even open boards and just drop it by a no-reply email to board admins and leave it.
    Based on the history of merges, they never try and never listen so my above statement sounds about right.


    Fleets will get crashed regardless of if its on or off.

    Of course they will. But less profits from a hit - less chance the hit will happen.

    Oh, you sweet summer child... If the number on the right is bigger than on the left even if profits are in negatives on both sides, plenty of other players will go just to see big numbers... Its not about profits but about spreading Chaos for fun...


    You aware that Deu can be used for many other things than just fleeting? Deu to DF would be nice just so you can put research on. All important researches cost loads of deu so being able to raid someone for it, will speed up resource gathering.

    Projecting onto other people, just because you chose this uni thanks to ACS off and DEU to DF off does not mean a lot of players did. ACS might have been an important factor for plenty but nobody looks at DF and says "Ahh that's what I am talking about".
    Ironically no ACS gives an advantage to universe death as it removes the huge factor of being a part of a cooperative alliance where you cannot request a big shot to protect you from an attack.

    Being attacked is just part of the game, if you cannot accept the fact that ogame is a PVP game, why do you even play?
    I was crushed a few times and I have crushed people a few times.
    We even laughed about it with each other and said GG.
    If you looking for endless income without risk you can always play a cookie clicker...

    Everyone complained about Merge, GF did what they wanted and ignored anything and everything that was voiced.
    They were even considerate to create a thread for us to cry so they could eat some popcorn... but hey! we did not make it a 9 galaxies at least!

    Uni rules are not decided by GF but by vote, we are requesting a vote and the result is not up to Doom but to every single player on the server.
    Vote will most likely happen at some point and all you need to do is to vote for what you belive should be the outcome.

    Hello !

    As announced in the merge post, galaxies will not be increased.

    That's nice, we were speaking about it in this thread for quite a while and would've been nice to see a response here instead of an Edit in the original separate thread where we cannot respond.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few things:

    - There is indeed a difference between not giving a damn about feedback and doing what we can internally and waiting to communicate efficiently. You're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, and you need to keep that in mind.

    "communicate efficiently"- that is nice and all that you actually mention that as by the looks of it we are not kept in the loop.
    We are not updated and even simple: "Let me ask about this" or "We are discussing it" and then actually updating users goes a long way to keep players feeling like they are being heard.

    If this is the tip of the iceberg and we are already dissatisfied I am scared of what is below the surface. Efficient communication needs to be performed and transparent. If you just read our comments and never respond we feel like you as a moderation team are acting like a fussy girlfriend leaving us on read for 3 to 5 working years.

    Another important point: the plan can't satisfy everyone, it's impossible. Some have taken the example of the French forum, which asked players to draw up the merger plan and have their say on it before it was sent to GF. It's perfectly appreciated that the community is involved in the choice, and I agree with that. But you have to look at the result:

    310 people voted for one plan, 289 voted for the other plan. Reactions were very mixed, even negative. GF won't be able to satisfy the community knowing that it was so divided at the time of the vote, so there will be dissatisfaction. At this stage, it's just factual.

    So I'd just like to reiterate that it's not possible to find solutions for every complaint. Still, I hope this little change will bring a tiny ounce of satisfaction for some.

    This much is fair, not everyone can be satisfied. But letting us know reasons why things goes this way instead of the other would make us believe in what you saying a bit more than just leaving us on "read".
    At this point "communicate efficiently" needs a lot of work to restore the trust of the community that you actually work for our good rather than just "because we feel like it and you can do nothing about it".

    By the way, this topic isn't here to discuss GF's finances or unpaid moderators, please stay on the subject of the merger.

    This is a completely fair and reasonable request and I am going to leave this topic.

    Can you Neotinea or someone else from the team actually address our concerns, about why this roster was chosen as targets for merges? Why there is no reasonable 1x speed server other than Uni1 which is a suislide to quitting the game due to the number of whales bashing you day and night while we getting 2 x2 servers?

    That would work quite favourably in restoring the mentioned trust and work toward what you call "communicate efficiently".

    If indeed they listen and have reasonings, maybe it would be worth sharing it with the community for once.
    As below:

    Merger options are so bad it feels like it was made up by an AI trying to maximize player negativity.

    We are given Uni1 which is very bad for most players due to the age of the server and no alternative x1 speed server.
    We are given 2x and 4x2x servers as a choice, one of them being so dead that everyone is surprised that it is not Exodus.
    We are given an x5 server which seems the only choice for x4/x5 etc servers.

    If there is indeed reasoning behind all of this we are very keen to listen to them as except for Thuban and Vega the rest of the choices are completely bonkers.
    You did not provide a relatively younger server for the people who prefer slow fleets.
    AB and SO sit quietly for about 96 hours without addressing discontent and people voicing their opinions left here by the community in the post created for that purpose...?
    What's the point of creating a thread like this if you just gonna let it stir and ignore it?
    If they would indeed be interested in interacting with us, why not create a thread with initial decisions on Merge and ask the community for feedback, adjust it and post it?
    Given not all players use boards and the forum era is dead for a while but we still play this game, spend money on it and actively try to give you feedback on generally bad decisions made as the community hates them.

    Are you telling me that BA reads posts and listens? Where in this lineup have you got any evidence of that?
    At the moment it looks to at least me and probably some players here as follows:
    "Okay, we need to delete some universes to make some space for new ones to boost this Quarter financially. Let's pick at random unis which are going to be nuked and choose target unis at random too. They will have no choice but to accept it and let's even sprinkle some salt on this wound of discontent by creating a thread to voice this discontent and completely ignore it. (Again as it seems to be a standard practice regarding merges)"
    This is a spreadsheet-like game but instead of paying people to moderate it and genuinely try to keep it alive, GF actively relies on free labour and only checks if this game still brings profits, if not they will slash it the moment profit gets anywhere close to being even with costs.
    They already did it to a lot of games.
    I am not going to go off at mods either as per above I belive that there should be some paid staff at a minimum otherwise you are not in a position to care.



    I guess cozy is an alright description, but an universe with 100 actives doesn't really seem well alive.

    I still argue we dont need 4 targets and 9 galaxies on those, please reconsider.

    Just found this:

    They will still have more than 4 servers but decided to kill working ones and shuffle players just to create more chaos and anger within the community.
    This is almost 1:1 Lacerta server.
    Why not just leave Gaspra alone as one of the few last x1 war servers (Uni 1 is not a choice)?



    I guess cozy is an alright description, but an universe with 100 actives doesn't really seem well alive.

    I would much prefer for Gaspra to be a target or left alone

    I really think 4 targets is overkill already. Not sure why we should discuss more. Which one or two targets would you exchange for gaspra in this case?

    Cosy is the right description.
    A lot of fun here. Answer to both, Lacerta even through both with Gaspra could stay. The main problem is there is no good alternative for x1 speed as Uni1 is not a choice.

    You seem to hate metal packages very much

    Where did you get this from?

    I just don't see the balancing and "I am scared of big people" aspect anymore with metal packages.

    Anyone can explode and become big. Rather take the more active option(s) than be scared of something that can (and will) happen to you either way.

    By explode are you suggesting spending about 1000$'s just to get to the top?
    I mean in my opinion packs as is are quite balanced right now.
    You are getting a boost while not too much.
    For example with x8 eco, I need about 5bn metal to get the next level of metal mine while each pack give me 0.5bn. That translates to 10 packs at 20% off 40k DM. That is 400k dm +/- which on a 100% bonus event translates to about 10-12Euro. just to get metal not to mention the rest of the res which pushes it more toward 15-20 Euro PER PLANET. so roughly ~200Euro to gain about ~50milion points. Yes it increases but without going into multi-thousand Euro purchase is not enough to scale up.
    Yes, you can push it all into fleet but if everything you own is a fleet, one player can bring you down to nothing without sweating with big enough diff you cannot even FS fleet as you do earn not enough Deuter long term which is often called "Glass Cannon".

    You seem to hate metal packages very much :biggrin: but you know, there will always be whales who have a lot and people below. We below trying to balance everything to our advantage and compete so we can succeed and join people at the top normal way. You can try or live long enough to become a farm (miner)... Metal packages you like it or not are part of the game. They keep the servers alive.

    ACS disabled removes a lot of tactics on the server as you cannot slow down your fleet to defend against another player trying to defend the target, jointly attack a common enemy or even help your teammate defend from enemy attack.

    Not if, the only people playing that server are basically from one alliance..

    It can be a good and a bad thing, it is all about how you play your cards.

    But let's keep it around the merge topic as this discussion can be easily taken to other general topics which went nowhere as both sides got a valid point.

    I would much prefer for Gaspra to be a target or left alone. Based on my conversation with clan members, other players on the server and other people here, we are missing a good target for x1 fleet speed with ACS.
    (as nobody want to go Uni 1).
    This makes the game a bit more fun to participate in.

    Can we have a vote to adjust the merger decided by mods or is this a pointless topic where we can just vent and nothing will be taken into consideration?
    (no hate just an honest question because consensus shows that in general, everyone is quite mad about the current decision).

    I am considering Lacerta

    I assume you can make a case for all universes.

    But Lacerta is the only No-ACS universe in .en

    I assume that itself tells already that most people won't like it. Considering its overall number of accounts I think its confirmed.

    But I might be wrong and its worth changing up the targets, but I am sure its not worth keeping 4 targets either way.

    I mean from 4 choices, Uni 1 is endless Deathzone with players so far ahead that you cannot even hope to compete and Thuban is a 5x War Hell where you either sit on your account 24/7 or you don't exist anymore 5min raid in the same system is a nightmare.
    The only choices most of us are left is either join whales from exodus on Thuban and give up on the game or try to live on Vega/Lacerta.
    ACS disabled removes a lot of tactics on the server as you cannot slow down your fleet to defend against another player trying to defend the target, jointly attack a common enemy or even help your teammate defend from enemy attack.

    I agree with the below:

    Merger options are so bad it feels like it was made up by an AI trying to maximize player negativity.

    We talk about .en right?

    The Exodus Universes got ~1000 active people combined (1065 according to MMORPGSTAT).

    Apologies, yes I meant .EN
    Gaspra is just slightly ahead of Lacerta in activity. (Gaspra 107 active, Lacerta -> 99, Vega -> 160, Thuban -> 110, Uni1 -> 512)
    Gaspra.en: 1x War, 2x Peaceful, 1x Holding, 8x Eco, 16x Research, 6 Galaxies, 40% DF (569 players)
    I am unsure as to why Lacerta was chosen as a target instead of Exodus.
    Most Exodus unis got ~70-80 active players while Perseus got 194 active.
    Thuban is a calmer version of Vela and has fewer active players too.

    Players per server seem to not matter and slot 8 is not the biggest problem but server settings.
    Shrinking number of targets can have bad reflection overall due to point differences. Why not just drop everyone to Uni1 as per your point of view?

    I think overall you should shrink the number of galaxies. Maybe even the number of targets, considering the kinda low amount of people merging. Cut away lacerta e.g. since its already the smallest target.

    Otherwise you will have at least one, maybe two, universes that are dead from the beginning, simply judging by the numbers.

    I am considering Lacerta as a target as there are not that many multibillion-point players there and there are plenty of big shots who will be merging from seemingly alive universes which are being cut for seemingly no reason.

    God, we just had a vote on Gaspra to enable Deu to DF that is a sad sad moment.
    But yeah, I agree with the END comment. We are either going to unis where most active players got 1 billion points+ which is very bad for people well below or to uni with so many limitations that it is kinda disappointing as hell. I am not going to mention that hellhole 5x war