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    Turning it on doesn't make you loose anything extra than people already would have if they got hit. I would be surprised if there is ever a scenario where an attacker probes around and notices a fleet sitting and decides not to hit it because the DF doesn't have deut in it...

    Of course it does. If duet to DF doesn't matter, then why this topic even exist?


    Fleets will get crashed regardless of if its on or off.

    Of course they will. But less profits from a hit - less chance the hit will happen.


    I doubt anyone chose this uni due to it having deut to df off. They probably just thought it was the safest option.

    And I'm pretty sure it played a big part. And yes - we thought it was the safest option. Uni1 runs since 2004. There is a huge difference when you merge to newer uni and being in danger of 40 players then merging to an older uni and being in danger of 200 players.


    If your whole point is that top accounts will get even bigger and further ahead due to turning deut to df on then wake up!... This is Ogame in 2024, Account sizes rarely have anything to do with profits from hits.

    And again, if it doesn't matter, then why this topic even exist?


    And Lacerta isn't dead for the past 300 days at least?

    For me and for another 100+ active players Lacerta started a week ago. The faster you will crush them/us - the faster uni dies. And putting more DF to this equation will lead to more hits - thus faster tendence for players to go i or v.


    Who's fault is it? Dooms? Or maybe GFs for such a braindead merge?

    DOOM made what every ali would like to make - become untouchables. And I truly admire that. But common politics plays. No competition in tops makes lowers suffer more.


    As Flux said... wake up, game mechanics doesn't spin around the deut in DF..

    Then why this topic even exist, again?

    Changing the rules of uni after new player arrival without hearing from these players is just not fair. Out of 17 ppl (excluding me) who answered to this topic at least 11 belong to DOOM. Majority of players don't come here (to forum) as the age of forums has passed. I just hope GF will consider that unis rules shouldn't be changed due to a wish of single ali. If at least [Persistn] and [N 2] will agree to DOOMs idea - I'll comply.

    As the newcomer,

    Hard NO to deut to DF.

    People have chosen to join Lacerta keeping in mind that here is no deut to DF, now you want to tell them - F U, it's different uni from now on.

    Deut to DF will only make rich richer and poor poorer. And as long whole uni is just a sandbox for DOOM, we all know who will benefit from such change.

    Uni's category is Miner. If you lack deut - buy it from miners. Fleeters with 1-2 mil ship count probably can support their FS with their own production, and those who have more - well, it's DOOM (and few other individuals).

    Putting duet to DF will make Lacerta die even faster. Smaller fleets will be put in more danger and big fleets won't, because of no competition. So there won't be a reason to build a fleet at all. Lacerta now is under an authoritarian regime and if someone is pointing a gun to my head, I won't give him a bullet.

    Shouldn't no Deut to DF boost player trade? A fleeter can always buy some spare Deut from a miner. Communication in MMO - yay :D

    I went to Lacerta as the only option for lazy miner. Uni 1 is way to advanced and others are way to fast.

    Day 1 of the merge and I went from pos 5 at Ozone to pos 110 :D