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    Hello Lorovus,

    I asked around and most of the guys are currently against a group merge. We also know, that most of the other universes are against a group merge too.

    So it would be nice, if you can set up a poll only for the setting changes.

    Thanks a lot :)

    Best regards


    Hello Lorovus ,

    of course you can make an in-game poll for the setting changes.

    Then everyone can vote and know immediately that a possible setting change is coming.

    About the merge I will talk to the active players in Leo and come back to you later.

    But I think we all agree, that first the setting changes would be good before talking about a merge.

    One step after another I would say :)

    When can we expect the in-game poll regarding the setting changes?

    Best regards


    Hello lovely Leo-Community,

    we finally have our own Board and I would like to request a setting change for our universe.

    Here is my suggestion:

    • SpeedFleetPeaceful: x2 --> x4
    • SpeedFleetWar: x1 --> x2
    • SpeedFleetHolding: x1 --> x4
    • DebrisFactor: 0.4 --> 0.6
    • Deuterium in Debris: No --> Yes
    • GlobalDeutSaveFactor: 0.7 --> 0.5

    Please vote for or against it.

    Best regards