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    Hello Lorovus

    thanks for the quiick answer with the results.

    What we would like to know is, 2 of the 6 players that voted x1 speed are banned (looks like permanently for multiaccounting) if we dont count them choices, the x2 warspeed would have won the poll. Is it possible, the votes of the banned accounts to get annulated? That would be fair for the rest of us


    thanks for the Board.

    I agree with all points and suggestions.

    • SpeedFleetPeaceful: x2 --> x4
    • SpeedFleetWar: x1 --> x2
    • SpeedFleetHolding: x1 --> x4
    • DebrisFactor: 0.4 --> 0.6
    • Deuterium in Debris: No --> Yes
    • GlobalDeutSaveFactor: 0.7 --> 0.5