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    Your first sentance is kinda already the reason why seasons would not work? Only way the seasons would work is if you disable Dark Matter purchases on that server. Im playing uni1 and i dont care that first has 70bil more points then me, i do same stuff as him everyday just on much smaller scale. There is no more "winning" for me here. If there are seasons in ogame then i would want the game to be fair so we can compete fairly which will never happen if DM is purchasble, so whats the point in building a new account from scratch instead of me investing time in my main? I dont totally disagree that seasons could be good but i do strongly disagree for the seasons if DM is purchasable on those servers. Maybe there is something worthwhile for you in building account every 4-12 months just to get discouraged from playing due to some guy swiping his card alot.

    I might be wrong but i don't think i am... seasons without DM and lets say everyone has commanders only activated would actually be fun and im sure people would play. But then again, people would play their original unis if DM wasnt such a huge factor :D

    Reply to Salonica;

    The problem with activity is due to a fact that there is no influx of new players. There is no reason for younger generations (like 15yo kids, thats when i started playing) to play ogame... The game is boring compared to anything out there you can play. It requires time so you can't play it from schools at breaks or something like that. It takes a certian diligance and "maturity" to play this game. You have to understand you gotta log in almost everyday, pay attention to what you are doing, handle the timings properly. It is just way too boring for kids to play because it has way too much "things that must be done each day". Im sure if we would have data that gameforge has the game has 80% of players aged 30 or higher, this is just my guess but i got a feeling it about right :D.

    If you unite all players currently playing ogame would the number even go over 10,000? xD. I like the suggestion of active and massive galaxies but the game is too empty for it. Krumme is totally right saying you would feel more alone then ever in such a huge universe since there is no shot you can fill it entirely. Would be better to remove production bonuses on planet positions and place fixed number of fields so you actually have all 15 slots being possible to colonise without losing anything out of it. I think your idea will eventually happen by itself though, either that or ogame dies before it. I don't have statistics but i dont think alot of "new" players join on daily basis to this game ^_^

    Bad idea. I have no clue why would you think this is good idea and even say that "it doesnt do them any harm" when actually it does. Especially for top ECO rankers, not sure if you understand the amounts of resources people produce in x10 eco... Imagine top10 going v-mode for vacation and everyone starts farming hundreds of millions from them LOL. Your suggestion essentialy means removing v-mode, even if you might not understand how, it does exactly that...


    To clarify this in simple terms, giving FREE res to enemy is losing. Which means you are getting harmed. And your idea essentially disables defense that people build to protect their daily productions. :blackeye:

    If only this was implamented in real life :D. How much you contributed that is how much your vote is worth xD.

    Also this is your double edged sword :). I've returned so basicaly i got only 2-3years worth of play time in this uni and i voted for increase in DF...I think what you wrote should actually work more against you :). Usually the older population doesn't want change, not the new one ^^

    No no you helped alot with your explanation and examples. This is very helpful and what i've been looking for. True it's not mathemathical calculation but what most do is fine for me :). Thank you!

    I've got my answer so you can close thread if needed.

    Yes ofcourse :). Knowing that it won't be 3x faster i am curious as to know what would the "cap" of speedboost be before it becomes diminishing :). Like is it worth going for 400% and what time difference you achieve compared to 200%. Would those extra 200% be worth it or it is diminished.

    Hello \o.

    So im interested in lifeform research "plasma drive" and "fusion drives". Is there a cap on speed of ships or if i level both will they stack? What i mean is can there be "lifeform bonus tech 200%" and will it work like flat 200% or/and will there be diminishing returns after how much %?

    So if basic speed of small cargo is 10,000 and i get 100% lifeform bonus it means i get my ship to fly at 20,000. So if there is 200% do i get my ship to fly 30,000?

    I appreciate taking time to make a proper input i can understand and think about. What you are saying does make sense but then again i don't think DiDF 30% is much considering, as i wrote up there in first post, you need around 700mil fleet to take 50mil defense without loses so basically it would still be risky to attack. It seems you are looking DiDF like people will start defense bashing like crazy when in fact if they do they will become targets eventually... but ok, im not the deciding factor, the majority should be i agree with that. I still think none are looking at the bigger picture here.

    As the game stands now, the game will die with old generation eventually since it's too boring for younger people to play. Shame :(. Won't bother people no more with my "delusional" opinions obviusly so ill stop at this post :fatgreengrin:

    there is no DiDF in uni1, and there never will be.

    Was this a statement or your personal opinion? Holy sh*t why is there no more smiley that is laughing and smacking the floor? It would be perfect to use here...:crazy:

    its a statement about the personal opinions of the vast majority of players in uni1.

    Seems like an overstatment but ok. I can't really prove you wrong since there is no way to do proper poll so i'll consider your opinion valid.

    YES for DF% changes

    NO for any defense into DF (I don't think there's anyone sane who even wants this option but I saw it mentioned somewhere)

    NO change to fleet speed settings, I'm too old for play anything other than 1x

    Can you explain properly why wouldn't DiDF be good? Or am i to take that you are too old to play the game more actively? I hope im wrong.

    BTW i also don't want Fleet speed change because 1x suits perfectly people who have jobs which is probably 95% of ogame community (just my guess lol)

    Yeah...solution is spying every 2sec lol...most people already know about it. My buddy told me its not new just dont probe klick klick klick. Go klick > sec > klick :D ...stupid gameforge

    Okay, its time for my opinion now! :ninja:

    1x fleet speed should be locked to universe 1 and no changes for that should EVER be made (and probably will not be made). People choose to play 1x fleet speed for a reason. If you dislike it why even join universe 1? You are just being silly and not making any sense... by saying that i do mean that people chose this universe SPECIFICALLY because of the speed and not for any other setting.

    I think that there is only one way to make the universe more active but miners might not like it :oops:. Basically just put Defense into DF 40% - deut off and done (+keep the current fleet 30% - deut off). It might seems stupid but i think it's actually pretty good solution. Activity in this game comes from chaos. If there is no chaos you have dead universe, it is simple as that. To clarify why there should be DiDF the reason is quite simple. If you wish to kill 50mil defense without alot of losses you need 700-800mil fleet. Now lets consider that you only log in ONCE your daily production will never exceed the required amount to initiate attack when the ratio of fleet/def is so huge...

    So why am i talking about defense when you guys want to fleet? Well the reason is quite simple.

    1. People who are not as active each day will start to be targets for farming since most of "turtle/miners" also do expos from planets so there is always fleet standing there +sats/crawlers (*1 - ill come back to this)

    - this is "double edged sword" because there will be turtles who will just give up and i say to them, go and give up, don't play a game if you are not playing it, simple as that...

    2. People who "dislike" other people will also become targets due to DiDF which will also initiate more interactions between players who wan't to defend a guy you are disliking. Either in fleet actions or striking your defenses which will eventually result in mutual confrontation of players trying to chase one another resulting in more activity overall.

    3. Eventually over time (few months) active players will not build immense amounts of def that will be profitable for farming and will pull resources to moons more for fleetsaving

    - this will increase the number of mistakes a person makes since the stronger the player the more planets they usually have so the amount of information and fleetsaving strategy needed is much higher which should result in mistakes sooner or later thus giving chances for fleeters to catch those mistakes.

    4. Lower ranked players (like me, top800) will be able to spy ALOT more people either to try and pick something themselvs or to "sell" info which will also result in more interactions between players.

    - i do spy now but i can barely hit top 1000 defense as it stands for some smaller profits which are worth less then farming inactives

    5. DiDF should eventually decrease the amount of defensive structures within the universe and increase the number of ships and amount of resources flying around.

    - if miners/turtles stop investing huge amounts into def they will have to fly it, for that more ships are needed obviusly

    6. New players will be able to start attacking stronger players much SOONER if there is DiDF because they might find profit there however small (if you are fleeter you go for it even if its 1mil profit :evilgrin2:) which should increase the ships flying in the uni and making more targets not only for fleeters but also for those miners who got hit because eventually if someone hits you 2-3 times for small profit you gonna go retaliate :biggrin: thus achiving even bigger fleet size in the universe.

    To return to *1;

    This is why DF should not give deut. Neither fleet nor defense should give deut to DF due to DiDF. This way fleeters will consume more deut and eventually they will need to have miners who will secure that deut for them instead of getting if for "free" out of attacking. This way the economical part should still function pretty good from the miners perspective aswell.

    The changes above should over time, in my opinion, increase the number of ships in the universe because even miners will start building smaller sized fleets and try to bait people into attacks by leaving few % more resources on the planet or attacking lower ranked players which is also, contrary to many beliefs, acctually good for new players since they can find teammates who will help them defend and profit from it.

    Considering i returned recently maybe many will consider my opinion worthless but i am an old player aswell. When i returned and found out this uni became eco x8 i wasn't pleased, and still am not but what made it worse is that these lifeforms multiplied that x8 eco speed so i think that if changes are not made fleeting will die/is already dead? I know i can't do sh*t in this universe unless i build 50k BCS atleast which at this point in time is way too much to have on my account. I DO NOT CONSIDER UNI1 TO BE MINING UNIVERSE at all. From the few posts i've read it almost seems like everyone thinks it is exactly that and that shouldn't change but i don't see anywhere under server settings that it says "ECO UNIVERSE - DO NOT BUILD FLEET!"... eco x8 + lifeforms is already too unbalanced so fleeting should earn more overall.

    Okay, now tell me why im wrong :attention:. I know discussion is worthless because you have no chance of proving a point to GF but still, HOPE is a bit*h eh?

    And please for all those who have brain problems keep them to yourself, we all know "One wallet to rule them all" is a thing so no one with a brain needs to be said that again.


    Basically im spying inactives and from time to time i get "error" and i cant spy anything after that error for 1-2minutes. Anyone knows why?

    Fleet bug, spy bug...soon DM bug when you buy 1mil DM you get 950k but it's ok :crazy:

    Again, it's not easy to implament changes. Or rather it is easy since it is what they did with lifeform, they just smashed things together without a thought :fatgreengrin:. Game balancing is ALOT harder then people usually give it credit. I know this is not a good comparison but take MOBA games and compare it to ogame...or any mmorpg. Then the picture should be more clear, atleast if you played some of those games.

    I like however your idea of "research synergy". TBH this is actually a great idea that should have been implamented before lifeforms i think. I just don't know which other research could benefit from it. Since they are source of light basically they are used to transmit information also so maybe it could work well for IRN or espionage? Can be used in weapons too but idk how that unbalances the game. But here lies the problem of lifeform introduction so you have lifeform research for that now.