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    Some further information on when I have noticed when it happens

    Swapping between Planets and moon,

    Swapping from fleet 1 page to fleet 2 page / fleet 2 page to fleet 3 / and then when clicking send (so three different stages whilst sending fleet,

    I am only playing 1 uni but I do have the empire page on a different Tab

    Some days can be worse than other eg 5-6 per day compared to 1 nearly every hour,

    as some on said above can be logged out, you log in, click on any other page and be out again,

    And guess what, same issues again with no communication on whats happening,

    here i will copy all of them

    Honestly, we do not know.

    I don't know.

    Might be, might not be.

    We do not know what plans Gameforge has in store for the marketplace feature.

    Perhaps they have some code changes they want to roll out and a semi-busy server like the one in .es might be the perfect test bed.

    Perhaps they are shutting it down completely and implementing something else.

    Maybe just fucking Maybe GF could communicate the future plans with its paying customer base.

    Look if you mods or GO's dont know why are you even trying to answer, that is not helping anyone and just makes it more frustrating, how about you get a GF paid employee to answer our questions

    honestly, this fucking echo chamber here

    That is incorrect, If you choose disco then you get 2 extra expedition slots + admiral as well, another +1 exp slot, total 3.

    If you take any one of those away then you don't lose anything else,

    Now collector class, description states the following

    10% more usable crawlers with Geologist, So if I dont have Geologist running I lose that bonus,

    Thanks to Mannix for correcting me on this

    They should add something also for technocrat and admiral (according to geologist)

    No no No no No no No,

    they should removed the need for geologist to the collector class not add others officers to other classes,

    Please can some one explain why the collector Class is the only one that has to purchase DM to get it full range of benefit from its class,

    I have to purchase Geologist to get the 150 % crawler production, Basically I am paying a subscription

    Thanks for responding to my post regarding the bugs, Please dont think I am aiming my frustration at you Danimanza or any one else that has tried to help. I understand GF are the ones who prioritise but I have no way in contacting GF directly, The only two ways I have are here to have the Admin pass on the concerns regarding these bug, Or through the ticket system and get each tickets raised to Piinks level,

    Some of these Bug's have been going on for quite some time now, One or two that I quickly looked at again is from July/August time thats nearly 5 Months, The constant Logged out thread is from Jan 2020, (i bet it still wont be fixed by Jan 2021) This to me is just not acceptable, Especially as being collector I am forced to buy DM to be able to get the full benefits from the class where the other 2 classes dont.

    As I said before I simple am not going to go away and stop raising this issue, and I will say "Sorry" If this causes more work for the Green and Orange Team, but GF are the ones to blame for this.

    Thanks Narcy

    I think you are missing my point Danimanza

    lets put it another way, Why would GF release more servers when there is 10 outstanding bug that are massively affecting game play,

    Would it not be better to fix bug then open new servers, that way the new server don't start with at least 10 bugs.

    Also out of the 8 bugs I posted before, not one of them have been included in the recent hotfix, my question is really simple, WHY? What is the point in having a bug section to report said bugs when they dont get looked at,

    So again I will ask "when will the bugs that have been reported in the bug section going to get fixed, where is the timeline

    BTW I am not just going to go away about this, if I dont get answers then I will be putting in Tickets for each bug for every server I play,

    1 Month on and here is the list of bugs that needed to be fix

    Defence destroyed not updated

    Constant Logouts V2

    "Not enough cargo space"

    Shipping resources

    bug of Crawler Points

    7.3.5-PL1 - Double production NOT fixed

    Attack produced no combat

    and one of the best parts is this Patch notes do not match patch version.

    Here are new Bugs that have been report since then 10/10/20

    Fleet send button does nothing

    Building Queue stuck

    Here is the recent Change log,


    - The Happy Hour banners show up at the time the Happy Hour starts now and not earlier.

    - Resource boosters now get removed from the inventory when they are polonged automatically.

    - 90 days inactive accounts in Vmode are automatically moved to the graveyard server.

    piink   Rav3n   Cassandra Vandales Please can we again have another update on when the 8 old bugs and 2 new bugs will be fixed, If they have time to release a new server AGAIN, why don't the Devs have time to fix the game

    I will continue to ask for updated every month on whatever bugs are in the game,

    The res, fleet and Rips are only one part of the problem,

    But if the hit involved DM then that should also be reimbursed to all attacking members, if a payment ban stops an attack going through then why should the attackers lose out on their money,

    Is that even legal?

    Sorry if this is slightly off topic regarding the length of the bans, To me its no brainer that it should be perma banned, but GF magic eight ball that day was showing " all signs point to NO!"