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    Ghosty, what you smoking? Assassins have always been kind and courteous to me. Hell, their two nicest fellas, GKP and Thunder Child, frequently sell me deut at 2:1:1 voluntarily. In fact, they told me that if I didn’t accept their 2:1:1 deut trades, they’d hound me for weeks with barrages of sweet and personable in game messages.

    So yeah.. not sure why you’re getting so worked up…


    Well if that's the case you can sign me up for some of their free deut......

    esio trot I will be the first to admit that I used to have a very good relationship with Patrick....But after seeing how he really is when you're not getting on your knees and taking it from either end it's a no brainer......I know what side is the right side and I'm not afraid to come out and say it.....clittle was right.....Garfield was right (I actually miss him now)....You, Al and others in FGR were right all along.....

    The meaning of life, as we perceive it, is derived from philosophical and religious contemplation of, and scientific inquiries about existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness.

    So a new rumor that has been milling around the Assx and BTMI circles is that I started bashing BTMI targets unprovoked and Assx is protecting BTMI (if you want to call it that) by bashing myself and others in JEB. First, Jeb is full of miners with only a few fleeters so that doesn't fly. The few fleeters in Jeb only attack for pure profits and have for the most part. Prior to the start of hostilities even my fleet was collecting some dust. So when did this all start. Well one evening one of our members told us that Assx was bashing him. We tried being diplomatic and asked the offending Alliance why they were doing this and our member got a message about selling them deut. A couple days later I wake up and log on and have a few hundred CR's. IPM attacks followed by raids for a few hours of resource production. This happens again the next morning but with fewer CR's because I didn't rebuild defenses. So I engaged in a conversation with Peter G and was told I had no choice but to sell him all of my deut.

    So I had to make a choice. Do I stand up for my fellow alliance members or do I bend the knee and suckle on the Assx nipple. I chose for former and locked into combat with BTMI, knowing that I couldn't take Assx fleets on my own but I can make their main trading partners suffer. Assx wasn't doing a very good job in protecting their trading partners. Banius is now inactive v-mode and Radian v-moded twice. Other BTMI members have logged into hundreds of CR's but decided to turn specific mines off. So for the past 2 weeks I chose to not probe a single BTMI....Patrick decided last week he was going to pull his typical BS of raiding for a couple hours of production. So I send him a message telling him that I thought we had come to an understanding. He didn't reply back and the attacks stopped. So yesterday Peter G decided to continue on. I engaged in a spirited coversation with him and asked him if he would like to choose my next target or if I should. His choice was the latter and he blamed me for his attacks. So last night Patrick decided to joing in again and raid for a few hours of production and even sent IPM attacks onto a planet with no defenses but with 35 ABM's.

    So here is the deal.....

    As long as these BS Bullying tactics are employed against Jeb members, myself or anyone I'm friendly with, I will exclusively target any and all Trading partners of Assx.

    Oh and contrary to popular Assx opinions I don't have any contacts with Baal. I might talk to Carbon once every few months but that's literally it.

    And I used to be quite friendly with Assx and especially Patrick. I do have an account that I took to a different server that Patrick gave me a few years back. Yes I was in BTMI with that account in Andro. That account is thriving elsewhere now. When Assx first came to Uni. 1 yes I was trading them deut but when I stopped due to building my own fleet and account is when Patrick decided to cut communications and started acting hostile (2 years ago now).

    So that's all....BTMI members and Assx Traders beware, you will see my fleets in your skies.....Patrick if you are ever willing to suck up your ego, hit me up on discord (but I'm certain that'll never happen), and because of that the attacks on BTMI will continue, even if I have to go it alone.