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    I think it depends. There are unis that are more active than others, but on the other hand the quieter ones are good for getting a feel for the game and learning how to play while being left alone. Also, even in 'quiet' unis, there are areas within it that are active, so choosing where you place your colonies is worth thinking about.


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    darth vader that u have its in old unis. for a new uni like uni 38 you are no match for this defence. so its calculated that this is the biggest defence in ogame. its calculated from the years that ogame server is up and the defence quantyty.

    uni 38 zibidi gonzalez is ahs the biggest defence.

    if you understand

    Well I understand what you are trying to say.

    However, you should worry more about the fact that your defense, while not worth breaking through today perhaps, will actually make you a target in the future and it will be very easy to do without using ipms at all, so minimal cost for the attacker.

    You are obviously proud to have big defense, and that's okay if it is how you want to play, but I like to think that my account is made up of points which actually make my account as a whole stronger and if somebody disliked me enough to bash my planets, I'd not be reduced too much in rank.

    It is a big defense for this uni, but I have seen far bigger defenses broken through in another uni I play in, not using any ipms but a number of deathstars.

    Give it time, and this defense will become a target for people who can easily break it down.

    Oh I tried reading through all of the posts but ran out of patience.

    I am surprised to see you on the wrong side of the HoF board DoS. It has been obvious from the earliest days I knew of you in ogame that you were a gamer to be taken seriously since you could do rather skilled attacks that most others only wish they could.

    Anyway, nice attack Flegmosu, G-Unit and Ft Abbadon.

    Hope you do rebuild DoS

    It depends what people, or what sort of people you are hoping to interview, and what sort of questions you'd be asking. Not sure if my idea of an interesting person to ask things of would be anyone else's.

    The same points are being chewed over like yesterday's leftovers.

    What it boils down to is people not being prepared to just play the game. They seem to want to be top rank, or in the alliance that is top rank, and if they cannot see that happening within a very short length of time, then they throw up their hands and declare the uni to be 'boring' or 'dying' or 'that alliance will never stop dominating', or 'they are taking all the hits'.

    Can people not just have fun? The obsession with getting to the top at great speed makes us miss the point. Does it matter? There are plenty of attacks to be had in this acs universe, so plenty of fun to be had chasing them down. T.REX are not stealing them all. They are just actively looking, and perhaps they have bigger fleets than most of us, so they can attack even the turtled planets alone, that we have to plan to attack with friends which takes time and effort. Well....... we have to build more ships then!! Or take pride in building up your account in other ways, like research/buildings.

    There are a lot of thoughts about what makes a good player. Plenty of HoFs? Debris field time backs? Size of fleet? Turtle smashs? High number of points?
    A good player tends to be ones that players will remember from the number of HoFs/Advanced they scored, but equally important are the 'support' players, you know, the big miners who keep the prolific fleeters supplied with deut, or the leaders of certain alliances who maybe have little time to attack themselves but know the skills of the game and teach the newer players.

    I suppose the issue here is not that T.REX currently are number one, and that most of their few players are well within the top 10, but that the other players cannot see they will ever be able to hit that number one spot. It seems an impossible goal for most, and so most choose to start in a uni where the top players/alliance are at least seemingly within their grasp.

    I get just a little tired with hearing that "uni 5 is dying", "Oh dear, there goes another old player", and "The uni is not like it used to be". Well what do we expect? In any game, football, boxing, wrestling, athletics, just to name a few, there are those brilliant players that bring that extra sparkle to a sport, who are admired, and encourage new life into it by capturing the interest and imagination of the audience, and new players. But in most games, these players have their day, get old, lose interest, suffer injury and leave. The sport does not die, it simply stagnates a little until suddenly, new players join that game with that brilliance or charisma to catch the interest of all once more.

    All of those saying that uni 5 is dying are actually the ones who are killing it. Which ogamers from other unis, or those new to the game want to join a dying uni?? Please think about it.

    That's interesting, because my mother comes from Norwich, and I still have family who live there, in fact my sister moved there not long ago, and without giving away too much, she lives in what used to be a station masters house and actually lives right next door to the railway line. :) I go to visit her and my other relatives as often as I can

    Ah. You're obviously somewhere round my way then... :)
    *makes a mental note to myself to see if Mute has started a thread like this and if I'm asking questions I should already know.*
    You work near to where you live or do you commute? I work from home, so I can take my computer outside if I like... :=

    It is absolutely lovely weather here at the moment, so come and join me for a long cool drink in the garden.. ;)
    I'll be posting more here once I know a few more names and can chat a bit easier. But no, I have not really ventured onto the spam boards much, maybe 2 or 3 posts before this thread.

    Ooh, that's me. :D :D I really think it would sort out a LOT of confusion if I used that avi... :D

    Oh, and I only changed my in game name. Not the board account name, which means that a lot of people who know me as Hot Dog, do not realize it's me when they see Pink Panther...

    Hehe, almost a moment of panic there... :D

    Change of name because I started the game as Hot Dog since it was the first name that came to me while I was looking after someone's dog for them on, yes, you've guessed it, a hot day, but most people in the game thought I was a guy. Seemed to be time to look for something less confusiing...

    I've been in ogame for a while now and guessed it was time to say hello on the spamboards.

    I didn't do this before because my biggest concern was that there would be no replies... :(

    Still, for whoever reads this, I live in the South of England, and enjoy watersports and mountain biking..

    Feel free to ask questions.

    Hiya Wilbz :D

    Here is a little question for you........ My slaves came back from a visit to your planet with very strange symptoms, the men all were grinning and the women had swollen stomachs... can you explain this? :dblkiss :=

    Too much pie perhaps?? ;)

    Well it surprises me, that's true, as I thought that the highest rate of suicide (depending upon your religion),was during the Christmas holidays since it is a long holiday where families get together and those who are alone or cut off from their families feel particularly depressed.
    I can only guess that if they are blaming it onto the heat, and you are asking why there isn't a higher rate in warmer countries (or is there?) that those people who live in warmer climates live a slightly different life style to those in Britain to be able to cope with it.
    It reminds me of holidays in Greece where the locals choose their most active times with care, to avoid the hottest times of the day if they can, whereas we in Britain do our normal working day in spite of those days when we suffer unusually high temperatures.
    I can't believe warm sunny days leads to a rise in suicides, only really relentless heat day and night...?