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    I fully agree with this suggestion!

    There was always a level where top players were above everyone else, but they could always be caught but this new level of superpower is just unreal, and if the rumors I've heard of some of these players not only abusing the broken system but using multiple accounts and bot using to grow those accounts then whether its historic or not those accounts should be brought to justice.

    We all know that won't happen though so the next best thing IMO is to take all these super accounts and force move them to their own uni where they cant merge from just like Volans where once you move there you cant move out, literally to balance the game out again these superpower accounts need to be removed from the general population and a uni just for them makes total sense

    CrazyLady ok if it wasn't cheating it was defo misuse of a function that wasn't meant .. which imo is cheating or at the very least bug using or exploiting a feature which is just the same as cheating

    i don't have grand plans for achieving anything in the game i just want to build my account and see how high i can build stuff i lost interest in raiding years ago i was never very good at it :crazy: so it was never an issue for me to switch to mining my current account i decided i will build from scratch i won't trade accounts to get higher in rank and i won't complain when i get hit and i won't worry about my rank or position in the ranking table i rarely even look at it now nothing mattered as i knew i could just keep building even if i had setbacks which there have been a few and the most excitement i get is when people find my fleet and attempt to hunt it down some succeed and some do not and ive made good friends along the way just playing chilled out but now it's pointless how can i play with my usual mindset when i know theres players in my vicinity who can do what they want and theres nothing i can do to stop them there was always a way to deal with other players who had large accounts in the past but these super accts just are ridiculous and without having an account similiar to theres then there is no hope in stopping them

    The issue is i woke to several messages from concerned players who had bad experiences with these giant superpowers MDs for the sake of it, attacks for zero profit, and just down and out bullying just because they can and i look at the way they grew and i wouldn't have an issue if they were naturally grown accounts but they aren't they are grown from abuse of game mechanics which is unfair for anyone no matter what size they are a 26 billion or a 7 billion account or even 1 or 2 billion point accounts shouldn't be in what ill call general population free to attack everyone as they please its crazy :youcrazy: GF know they exist and they choose to do nothing about them while the player base dwindles then they force us to merge and before the merge timeframe is even finished players are quitting because they don't want to play alongside these players who can destroy their hard built accts in an instant without even really trying there is zero balance in any uni where any of these superpowers exist

    :biggrin: Crystal 40s would be nice for sure i'm not far from doing duet 40s on my acct then my next growth was crystal mines but i won't see it i've just hit vmode and i doubt i will return my accounts can rot in the graveyard because i don't see GF fixing this issue anytime soon

    i probably could have worded my issues in a better way im just annoyed theres noway for myself or many others to compete with these giant superpowers my ally has just merged into bellatrix and everyone is now quitting because of the many superpowers who have turned up in the last few days bit of a pointless merge imo and just another step toward ogames ultimate death

    myself i could play away happily but i wont and i wont lose any sleep over it either ive a baby on the way shortly and this is as good a time as any to walk away am i disappointed i wont achieve my goals yes i am is it my fault no is it GFs yes partially but the majority of the blame is on those who chose to abuse the mechanics that were clearly broken and knew it was and they knew eventually GF would fix it and continued to abuse it anyway thats why my opinion is those players should have been banned

    i understand there was some skill involved in doing those expos and growing to the point they have not everyone participated clearly but i get your point

    raising newbie protection just wouldnt cut it the current newbie protection took years for GF to agree and implement and for proper newbs just doesnt cut it thats just my opinion tho

    to deal with the giant superpowers a new uni just for them to move into and be with each other is the only solution that makes sense for the balance of the game im open to other ideas for sure tho but for now ill be vmoded permanently until such time GF start listening to the player base as the continuation of these players being allowed to move around and join unis and unbalance them and for them to just go and bully everyone with zero chance of them being taken down is just game breaking and who in their right mind plays a broken game

    dont get me wrong, i was one of the first to complain why the debris from expos isnt locked/linked to #1`s points

    that way everyone can get the max out of it, if they hard try to

    but that doesnt mean i was going to refuse 10-15bn profits a day from my tiny expo fleet

    and therein lies the problem everyone knew it was wrong but couldn't say no to the billions on offer

    well since there is no arguing the point i will leave ya all to your dead game because i see it even clearer than ever now, unis are dying at a faster rate, new unis open and die within the first few months, merges are few and far between and broken as all hell, and giant superpowers will all eventually end up in the same unis but the regular players will be all gone and eventually there wont be enough people paying to keep servers open and they will be down to 1 uni just like in the beginning if that is GFs business plan then just do it already open a super uni merge ll into it and fix the game from there or suffer a slow death either way im out

    i could have ... but why breach my own morals to get one up on some other players ... i enjoy the challenge of building an account not sending some expos and coming back with weeks worth of res in one flight or whatever it was it just didnt appeal to me to do it now look at the state of the game it was dying before now it will die faster because literally nobody can catch players this size and they are allowed to move around unis freely and attack whoever they like no matter the size of the acct

    i get it GF allowed players to abuse the mechanics but once they realized their screw up they could have fixed it not waited 9 months allowing players to continue to abuse it and then do nothing to control the imbalance left in the aftermath

    as for the merge they could have created a uni just for the superpowers and until somebody comes up with a better idea i still think thats the best way to deal with them to bring balance back to the surviving unis

    wether i knew you or not my opinion would be the same you and many others abused game mechanics end of story

    Cleanup. ~Rav3n


    enough said he proved my point i have what 263 million points literally full miner, built my account legit without abusing game mechanics and i get threatened because i call out the BS that will see many accounts disappear because of this guy

    sure there was superpowers before but there was always a way to deal with them now there is not unless you have a superpower of your own and even then this guy has what 26x more strength than anyone else na its BS you know it as do many others

    you can see it as imbalanced gameplay if you like but it was and still is abused game mechanics

    the mechanics werent supposed to work like that and alot of people abused the crap out of it look at it however you like but its still cheating at the end of the day i will say no more on the matter ill deal with my game as i have to just like many others will too

    No PMs please without the consent of all parties. ~Rav3n

    No he is one of many players who abused the broken disco class before GF nerfed it and he grew his acct with ill-gotten gains GF should have rolled back the accts that abused the system or banned them for bug using but they didn't
    now our only option is to play alongside them ignoring the fact they cheated to get there or get crashed from them or try to graveyard your way out of whatever uni they are in even though we just merged in to the uni its an absolute joke on GFs part they should have done something about these superpower accounts i suggest all accts over 1 B points are moved to a server all their own that they cant move in and out off as they please and they can play against each other with their BS accounts

    when i moved my sombrero acct i had 26 relos already, got to target uni after some days and had zero i lost the 26 relos i had sitting and didnt receive any new ones even after planets were in different positions i put in a ticket it wasnt picked up but 2 days later i had 46 relos i dont even have 20 planets ive got 13 ill take it tho :fatgreengrin:

    what im saying is put in a ticket but maybe wait a few days and see if they turn up by themselves

    Ok so when i can merge will my current relos i have sitting be kept and if Gf cant position my planets where they were originally will i get new relos on top of the ones i have sitting from past merges?

    i wasn't expecting a merge and i wasn't expecting unis being 18years old (u1), 10yrs old (quantum), 9yrs old (vega) etc, set as target unis its all good i think ive figured out what ill do

    i guess i missed that boat then :D

    i get it man Gf will do what Gf thinks is right even if the players think otherwise and i know how busy you guys are and for the most part, you are doing a great job i ain't taking that away from you by any means

    i am pretty frustrated atm with the options available and i was just voicing those concerns i also feel for those players with small accounts who are going to be forced into the big pool when they clearly aren't ready

    once i do some research im sure ill find a suitable place for myself hell i might end up back in quantum we shall see perhaps one of my accts will languish in the graveyard until a suitable place is found for it who knows

    anyway, thanks for recognizing my concerns and don't work too hard surely it's time for a beer or 3 ;)

    kewlness i don't want to play in any of the target unis i actually moved accounts from 3 of those unis already now i'm being forced into playing there i realize there isn't many options available but come on this was the best GF could come up with its totally BS and you know it as well as the rest of us

    i share the same sentiments as others here a 4-month-old uni being merged with those that have been around for years goddam quantum alone has accounts that are ten years old at least no amount of skill will allow a 76m point acct catch a 7.3B account there's no fairness there

    rank means nothing to me i play as a miner for fun i ain't chasing anyone but i get why some people aren't happy about this

    also, GF saying no to earth being used as a target uni is fine but they should create an empty uni for those who don't want to play the current target list you know let the players decide where they want to go and those that haven't moved by the end get put into the empty uni just an idea probably been mentioned before but thought id get it off my chest too it seems a littler fairer than the options currently being forced on us

    just to make myself clear i agree with merges i just don't agree with how it's being done and the options available i might have missed it but was the player base asked what unis they thought would be good target unis before GF decided although im sure every player would say the uni they play in but at least there would be some sort of data input from the players that Gf could have considered

    i don't know where i will go because both my main accts are exodus unis and i don't want to play in any of the target unis

    Hey so as my family is expanding in April im looking to give away some of my accounts this will be the first to go its a fixer-upper ive been playing on and off for a while been in vmode since October currently in TiG alliance but not required to stay although they are number 1 in the uni

    i mean sure i could give this acct away to some noob but id rather somebody with some experience take it

    i got it as a fixer-upper something to pass the time when i wasnt doing anything else havent really had much time to do anything with it so needs to go to somebody willing to put time into it

    show me your experienced but show me you're committed too

    dont mail me asking if the account is still available if this thread is still open then you can still apply to have it

    [center]Account details of B0MBH3AD uni s173

    generate the January 23 2022 by InfoCompte v8.0.20[/center]

    .:: Empire's total points

    - Points in Mines: 7.124.779 ( 43 %)

    - Points in Other Structures: 1.295.289 ( 7.8 %)

    - Points in Defences: 1.408.983 ( 8.5 %)

    - Points in Technologies: 6.384.450 ( 38.5 %)

    - Points in Fleet: 342.650 ( 2 %)

    Total Points: 16.556.151 ( with 89.1% Indestructible Points)

    .:: Empire's daily production

    • Metal : 74.890.536
    • Crystal : 26.726.472
    • Deuterium : 14.415.240

    .:: Planet Sizes

    |_186_|_195_|_191_|_193_|_200_|_170_|_194_|_196_|_196_|_172_|_173_|_175_| Used Fields => Average = 186.8

    |_263_|_250_|_250_|_238_|_232_|_255_|_241_|_231_|_237_|_219_|_203_|_199_| Total Fields => Average = 234.8

    .:: Building

    [center]Planets [/center]


    |_30_|_36_|_35_|_36_|_35_|_30_|_36_|_35_|_36_|_30_|_30_|_30_| Metal Mine => Total = 399

    |_30_|_32_|_31_|_31_|_31_|_31_|_33_|_33_|_32_|_26_|_27_|_27_| Crystal Mine => Total = 364

    |_30_|_32_|_31_|_31_|_31_|_26_|_31_|_31_|_32_|_26_|_27_|_27_| Deuterium Synthesizer => Total = 355


    |_13_|_13_|_13_|_13_|_13_|_12_|_12_|_13_|_13_|_11_|_11_|_12_| Metal Storage => Total = 149

    |_12_|_12_|_11_|_12_|_16_|_11_|_11_|_12_|_11_|_10_|_10_|_10_| Crystal Storage => Total = 138

    |_11_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_12_|_11_|_10_|_11_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_| Deuterium Tank => Total = 125


    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Fusion Reactor => Total = 0

    |_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_|_20_| Solar Plant => Total = 240

    |_506|1775|_910|1763|1918|1164|2010|1683|1906|1062|1381|1341| Solar Satellite => Total = 17419


    |_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_|_10_| Robotics Factory => Total = 120

    |__6_|__6_|__6_|__6_|__6_|__5_|__6_|__6_|__6_|__3_|__2_|__3_| Nanite Factory => Total = 61

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Terraformer => Total = 0


    |_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_| Shipyard => Total = 144

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Alliance Depot => Total = 0

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__2_|__2_|__2_|__2_|__2_|__2_|__2_|__2_| Missile Silo => Total = 16

    |__6_|__6_|__6_|__7_|__7_|__5_|__6_|__7_|__6_|__6_|__6_|__6_| Space Dock => Total = 74


    |_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|__1_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_|_12_| Research Lab => Total = 133

    [center] Moons [/center]


    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Metal Storage => Total = 0

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Crystal Storage => Total = 0

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Deuterium Tank => Total = 0


    |__2_|__0_|__6_|__7_|__7_|__1_|__9_|__9_|__9_|__7_|__2_|_10_| Robotics Factory => Total = 69

    |__3_|__3_|__3_|__5_|__5_|__2_|__6_|__5_|__5_|__4_|__4_|__6_| Lunar Base => Total = 51


    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Shipyard => Total = 0

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Sensor Phalanx => Total = 0

    |__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__0_|__1_|__1_|__1_|__0_|__0_|__0_| Jump Gate => Total = 3

    .:: Research

    Warfare Technologies

    Weapons Technology: 14

    Shielding Technology: 14

    Armour Technology: 20

    Espionage Technology: 12

    Spacecraft Technologies

    Computer Technology: 11

    Combustion Drive: 13

    Impulse Drive: 11

    Hyperspace Drive: 7

    Other Technologies

    Energy Technology: 19

    Hyperspace Technology: 15

    Ion Technology: 7

    Laser Technology: 12

    Plasma Technology: 17

    Intergalactic Research Network: 10

    Astrophysics: 21

    Graviton Technology: 1

    .:: Armada ::.

    Civil Ships

    Small Cargo: 274.890

    Large Cargo: 479.778

    Colony Ship: 77

    Recycler: 9.153

    Espionage Probe: 106

    Solar Satellite: 17.419

    Combat ships

    Light Fighter: 28

    Heavy Fighter: 154

    Cruiser: 0

    Battleship: 0

    Battlecruiser: 6

    Bomber: 0

    Destroyer: 0

    Deathstar: 1

    Reaper: 234

    Pathfinder: 1.817

    Crawler: 2.490

    .:: Defence

    [center] Planets [/center]

    |___5_139_|__41_705_|__14_332_|__10_989_|__34_392_|__16_953_|__57_382_|__39_538_|__20_378_|__33_015_|__23_197_|__34_341_| Rocket Launcher => Total = 331.361

    |______80_|_____886_|___2_078_|___3_566_|___3_900_|__16_444_|__13_140_|__11_000_|__18_460_|___7_210_|___4_818_|___3_500_| Light Laser => Total = 85.082

    |_______0_|___1_000_|_______0_|______61_|___1_020_|___1_000_|___1_000_|___1_000_|___1_000_|_____770_|_____473_|_____770_| Heavy Laser => Total = 8.094

    |_______0_|_______0_|_____200_|_______0_|_____100_|_____736_|_____200_|_____550_|_____200_|______19_|_______5_|_____150_| Ion Cannon => Total = 2.160

    |_______0_|______11_|______40_|______32_|_____270_|_____130_|______50_|_____491_|_____400_|_____189_|______72_|_____160_| Gauss Cannon => Total = 1.845

    |_______5_|______85_|_____120_|______96_|_____246_|_____315_|_____355_|_____485_|_____390_|_____314_|_____343_|_____498_| Plasma Turret => Total = 3.252

    |_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_| Small Shield Dome => Total = 12

    |_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_|_______1_| Large Shield Dome => Total = 12

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|______20_|______20_|______20_|______20_|______20_|______20_|______20_|______20_| Anti-Ballistic Missiles => Total = 160

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Interplanetary Missiles => Total = 0

    [center] Moons [/center]

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Rocket Launcher => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Light Laser => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Heavy Laser => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Ion Cannon => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Gauss Cannon => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Plasma Turret => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Small Shield Dome => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Large Shield Dome => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Anti-Ballistic Missiles => Total = 0

    |_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_|_______0_| Interplanetary Missiles => Total = 0

    Right because gameforge listens to its player base. Let’s get right on testing their product!

    IF you have an issue with the proposed fix then the only way to have any actual say on it is by playing the test uni and sending feedback other wise gameforge will see no feedback or minimal feedback from a large player base and make a decision on the feedback thats actually given threads like this have no sway in the decision making of those who have that control ....just saying