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    So many things has happend dont know where to start and where to begin


    After loosing my dad suddenly from covid pneumonia

    He was in ICU from almost 20 days

    He was 65 who could have easily lived 15 years more without any problem

    But damn this covid

    The mutation strain in India right now is different and its more dangerous

    I never ever thought this is how it feels loosing someone .


    It was fun playing all this years with all you guys (in other unis as well )

    So many friends and so many rivals and so many crazy talks

    Time has come to say goodbye to the game

    All i am doing now a days is searching what happens after death and this and that and what happens to soul

    My curious brain cant relax without knowing where is his dad now

    What happens after life

    So many theories related with so many religion and etc etc

    To everyone reading this , please spend your time with your loved one as much as you can

    because we will miss them the most when they wont be around .

    Please take care everyone .

    We all ended up having covid at home . ( i live in the other apartment of the same building but had to move to take care of parents ) I am good but dad is hospitalized

    Earlier oxygen was given from home to dad but when oxygen level went down to 71 from 92 ( gradually in 3 days or so )

    had to hospitalized

    Condition is neither stable nor too bad

    Remedesvir life saving drug is now what doctor asked which need to be given

    let see how things goes

    Problem is dad have diabetes and he is 65

    Thanks for your concern guys .

    I hardly can sleep cuz of so much tension but thats how life is now right now here as most people are getting affected by covid .

    HaHa comedian. Just look at my activity. It's very easy. If you have eyes.

    But don't worry, I know your a BAAL buddy. They don't tend to bother with things like checking their facts before spouting their mouths. You fit right in with them

    Interesting fact is many people from your alliance got fed up of cheating and hypocrisy and left and also posted their goodbye on the board forum


    Dont worry i never accuse but i guess no one really have to accuse you guys , right ?

    In any case you taking the game way too seriously pete

    Go and enjoy some life !

    what you said song has no real connection with the amount of players we are loosing or we actually need in the game

    we do buy World of warcraft skins and so many things in the game

    I mean every game has advantage if a person spend some money on it

    and thats how the entertainment industry of the game works

    Whether its League of legend or Lords Mobile

    any game will give you advantage if you buy rare items and stuff

    That being said yes you are right the advantage of using money in ogame is quite huge

    maybe they can tone it down

    But thats a different issue lol

    We need more players in this game

    We need to fix that first

    Before talking about people who are super active and we think they are doing bot

    yes i know we have many bots in the uni just like other unis

    But the priority should be to attract more players in the game

    If game-forge cant

    Maybe we can try and do something about it

    Because i really dont like the fact we have 1500 players playing in 10 unis combined or so

    That really makes me sad because

    I remember those times when we had 13k players playing in a single uni !!!

    I think i need to clarify the situation a bit from my end ( because people might think differently )

    I have no problem with JEB alliance at all

    Not a single player i hate or dislike

    Not a single player i ever have bashed or will ever bashed

    I even have more friends in JEB then rolue

    I actually personally think both alliance have cool players and good peeps !

    The only two players i have problem in both alliance is

    One is v4 from jeb and other is soong from rolue

    Its a personal problem and have pure logic behind it

    Cheers to everyone who is still playing the game and enjoying

    In this dark times because of covid and real life i would be happy if people rather get along rather then being silly over some stupid game ego :)

    Everyone who is reading take care and have a good time ahead in life^^

    Carby Over n Out ^^

    You can talk or say whatever you want to say Wraith02  

    But i still believe you forgot the point where V4 messed up someones plan

    And there is always a consequence

    The whole point of prince or me to be angry at him

    because he messed up the plan

    Am i missing something ? .

    200m profit is just a reason to go for him

    Eagerly waiting for v4 to come out of vmode

    Time to welcome him to supernova galaxy ^^

    In any case i hope everyone has calm down


    have a good weekend everyone :)

    version4 well you have way more points and fleet then prince as he dont used to play and took a huge time off from the game ( many years )

    So if he challenged you ( Lets not find the reason and why and any logic , this is war game )

    You bringing your own alliance

    Instead of the fact you already have advantage of more fleet and mines then him

    Second of all as you have accused me of playing this Chancellor void acct seems like from the PM screenshot you posted

    trust me

    I would always ask a friend to create an acct and i will send him ress for any filler accts instead of playing myself lol

    *Thats what everyone do *

    So such a small profitable hit became an ego of how you maybe farmed me or whatever

    And how you created problem in my / our plan

    I have all reason to hit farm and ipm you

    And dont worry i probably wont do

    Or maybe i will

    But if you mess up someones plan

    And you dont expect anything they will do in return ?

    You know whats funny and crazy ?

    That you put innocent miners in line by acting like a team / alliance player

    And you yourself actually vmoded

    Hats off lol

    Have a good weekend everyone ! ^^

    good good. JeB and RoLUE.. back at it again. Very good

    gl both :thumbsup: I gotta say I am intrigued:zpopcorn:

    lets just hope it doesnt end with


    My ex best friend aka asto sibba boi

    Dont you think you need to learn from all this uni 1 miners ?

    You dont do anything :D

    Now go and get triggered and IPM 5 miners in vega lol

    About this hit : Nothing to say

    Whatever is going on : Nothing to say

    GG /FR Guys