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    How u figure Carbon? When the guy probly spent 20million on Do the math, and figure it out. Got to have profit first if u go with ur argument. Profit is a good thing, dont get me wrong. But this isnt about profits, just some relative of Gartard doing his thing. Enjoy the hit for what it is...just dont read too deeply into

    Andy dont waste ur time arguing with this cheater. He got no skillz if he has to use payment ban to survive. Its a sad day when players can simply buy 10 dollars/Euro worth of DM, use the DM, cancel the payment option, and then get out of getting owned by their betters. Sad thing is he would still have wreckfield and so would survive as a legit player anyways....but his fragile ego cannot handle having himself on the wrong side of the CR. We have seen this sort of thing before over the years, and LameForge will never do a thing about it. The guy is a loser, a liar, a cheat, etc. No reason to argue with that sort of person. Let him cheat his way to the the end, deep down, he knows he isnt worth shit and WAS OWNED!

    On the brighter end of things, u can always do the same to him IF he can ever get you in his

    As always Pat, the trolls believe what they want to believe no matter what u say. They simply cant grasp what it took to actually took to do this hit and will never understand it until they end up in Assassin recyclers themselves. Dont waste your time on em. Let em talk shit and spam the boards with hits--I like that actually--and never understood the reasoning behind NOT posting top tens for any reason (even trolls). Advanced, supers, hofs, etc....a dime a dozen in Ogame now and rarely worth posting

    GLIRL Bibas.

    I know, Gartard couldnt read very well I think I have spoken eloquently with my fleet so far actually. Both times u tried to hit me u recalled rather than lose what u sent. If u had anything left to hit, Id hit it--but it looks like u pissed someone off and lost 95% of ur defenses and had to turn ur mines off to not get Course I guess I could relo in on u and pull ur moons one by one. But for what? 20 deathstars, 30k bombers, and some dessies and cargos? Pfft. Ur a waste of my time if u think Id spend money doing that--keep building fleet and make it worth our while and u will get ur wish. Why dont u come to my systems if u feel this way? Ive never attacked u, but Im guessing a recall deploy ninja will set u straight if u want to have some fun with me. U know where I am r-tard. Enjoy hitting a few crawlers and some cargos if u feel like it cuz u dont have the skill nor fleet to do anything else but IPM and hit that with 1000 cruisers. As for ur friends? Im thinking u still have a few of them here and there. Accts like urs always do ;) Im sure the guys have buried a few already. In any case have fun IPMing off some defense that my not-shut-off-mines could rebuild in half a Too bad for u though cuz if u didnt waste resources on IPMs u could build fleet and make it a game. Enjoy. God I love the idiots!!!! :D Defeat themselves cuz they dont understand how to properly manage an acct....but I guess if ur having fun, go for it. It is amusing for certain, and the UNI could always use more of that nowadays.

    FR Geb

    Yeah Killer, it took TWO Top Tens to take Bibas out (and he really isnt with WF). I actually wanted to post the two as one big CR, but u cant have "ten" attackers in one CR. Add the two TDs together from both T10s to see the actual damage done to Bibas' acct. Its mindboggling. Kudos to him for amassing such an acct over the years...and even more kudos to the lads that took him out.

    This "goodbye" thread has turned into a trolling exercise for one and Im not even gonna go there again.

    Larry, u know I wish u only the best in RL. I wish u had taken my sound advice early on to give urself time to T H I N K first, but I also know that you have been disillusioned by the V7 that LameForge released last year....thus looking for a reason to quit. I dont think rage-quitting was the right way to do it, however. In the end, the acct was urs and urs alone. If u wanted to delete it, it was done. Now, leave this game in ur rear view mirror and enjoy RL once again. Dont look back. U will be surprised by how much free time u will gain over the days ahead.

    Garfield is that you?

    LMAO...our thoughts exactly. Minus the vodka of course. I get up to recall my deploy last night and this noob is nuking me out and attacking with 1k cruisers for nothing but crawlers and cargos sitting (Id already deployed the res for the night). Of course I start blocking them immediately, rebuilt what was taken quickly, but the noob doesnt realize Im on til 9min before he slams into 25k BCs. He must have wasted millions against the ABMs but when he probed again it was all back as it was. LMAO. Since he has chosen this path, he (and his friends) will reap what they've sown. IPM party boyos! They got waaaaay more defenses than we do and rely upon them so much more! Im not even sure why u are upset with Geb and I since I dont think either of us has attacked u (that will change now tho :) ) Sleep well noobcakes!

    FR Geb, I know this will take some time to recover from :D

    @ Esio: "You use your ass as your instrument of speech too much matey!" This sounds like you too. Are we related then? Few have the proverbial word shitstorm as you do, and you want to criticize another? Tsk Tsk.

    killer : "I admire your team and their coordination and determination but sometimes you need to learn to relax and stop labelling a whole alliance under one banner and talking about internal matters you have no insight into." I couldnt agree more. Sadly, u have a lot of peeps in ur corner that dont follow that same advice. So why give me shit over it, if its okay for them? How many times have I been called a cheater by FGR members? Yet you seem to think I should give your "team" a pass? Not gonna happen mate. I agree with you, but there are too many in this thread (and others too) that dont practice what they are preaching. As long as they do that, u can count on DJ to troll as well--its a sad waste of time, but I got nothing better to do. Sad thing is with a former FGR member in our ranks, we know more than you think of how FGR works internally. I think all alliances should pull together as you said when one gets hurt. Good alliances do that.

    @AL: "And DJ, gtfo here with your attempted trolling." Ive begun to get a taste for it the past couple years since Ive returned and had to deal with the likes of u and ur team. I used to ignore the boards like the plague, only posting a Top Ten, or commenting on a especially good hit. Now, I think Ill troll the trolls...whether they like it or not. :D Follow ur own advice or gtfo here

    carbon : "always act nice but deep down inside his character comes out once in a while lol." Some possible truth to that. But wasnt it you last Christmas that wished myself and others a merry christmas and that this was only a game, blah blah.......only to come back here and let ur true self come out by bashing my brothers and myself with accusations in Baals thread a few weeks later? Hmmm. So ur saying Im kinda like u now? Act nice, then not so nice? Food for thought I guess. As for Larry, we both thought alike and I gave him that exact advice the day this started. He HAS worked too hard to delete it when he can permaVM it and play it in any UNI he wants in time once he retires--including here. He has chosen otherwise, and I respect his decision even if I dont agree with it. Only he has the right to delete it and Im done arguing with him about it or trying to get him to see reason. I wish him only happiness and fun in RL.

    Now that the "critics" here...aka...the HYPOCRITES have been answered above while I was away on my trip, I will leave this thread be for now. But not to worry, Ill come back when necessary to remind the community of a few fun facts from time to time. Your desires for me to STFU would have been better served letting sleeping dogs lie-but feel free to call me out anytime. I will give u an eyesore of a read you wont believe any day of the week. :D :D ;)

    Very nice hit here Alec. Nice find and wonderful profits, even if it was on a brother. Fantastic pics--mesmorizing actually.

    JP, sorry to see u down like this but I know that ur time has been limited and u want more than simple Ogame in life. Wish u the best mate on ur retirement and envious to say the least.

    PS...was gonna troll u hard Al in an attempt to really be annoying just for u and Carbon, but the pics (and TD) left me speechless :D Ur on fire of late, and its good to see. Those Expos (and yes, I did some myself though nothing in size like u and others did) make u lazy over time and u end up using ur fleet less than u should. Thats a shame considering ur fleet.