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    Welcome to Dorado and congrats on your new number one! I'm sure it won't be long before the existing top 10s and original inhabitants of Dorado fade into obscurity. I don't blame anyone for coming to Dorado as I would have as well in order to maintain 1x fleet speed and preserve a life balance versus a game balance. I'm gonna wait it out and see how things go, weigh my options...I like sleep, and MDs in under 7 hours across system aren't conducive to a good night's sleep when you have a target on your back. Hell, most of these accounts coming in can MD the original inhabitants while they're online because we can't defend against these amazing and monstrous fleets they can launch to lead or lag the MD.

    GLIRL defender.

    Monopoly anyone?

    Pagan, wherever you are, I feel for you.

    I'm still around, I had to take some time off this week for IRL but I'm weighing my options. The disparity in the accounts that are landing and scheduled to land make it a little frustrating but at the end of the day, the newcomers put just as much (if not more) time and energy into their accounts under different circumstances and settings and this probably isn't something they really wanted either. But they all (for the most part) come in at a significant advantage compared to your average Dorado account. Looking at what 2 years of 1x FLT/ECO/RES settings gets you in 2 years compared to what higher ECO and RES speed provides in speed settings makes you rethink ever joining a legacy speed uni again if they're just going to merge it like this in the future. Gonna have to weigh if the juice is worth the squeeze...adjust play style versus life style and whether or not I prefer sleep over gaming. It is interesting to see players that didn't fare well against us in Dorado that we either crushed or that gave up because they couldn't compete with us under those 1x settings come back with larger speed uni accounts thumping their chests now. 'Tis the nature of the game I guess, just gonna have to figure out a way to adapt and overcome under those conditions or wait until the merge token becomes available and try new scenery with less disparity.

    Unfortunately, I also doubt any changes can be done now.

    Did I read it correctly that some people would like an ingame message to be informed about the issues?

    They would have liked an ingame message about the merge period. For example, in Dorado they had no idea there was a merge or that we were a target uni unless they read the forums...and a lot less people read the forums than the staff realizes.

    Well, the sheer number of complaints should register that the community isn't happy with this kewlness . I am happy for a lot of players in group 2 that got Dorado as a 1x to preserve their play style but for those of us that were in Dorado it's a pretty big shift in play style that we have to make. There comes a point when skill can be overcome by sheer numbers and speed/time, and the disparity we're seeing now makes it's a little disheartening for some to generate the enthusiasm to continue. And that's not to discredit the skill and effort it took the people moving to Dorado accomplished to make their accounts what they are. It's just noting the difference between what was there and what has moved in is vastly disproportionate and will be more soon by the time it's all said and done.

    This could have all been thought out and executed much better kewlness . Lots of the folks from Dorado that you played with there as a player are quitting or vmoding to see what the merger token entails because everything they did for 2 years now looks pitiful in comparison to what they have to compete with now. Being an underdog scratching and clawing your way to the top is one thing if the field is somewhat competitive and the uni has a sustainable, active, population. Maybe after the shock of seeing the huge disparity wears off they'll change their minds.

    One other huge thing kewlness is that there was no ingame communication about this. So many people were blindsided because they don't read the forums.


    Can you, or the person responsible for this mess, please tell us if the "missing target" problem will be fixed so we know where we stand?

    Thank you.

    The merge item restrictions apply in these cases. That means in some scenarios there will be days all targets show up, there will be days some won't (depending on your top rank, the amount of resources not invested compared to the average of the target server, etc).

    If the target doesn't show up in the next days, send a ticket to the support system. the merge item/token restriction is in play, sorta. Maybe. This is a cluster fuck. From the lack of a pre community discussion where players could be involved, to the initial announcement, to the lack of communication by staff other than Cass who had to take the brunt of everyone’s displeasure, changing course 180 on 1x in Group 2 and making Doardo a target but not putting caps in place for a huge disparity not just in points but ECO/RESEARCH/MILITARY,the BS comment about 80% of accounts affected all being similar in points, the lack of communication with staff that can/should be speaking on behalf of the community, and royally screwing over Group 1, all for what appears to be a tactic to drive up sales for an impending merge item/token?

    I think we deserve to see Firestorms inquiries replied to.

    This is just beyond frustrating.

    Hows it looking after the first day of merges lads?

    Nothing out of the ordinary or wildly different than what some of us that pay attention expected to see or were told in advance. We know there are bigger accounts coming, but I imagine the really big accounts are holding up to preserve their higher ECO speeds for as long as possible in an environment they're already comfortable with. And, the longer they wait they probably have a higher probability of getting more free relos if their current locations are going to be displaced in Dorado. That's what I would do if I had a really large account with strong ECO, preserve that income for as long as possible before your miners go into "retirement speed".

    Or they're waiting out Game Forge in hopes they change their mind again. Bella versus Dorado, 1x fleet but 1x ECO and RES versus Bella's increased settings with a change in fleet speed that might not be something their lifestyles can manage. I doubt too many are going to go to Fenir (though what has gone to FENIR is freaking monstrous...4.2 billion points on one account I've see so far).

    One newcomer found a victim already among the old residents, though that wasn't a surprise...wasn't the first time for them, won't be the last I'm sure. It's amazing how many people had no idea a merge was coming because there was no ingame announcement by Game Forge here in Dorado that we were a target uni. Not many of us pay attention to the forums it seems. Lots of messages today asking me what happened and why I'm not rank 1, it's a brand new day people.

    I'm also apparently very popular with some of our newcomers. I haven't been probed this much, ever. I am down to rank 16...I expect this account to be rank 300 or so when it's all said and done. Gotta mothball this account soon for a bit...times are a changing.

    Currently, there are accounts that have moved into Dorado ranging from 60KK to 30KK. I would imagine a lot of players in higher eco servers will wait as long as possible to merge to take advantage of the higher eco until they arrive at our 1x...or they are pushing it off as long as possible to see if GF revisits their decisions and makes more changes. Or, they're watching to see who moves where before they pull the trigger...

    I don't mean to doubt you, but may I ask for your reasoning behind this? If there are players who can move into all 3, i would suggest this is because they fall into the top20 of all choices, and thus may choose any, as per the third condition.

    EDIT: Sorry man, jsut trying to work all this out <3

    Maybe I'm not understanding how those rules work in concert then...but we already have accounts with 60KK to 30KK in Dorado that have moved in.

    I don't think it's those rules per say, #2 (If you would land within the top 20 on a server, you can’t transfer to it) definitely isn't in effect.

    you are now a target uni, been long time sinse i played 1 x eco can you give me a rough idea what kind of res you get from level 39/33/34 i might just come here

    In a slot 15, using max temp -110 as an example, PT 15, no boosters, no officers, no crawlers, and not taking ET and fusion versus solar into consideration, with collector class:

    You would be around 1.7KK M/496K C/510K D per day for that planet (but again, depending on fusion versus solars and all the other variables that is just a baseline).

    I wish I had your mines, I'm 35/29/31 x 11 and I "was" rank 2 in ECO here but I'm gonna be a peasant after

    My ideas

    On a personal note, & if I had the ability to decide what happened, I'd exclude Dorado from the merge entirely (treat it as a young universe) & merge the other x1 universes in groups 1 & 2 together. I flip-flop on whether or not Pasiphea should be excluded as well due to the point/rank differences compared to the other x1 universes, but that's neither here nor there.

    That would be nice if it came to pass...

    The reasons are as far as I know not only universe specifics, but also user activity, ranks, points, age of universe... I can however not see all the stats needed to really compare all universes.

    And zero input from players, no voting, no surveys, no nothing. I know Game Forge is stingy, but I'm pretty sure a basic Survey Monkey survey is still free. It took raising a little hell to get Dorado as a target (thanks by the way...though I think the old adage "be careful what you wish for is apt").

    It was interesting how quickly they relented on group 2 making Dorado a target uni, yet left group 1 hanging the way they did.

    Nothing about this merger seems well thought out or executed from the players perspective, so if there is something we're not seeing it would be nice to know what "that" is. As it stands right now, no one trusts anything Game Forge does anymore to be the in the best interests of the's all about that dolla! Holla!

    The market place is going to be crazy next week with all the accounts getting shifted around in lobbies right now...


    I really feel for you Cathedral . It sucks that all your effort has gone to waste because of these merges... I'm sure the merger token will answer a few issues but it will cost real money unfortunately.

    Meh, it is what it is and just a part of the game now. The folks moving here put in lots of time and energy into their accounts too and this probably isn't exactly what they had envisioned either for themselves. Some will definitely be in better positions than they were though, while others will probably be surprised where they fall.

    One thing that really hasn't been talked about much is the inevitable market place shenanigans that are going to ensue. I'm sure a number of exodus accounts are getting shifted around in lobbies and will be merged for the sole purpose of scrapping/selling their fleets for a "primary" account and repositioned to lock up certain systems. There are a few accounts here in Dorado that I guarantee will have their fleets sold in marketplace or pop out of their perma v mode to be "scrapped" for inbound accounts. I'm sure there will also be some conveniently placed RES drops as well by spare "miner" accounts. It'll be fun to watch the changes taking place. But all legal under the new marketplace when the i's are properly dotted and the t's crossed, thanks Game Forge!

    This account is getting mothballed and we'll see how the merge token looks when it's unveiled and if things work out right I'll have this account merged someplace where it'll be more competitive, if not it'll most likely rot like my uni 12 account. I've spent too much time and energy building this account just to sell off the fleet in MP or see it scrapped so no one should bother asking.

    There are a few dedicated, disposable MD accounts those moons, maybe we'll get to see a Russian moon or two.


    Seems weird that well established accounts from speed unis can move into Dorado. I have a 19.5mil acc in Octans that can merge into Dorado :crazy:

    Yeah, that's Game Forge for you. There are going to be accounts in excess of 150KK coming here. It would have been nice if they would have put some thought into the whole merger thing and had a system in place that took into account some sort of proportionate values. Something is up with how fast this merger was not just announced, but the time frame they're executing it. They (Game Forge) caved really fast on changing Dorado from an exodus to a target uni in group 2 but left group 1 hanging for some reason that they don't seem keen on sharing with everyone. Keep hearing staff mentioned a "part 2" to all of this which is probably the merger token, but with Game Forge who knows.

    I can't imagine many folks going to Fenir, not sure about Bella. I see quite a few coming here for the relief of 1x fleet settings and then demanding a vote to change the specs on ECO and RES, which would be unfortunate for those of that trudged it out in the trenches of a 1x for so long...but nothing lasts forever, if that's what the majority wants then it's only fair to give the majority what they want. I know for me, I doubt I will ever join a 1x uni legacy setting uni again if this is the inevitable outcome. I don't think enough people are left in ogame that played 1x settings like the old days to appreciate it as much anymore.

    If the ECO speed doesn't increase in Dorado, it will mean a permanent disadvantage for the existing Dorado accounts? I mean, vs. the mines and tech levels that people could be bringing in.. At least with an ECO boost then we could play catch-up, and it would be more like a soft reset than a permanent drag..

    The thing is...a boost in ECO is for everyone, so it doesn't really change much in the grand scheme of things. It's not like they don't get the ECO boost too :). You're never going to catch up to the accounts that are coming here.


    This is my last HoF with DoP on "this" account.

    Good luck to all of you. Godspeed with the merger.

    My friends, you know where to find me...


    For our inbound "friends", this profit is probably daily production to them; but for today and for those of us here right now...this is good money in Dorado.

    GLORD...again, I've told you many times to do better and fleet save.

    On 25-10-2020 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker PAGAN [DoP]



    Battlecruiser 12.000

    Pathfinder 1.200


    Defender Chief Hydra [RNR]


    Large Cargo 1.000

    Light Fighter 1.743

    Battleship 2.099

    Recycler 627

    Espionage Probe 50

    Solar Satellite 7.756

    Crawler 200

    Rocket Launcher 548

    Light Laser 155

    Gauss Cannon 8

    Ion Cannon 205

    Plasma Turret 17


    After the battle ...

    Attacker PAGAN [DoP]


    Battlecruiser 11.976 ( -24 )

    Pathfinder 1.045 ( -155 )


    Defender Chief Hydra [RNR]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    16.509.946 Metal, 8.878.913 Crystal and 3.569.117 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 6.845.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 182.190.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 34.294.200 metal and 18.671.100 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 28.957.976 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 22%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    34.294.200 Metal and 18.671.400 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 48.844.146

    Crystal: 24.265.313

    Deuterium: 1.969.117

    The attacker(s) made a profit of 75.078.576 units.


    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -132.227.446

    Crystal: -69.493.413

    Deuterium: -9.427.117

    The defender(s) lost a total of 211.147.976 units.

    Powered by OGotcha CR Converter 4.3.1

    For a few of us that stuck it marks the 2 year anniversary of Dorado; 25 OCT 2018.

    Come Monday, the landscape will begin to won't be the sleepy 1x uni we've all come to love and enjoy in retirement speed. I hope you have been paying attention, there is a storm coming. There are some massive accounts and very good players coming from a variety of different unis that far outweigh and dwarf any of the accounts we currently have on this server. To put it into perspective, I'll go from rank 1 to somewhere around rank 300 to 400 if everyone that has committed to coming to Dorado follows through with it. You will see accounts with well over 150KK+ points, and fleets that no current ally here or group of allies here could defend against, very humbling indeed. MDs will come fast and furious and you are going to see engine and combat techs that you've never encountered here or would have if it was not for the merger.

    That might seem a little dark and foreboding, and it should. You've been warned. Your days of lazy fleet saving are done come Monday, get your game faces back on and prepare yourselves.

    Barring anymore developments that manifest in the next day or so, I've just made my last HoF as a member of DoP on "this" account, I'll post it shortly. Regardless of where I eventually "land" in the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting new friends and new adversaries in Dorado, and reconnecting with old friends and old adversaries (my ears have been ringing a lot the past couple of days my old "friends").

    It has been fun.

    Good luck and godspeed when the sun rises on a drastically different Dorado.