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    The marketplace should absolutely not come back. So many people used it to push each other legally. It was the single worst thing ever implemented by GF.

    I disagree, granted it could use some safeguards to prevent the manipulation that was happening...but overall, the pros outweighed the cons. It got players who don't communicate with others to trade RES or items from their inventory. It allowed players who don't or can't buy DM to be able to buy valuable items they otherwise wouldn't have been able allowed those of us who had found thousands of items we'd never use to sell them, etc. It generated a bit more activity...

    If you really want feedback that is constructive, you should probably start a new thread, and send out an in-game message with a link to that thread. And reconsider polls on the forums or use a survey tool such as Survey Monkey. Forums are dead...the younger generation of gamers detest forums, they want to use Discord and that doesn't work well for these conversations.

    As far as feedback goes, I think Game Forge made a mistake by not making Dorado an optional target uni for Xanithippe, Ymir, Zenith, Atlas, and Belinda. There wasn't really a huge point disparity between those unis and Dorado and many of those players were upset that they had to go to unis where they felt they wouldn't be competitive.

    I would imagine Game Forge can extract the same data that mmporg website does regarding activity, so they should be able to look at activity levels. But judging from the forums, it looks like all the unis took a nose dive in activity and I wouldn't be surprised if that's what we would see in mmporg too. Also, a number of players and alliances got upset when the large accounts showed up and said they were vmoding for the graveyard with plans to move someplace else.

    And if Game Forge would ever actually deliver on the merge token, reinstitute the marketplace, fix the existing bugs, and come to terms with bots before going crazy with "lifeforms" it would probably stem the tide of player attrition.

    Kewlness will be sorely missed. As a volunteer, he put in countless hours to support this game...much, much more than what should be expected of someone in a volunteer role. And oftentimes, he bore the brunt of the community's frustration and took it in stride when it really should have been a Game Forge employee tackling some of those issues. He was an ally mate in Dorado for a time, as well as my trainer and mentor when I was a GO. I used to talk to him regularly on Discord, even after I left the volunteer staff...but I haven't heard from him since May, I hope all is well for him and his loved ones. I really doubt they will find someone like Kewlness again who was willing to sacrifice so much of his free time for so little in return. When I volunteered, I told them two hours max per day...and that would turn into three to five very easily, Kewlness put in a lot more than that...a lot.

    I was also surprised to see Voldemort leave...I think he was a GA in .us or one of the other communities so i wonder if he's completely out of oGame or just stepping back from .org.

    Those are some big shoes to fill.

    Yeah, it needs to be revamped. Not just the mechanics, but the rules surrounding it as well regarding contributions and entitlements to the profits.

    So long as they don't eliminate the moon-pop for extra defender's feature when/if they revamp it.

    It would be nice if they could incorporate research into allowing for more ACS options such as being allowed to jump a fleet to a defender's moon instead of flying it there...which then leaves the fleet(s) vulnerable as they each wait their turn for the gate to recharge.

    Of course, then they also need to revisit that goofy safety probe rule...'s been a minute, but this is Donato 'Nam and we are sweltering slow here in the summer of love. But that's how we like it!


    Don't be dissuaded by our speed, it can be frustrating for those who have been spoiled in the speed unis to play the game the way it was meant to be played:


    But Donato 'Nam is like an old love song:


    Me playing in Donato' Nam:


    We have had a few newcomers...and I apologize for not keeping up with the welcomes, but I'm lazy.


    So, I'm sure I am forgetting someone but from what I can remember our newcomers are:

    Mighty Mouse

    Geologist Osiris 30


    Governor Perseids 80






    MQ-28 Ghost bat




    And Big Pharma...

    Welcome to Donato 'Nam! Which is what the original inhabitants affectionately call Dorado.

    Dorado is slow...but there are still some folks here that get out and about looking for profit so be mindful that you still have to fleet save and not let resources build up too much.

    WICKED is probably the most active ally but unless you know someone in their roster they'd probably not approve an application.

    For a miner ally, I would recommend TTN as they look to be the most active "miner" style ally...though spedry does like to fly long and far from the safety of his turtle shell.

    There are a few other "miner" allies that have popped up here and there with 1 to 3 members, but TTN is probably the largest and most active.

    We have an unofficial Discord for Donato 'Nam:

    Hey, it's me again...and Sarah Mclachlan wants to remind you that she shows that you have accounts out there who are lost, fending for themselves in the graveyard, all alone, and they need a home.


    Don't look know Sarah is right.


    Too late:

    So, these lost, suffering accounts find a home here in Donato 'Nam!


    If you're not going to play them, someone else surely will! Offer them up on the account trade forum! Clean out that closet. Don't be one of those people that says, "I'm gonna play it again someday when Game Forge finally fixes oGame.". Because you and I both know they never will.

    So, c''s fantastic here in the Donato 'Nam.


    Or maybe you're one of those players that says "I can only play one account at a time...". And that's okay, accounts here in Donato 'Nam practically play themselves it's so have absolutely nothing to worry about, it's so benign and peaceful here.

    I know what you're thinking...


    No, absolutely not. It's all love here in beautiful, peaceful, blissful, harmonious, and loving Donato 'Nam.


    Absolutely nothing to worry about bringing that big, fat juicy account here...


    So, go login to the graveyard and bring that thing here! If you have issues, open a ticket and beg the GA to let you move here. They love it when you beg.

    Please refer to the FAQ: Graveyard FAQ

    Current points/rankings as of today so you know if you're gonna be outside the top 20 or not.

    1 [WCKD] PAGAN (1.171.855) 202.446.116 <---pfft, this guy!

    2 [WCKD] Kurgan Zuul (1.640.460) 170.276.489

    3 [INDUS] priest (2.068.099) 161.638.908

    4 [WCKD] Luki (1.695.787) 152.514.316

    5 [HUN] Bala (8.688.859) 129.360.970

    6 Himeros (153.579) 112.498.201

    7 [INDUS] Captain M... (807.913) 101.876.768

    8 [AXE] Kova The Beast (169.491) 99.159.397

    9 [HUN] Gullcsi (21.135) 93.367.318

    10 [Hate Idi] Ogame Hater (348.246) 91.892.200

    11 [WCKD] NoName (295.078) 90.224.446

    12 Isildur (161.141) 88.603.864

    13 [WCKD] Vulcan (-45.759) 82.162.315

    14 [AXE] Yoda (714.052) 79.771.574

    15 [WCKD] Firestorm (1.318.526) 75.719.913

    16 [WCKD] Sharkbait (424.273) 58.841.099

    17 [REDFANG] Minotaurrex (98.255) 58.679.565

    18 [WCKD] Vale (395.924) 56.721.405

    19 [HEAD] Black (64.795) 53.817.425

    20 Verne (405.455) 49.912.289

    “Others will choose to explore the vast regions of the galaxy for resources, to combat pirates and to find friendly fleets that further improve their own capacities.” Does this means we get to spam pirate battles again and make mad loot again? :)

    The life forms sounds interesting, at least it’ll keep our attention a bit before the next squirrel comes along…can’t wait to see how we can exploit it like disco and market place :). And the inevitable, it’s “not a bug, it’s a feature” debacles that will ensue.

    And while many current players probably don’t really care about a mobile app the good part of it will be that having the app in the stores will catch a wider player pool and hopefully bring in fresh meat.

    I really hope it's the return of a marketplace in some it or hate it because of the market manipulation that ensued, but one thing it did was get the extroverts trading that don't like to communicate ingame, via forums, and/or discord. It was also a nice avenue for those of us that have hundreds, if not thousands of items that we won't use in our inventory to trade with players that would find them useful and who don't use DM.

    We can get reapers and pathfinders without being a General or Disco, but we can't get crawlers unless we're a Collector so having the MP back to buy and sell those would be invaluable.

    The merge token would be nice so we don't have to go mode and wait it out for a graveyard merge...

    Somehow being able to allow research to allow us to jump resources through gates, use allied gates to launch from their moons, etc. would be nice and a huge game-changer.

    Turn the big (I) inactive accounts into bots...if GF can't beat 'em, then join 'em.

    I do like the idea of increasing the number of fleets available for ACS, but I'd think it would need to be tiered in some way that is tied to the number of points or military stats in some wouldn't want to see 20 different higher-ranked players bullying a single low ranked player. I also think they should scale ECO speeds in some way so that the higher you go up the ladder, the lower that ECO speed setting is for your account...this would allow new accounts and lower-ranked accounts to be somewhat more competitive in their aspirations to catch up.

    Ye I dislike these nonsense tickets responds ordered by the Holy Company and staff <3has to wear the burden of this embarrassing system :rolleyes:

    And You got a likey because I like You <3;) and this quote I copied here :)

    Well nothing can be done about motives why some people play this game to the point to ruin it :)

    Another perspective is that this is overall, a game of annihilation and conquest:

    Some snippets:


    OGame is the timeless space strategy classic – compete against thousands of other players for supreme control of the universe!

    Expand your galactic empire by colonising planets, forging tactical alliances or by taking on other players. Launch unprecedented expeditions of conquest, subjugating one galaxy after the other, until you finally become the most powerful ruler in the universe

    Destroyers, Deathstars and other heavy combat ships form the backbone of your fleet. Annihilate your enemies in individual combat, or surprise attacking fleets with an impregnable defensive network.

    One could argue that the game isn't a game of conquest and annihilation if we put restrictions on one's ability to have "supreme control of the universe" by limiting who they can and cannot attack though...

    And yet you brought it up again here What has this game come to? in a closed thread for Bella. So yeah...

    "Like I said before, these big boys need a uni all to themselves, so they can show off there fleeting skills ."

    So what's the point of it then if it's just a temporary uni? Does the account just get copied and a "copy" is put in the challenge uni? Or do they go to this challenge uni with their actual account, battle it out, then go back to whence they came? If it's the latter...then they're all just gonna vmode and wait until it's over and go home.

    If the points were generated legally, then there is no recourse. If you think they weren't playing legally, then report it and wait for the inevitable reply that "it will be investigated, have a nice day". If you're not happy with the outcome, then ask for the ticket to be elevated...and after all is said and done, regardless of the outcome make a choice to continue playing or not. We all know that the system is broken, and the volunteer staff is taking the brunt of the player's dissatisfaction when it comes to being able to pursue scripters and botting...and GF removed most if not all avenues to communicate directly to them about it so they have blinders on now.

    The game is a pyramid ranking system where all roads lead to who is number 1 in their respective uni, thus the point of making an account is to rise and try to be number 1; whether it's rank 1 overall or rank 1 in ECO, or research, or whatever stat they so desire.

    I do like the idea of increasing the number of fleets available for ACS, but I'd think it would need to be tiered in some way that is tied to the number of points or military stats in some wouldn't want to see 20 different higher-ranked players bullying a single low ranked player. I also think they should scale ECO speeds in some way so that the higher you go up the ladder, the lower that ECO speed setting is for your account...this would allow new accounts and lower-ranked accounts to be somewhat more competitive in their aspirations to catch up.

    Why should big accounts be forcibly moved to some "challenge" universe that is going to be essentially dead on arrival? Punishing a player with a large account that was obtained through legal gameplay is discrimination. And claiming that big accounts got that way by botting or cheating without proof is absurd. If you suspect someone cheated, then report it, and if they're still playing then either deal with it or quit. And thinking that lumping all these "big" accounts into one server is somehow going to turn into a gladiator-style event is ridiculous...that's not going to happen. Look at how the natural evolution of most unis take shape as the big players generally are all allied or friendly towards one another once their rivals have been wiped out; not to mention many of these "big" accounts network with one another, are friends, or they are friendly with one another.

    And what constitutes a big account? One that you can't take down in Bella after a merge? Is there a point range? Anyone over 1bn points? 2bn? 10bn?

    if you can't swim with the sharks, then v mode, go to the graveyard, and go to a community or server you are more comfortable with. Or, start anew from scratch in a new uni.