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    Still PAGAN. Still standing. Still making money. And still not banned M'FRs.TM

    ...but keep effing trying.

    To all the haters:

    I am always buying fuel...all you have to do is reach out to me in-game or via our Discord on Donato 'Nam (PM me for an invite or go to our ally page ingame for a link since we're not allowed to link to it here on the forums for some dumb reason).

    On 28-09-2023 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker PAGAN [CHIMERA]



    Battlecruiser 250.000

    Pathfinder 800.000


    Defender BNN [Casuals]


    Large Cargo 750.000

    Colony Ship 9

    Recycler 8.597

    Espionage Probe 1

    Deathstar 4

    Pathfinder 2.597

    Rocket Launcher 142

    Light Laser 117


    After the battle ...

    Attacker PAGAN [CHIMERA]


    Battlecruiser 249.847 ( -153 )

    Pathfinder 799.503 ( -497 )


    Defender BNN [Casuals]




    The attacker has won the battle!

    The attacker captured:

    3.966.757.551 Metal, Crystal and 9.137.937.705 Deuterium

    1.983.378.775 Metal, 625.015.305 Crystal and 4.568.968.853 Deuterium

    991.689.388 Metal, 312.507.652 Crystal and 2.284.484.426 Deuterium

    495.844.694 Metal, 156.253.826 Crystal and Deuterium

    247.922.347 Metal, 78.126.913 Crystal and 571.121.107 Deuterium

    123.961.173 Metal, 39.063.457 Crystal and 285.560.553 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 28.412.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of units.

    Total damage defender including follow-ups: 9.276.920.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 1.390.620.600 metal and 1.386.087.900 crystal.

    The attacker captured a total of 28.260.866.548 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):

    1.390.620.600 Metal and 1.386.096.900 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 9.191.608.528

    Crystal: 3.833.519.663

    Deuterium: 17.984.043.857

    The attacker(s) made a profit of units.


    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -12.437.547.928

    Crystal: -7.067.863.763

    Deuterium: -18.032.374.857

    The defender(s) lost a total of 37.537.786.548 units.

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    So what is the next step ?

    How do we get gameforge to consider some over due changes to the Auction, for us on different time zones .

    Get a new COMA? Because the one we have now doesn't engage with the community...just go to his profile and look at his posts on these forums compared to previous COMAs. He doesn't care about the community. and doesn't interact with it at all. Heck, look at GAs in our community compared to other communities, the team here went to crap when Kewlness left us. Our whole community staff from the board to the game needs to be relieved of their duties, the volunteer roles need to be eliminated altogether and a better system of ensuring there are no conflict of interests arise with staff who are also players.

    This has been a practice done by several people ( allegedly ) on Thuban.
    It's perfectly fine by the way, There is no rules outside of ogame, and you a free to give ressources to people lower than you.

    I wouldn't say it's perfectly fine, there are rules against selling things like resource packs to other players in the T&Cs...they just can't be enforced. As Kewlness used to say, "It's not what you know, it's what you can prove." The problem with fixing resource packs is that the genie is already out of the bottle and the damage is done.

    The only fix(es) IMO that would work would be to put restrictions on pulling (and change the rules on pushing) and tie the number of resources received for each pack to the rank one economy/highest production in each universe just like expos are tied to rank one's points, then everyone gets the same amount per pack regardless and the sales will stop. The P2W is here to stay, it's not going anywhere now so just make it the same for everyone so they don't have to resort to making shady deals on Discord and potentially get ripped off when they could just do a secure transaction with Game Forge themselves.

    As for the pulling/pushing rules. I'd restrict pulling like they do in one or two of the other communities where you are only allowed to send so much of your production to a player in a given week. I would also change pulling/pushing for helping an alliance mate to rebuild their fleet when they're crashed...give alliance mates a grace period to push AND pull someone who was crashed in their ally to help them rebuild, what's the point of being in an alliance if you can't help them rebuild?

    EDIT: And one other thing, I'd also restrict insta builds. No more insta JGs with no cooldown. Restrict insta build during and after an attack for a certain amount of time to limit the insta build of a gazillion RIPs, PTs, recyclers, etc.

    Banning people over in-game messages that they send can be tricky...because there is no rule against lying and the player could just tell the admins that they were lying for whatever dumb reason (lulz, trolling, misdirection, etc.).

    But, IMO if the player really is advertising that they'll exchange metal packs for real work currency; then they are advertising and it could be covered under T&C 5.2 (h).


    TC 5.2: The user is prohibited from publishing or disseminating content (e.g. images, videos, links, names, texts) within the Gameforge Services, if this
    h) is commercial in character, particularly having an advertising effect.

    But proving that a player violated T&C 4.3 (c) is pretty much impossible and with no pulling rules/restrictions in place they can't prevent with that, if I was the GO and trying to justify a ban to the SGO or GA I'd be looking at T&C 5.2 (h).

    A guy I attacked has complained that we sent a probe that landed just before the attack/the same time as the attack

    Is there a rule against this? or a bug or smth. ?
    I dont think Ive seen this but if its a problem or something people abuse -> can get banned for - then we'd like to know.

    Thx in advance!

    It used to be a rule under the bug using/scripting section but has since been rescinded:

    Bugusing clarification

    You can find the rules here:

    New Game Rules - valid from 17.9.2012

    I understand your displeasure but, factually, it's his problem if he wants to spend millions of resources on auctions. The only way to win is to be even faster than him, which I understand is not easy, but that's the whole point of auctions.

    The problem I have with "limit" is that it's not something that fits in with the game's policy. If we're going to limit participation in auctions, why not limit the number of lootboxes a player can open? Obviously, that would make a lot of people happy... But that's never going to happen, because GameForge has no interest in doing that.

    While I'm all for sharing and everyone getting a piece of the auction pie, winning is above all a matter of skill, as you simply have to be fast to win, and there's no option to pay to win auctions...

    maybe there is no pay 2 win auctions but there are auto boot extensions to auto bid that are tolerated and certain players always win as bot outbids untill wins

    Bots that bid automatically are totally forbidden. GameForge categorically rejects any extension that would allow bots to perform actions in a player's place. So if you are aware of an extension or a player using an extension that enables automatic bidding, you should report it to your GO.

    Where is the tolerated tools section now located?

    It looks like the old section was archived: Tolerated Tools & Extensions

    And I don't see a tolerated tools/extensions subforum now.

    As for reporting it...sure. But let's be honest about it with the players at least and where that report is going to go because it has been reported, gazillions of times throughout every uni and every community yet it persists. It would be better to add it to a list of known issues to reduce the strain on the ticket system and stop wasting players' and GOs' time with something Game Forge cannot address. Like Kewlness used to tell us, it's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

    Just bring back the Market Place and let us sell/buy items, ships, trade resources, etc. that we will never use to players that will use them...yeah, it was abused but it has more pros than cons, it gave the introverted miners a place they could trade without having to venture into other players drama and the toxicity that sometimes comes with people trying to intimidate miners to trade at BS rates.

    As for auctions, they should make personal auctions where players can auction off their own stuff to the highest bidders...they can call it oBay.

    If you wonder why auctions are allowed to carry on the way they do in their current form and why the abuse is allowed to continue...volunteer to be a GO and find out and then you'll really get exasperated with the whole thing.

    The thing is, as fun as the uni might be for some for a while the inevitable outcome is that it will die and get merged with a uni where everything the players did, the time and energy they put into growing their accounts will all be for naught when they get thrown into a uni with a population that is years, if not decades ahead of them in growth.

    I wouldn't join a new uni unless it was something really unique like that one with the 10x ECO because they all die and get merged...all roads eventually lead to uni 1, I fought that for years but eventually relented and accepted it.