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  • Hello Arcane,

    Were you still interested in buying Duet? I recently started in Vega and did not have plans to build a fleet for a while, so I would be happy to trade you duet for Metal or Crystal.

  • i see that you are moderator for this chaos uni volans. one question. i have 2 accounts. its 40% moonshot event. can i send probes from one account to be killed for moonshot on another account that i play? push or not , can there be activity between 2 accounts? i never done this things before, so im kinda new
    • Jolly good. Are you wanting them moving sooner rather than later?
    • Duno, could wait yes, just to comfirm if they are top´s, didnt check this universe yet
  • Hello Arcane,

    My name is Pat.

    I've seen some of ur posts on the board & i was wondering wat uni / unis u play in (if u don't mind me asking)?

    • Hi Gkp.

      I play in Vega mostly. Have played Uni 1, taurus and quantum.

      Uni 30 and uni 40 but they've been merged into vega.