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  • OMA_the_Loner 25.10.2018 02:56:22 is this kitty? I know ya'll rotate names like they going out of style at times. Just trying to find an old being solo in a pool of sharks lmao. IF this is sarah/kitty/princess wookie/etc/etc....long time no talk. If you aren't her, could you please let her know I'm looking to chat with her. I'll try in the forum as well. So, thanks for your time and have a good day.....1
  • yo wookie.......been a minute. Wondering if you and your muppets have a place for a loner in need of a home.....sharky waters were bad enough in betel.......going from 31 to 296 is a kick in the balls though lmao. Let me know if you can help, i know it has been awhile, but i'm still the same me....which i hope counts for something lol. Anyways, regardless of out come, good to see you are still in the mix and hopefully I can get stirred into that ish with you lol. otherwise, I'll probably move a planet or two near you...figure if i can't be a muppet i can be good bait....stay up, stay you,.....1
  • Kitty, is that you?:)
  • Aww hi.... :love:
  • hello there kitty kat :)