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  • Hey mate. Do you remember me maybe? From old UNI 35. Your name at Ogame was Admiral or ADM something like that.

    You are from Serbia real name is somehow on" M" Marin or Marinko something like that??

  • Hey there man, sorry, saw your 2020 message lol. Unfortunately, I'll no longer play ogame again. Hope the best for you. Cheers. I'll still lurk around though.

    • all good mate, glad youre still around, at least on the board! :D

  • So now I am back you apply again, right?
  • Oh yea I thought Hubsch got taken out, I also remember how questionable his account always was. Anyway, I found you in Vega but buddy list button wouldn’t work. It could be because of iPhone but I’ll be using my computer a little later today.
  • Oh memories, why did I let my account go away thinking I wouldn’t play again. That Alliance Muppets they were after me all the time. No sure I’m spelling right a , Hubsch is the one that got my main fleet. That’s a whole other story.
    • Hubsch quit years ago :D your fleet is safe now :D
  • I don’t see you in Vega came back to see if I spelled your name wrong
    • im changing nicks me @Mr Edward Hyde
  • I looked I am in Vega when I came back I signed up for more then one but I’ll turn it on and look you up
  • Oh that’s right my Jupiter account did move to Vega I forgot brain cells I guess. I do recall your name. My wife, daughter and me moved to Western North Carolina about 2.5 years ago. I put my account s in V mode and kick myself for letting it expire was my best account. I thought I’d try again so I picked Quantum from the menu. It’s probably the not the right choice because I was never a big fleeter. The mines build nice joined Alliance Imperial was given some startup resources which helped a lot. Just because I ask a few questions because it’s been a while get some bad attitude but that’s ok. If Vega still exists maybe there is a chance my accounts not gone,I think I did buy Dark Matter there. I’ll look now Thanks
    • welcome back! :) im glad its all good IRL, who cares about an old acc! If you wanna hop in to Vega let me know! Quantum is a bit too fast for my taste but it is a good uni. Enjoy!
  • when did they change the mechanics of relocate ?
    • my guess is in the last, or the patch before that from what i saw there arent any official patch notes about it but yes it happens to be careful if you see a relo coming your way! theres no more 24h cooldown :D
    • wauw... just WAUW
    • that was my reaction aswell..sad for me i wasnt hunting anyone, was just switching from slot 12 to 15 cuz of deut
  • I google translated the quotes at the bottom of your sig, is this correct? LOL
  • I didn't know what to do with it ...thought themselves old universes change
    • thats how you do it! now go around your universe and ask for players thoughts and ask them to post on the link u gave me to show support :)
  • and 130 of the universe Deimos have not been changes :(
    • have you actually posted on the board with suggestions for changes and asked for the poll?
  • Congrats on the GO position Bruv. Took you long enough :)
  • I am very please to finally see you in a team position ;) Good luck, enjoy and help away :)
  • Congrats on your new position, enjoy it.
  • Have you given your Spica account away? :(
    • done..only vega from now on :D
    • I see :( Damn I'll miss you there. Guess Ill start hanging out in Discord again so we can chat every now and then. Best of luck with Vega though :)
    • please do man..and its up to u and your bro to keep Spica in line! :D
  • My man, how is it going. Haven't seen you in a while, are you done with Spica or on vacation? :D
  • Yoyo :)
  • Hello Noob :D Love tony xx
    • long time no see man! came back huh?
    • Off of work sick, so decided to join the new uni. Not looking good there long term! How's it going mate?
    • ohhh..damn haha :D good..cant complain..tho im still not starting new unis xD
    • Don't blame you mate. It seems a little slow and pointless lol. What uni's are you in now? Good to hear you're well :)
    • haha :D im in Vega atm..full miner mode :D
  • i lost about 400 comments last week, in my sig it had 1100 comments, now only 700 something, i do not care but it is strange, looks like they cleaning up
    • yep..theyre "cleaning" the old stuff from the good old days of real ogame..poke me on skype 4 more info :)