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  • So now I am back you apply again, right?
  • Oh yea I thought Hubsch got taken out, I also remember how questionable his account always was. Anyway, I found you in Vega but buddy list button wouldn’t work. It could be because of iPhone but I’ll be using my computer a little later today.
  • Oh memories, why did I let my account go away thinking I wouldn’t play again. That Alliance Muppets they were after me all the time. No sure I’m spelling right a , Hubsch is the one that got my main fleet. That’s a whole other story.
    • Hubsch quit years ago :D your fleet is safe now :D
  • I don’t see you in Vega came back to see if I spelled your name wrong
    • im changing nicks me @Mr Edward Hyde
  • I looked I am in Vega when I came back I signed up for more then one but I’ll turn it on and look you up
  • Oh that’s right my Jupiter account did move to Vega I forgot brain cells I guess. I do recall your name. My wife, daughter and me moved to Western North Carolina about 2.5 years ago. I put my account s in V mode and kick myself for letting it expire was my best account. I thought I’d try again so I picked Quantum from the menu. It’s probably the not the right choice because I was never a big fleeter. The mines build nice joined Alliance Imperial was given some startup resources which helped a lot. Just because I ask a few questions because it’s been a while get some bad attitude but that’s ok. If Vega still exists maybe there is a chance my accounts not gone,I think I did buy Dark Matter there. I’ll look now Thanks
    • welcome back! :) im glad its all good IRL, who cares about an old acc! If you wanna hop in to Vega let me know! Quantum is a bit too fast for my taste but it is a good uni. Enjoy!
  • when did they change the mechanics of relocate ?
    • my guess is in the last, or the patch before that from what i saw there arent any official patch notes about it but yes it happens to be careful if you see a relo coming your way! theres no more 24h cooldown :D
    • wauw... just WAUW
    • that was my reaction aswell..sad for me i wasnt hunting anyone, was just switching from slot 12 to 15 cuz of deut
  • I google translated the quotes at the bottom of your sig, is this correct? LOL
  • I didn't know what to do with it ...thought themselves old universes change
    • thats how you do it! now go around your universe and ask for players thoughts and ask them to post on the link u gave me to show support :)
  • and 130 of the universe Deimos have not been changes :(
    • have you actually posted on the board with suggestions for changes and asked for the poll?
  • Congrats on the GO position Bruv. Took you long enough :)
  • I am very please to finally see you in a team position ;) Good luck, enjoy and help away :)
  • Congrats on your new position, enjoy it.
  • Have you given your Spica account away? :(
    • done..only vega from now on :D
    • I see :( Damn I'll miss you there. Guess Ill start hanging out in Discord again so we can chat every now and then. Best of luck with Vega though :)
    • please do man..and its up to u and your bro to keep Spica in line! :D
  • My man, how is it going. Haven't seen you in a while, are you done with Spica or on vacation? :D
  • Yoyo :)
  • Hello Noob :D Love tony xx
    • long time no see man! came back huh?
    • Off of work sick, so decided to join the new uni. Not looking good there long term! How's it going mate?
    • ohhh..damn haha :D good..cant complain..tho im still not starting new unis xD
    • Don't blame you mate. It seems a little slow and pointless lol. What uni's are you in now? Good to hear you're well :)
    • haha :D im in Vega atm..full miner mode :D
  • i lost about 400 comments last week, in my sig it had 1100 comments, now only 700 something, i do not care but it is strange, looks like they cleaning up
    • yep..theyre "cleaning" the old stuff from the good old days of real ogame..poke me on skype 4 more info :)