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  • what levels your metal mines at dude?

    • haha, mine are nothing. I’ve got 5 mobiles. I more meant in general with the guys who have 16/17 x M54

    • damn 5 mobiles? Forget this uni is like 18 years old so,times 😂

  • Btw I assume Virgo got swallowed up in a merge with Zibal correct? Solid universe parameters despite its age.
    • yeah, the last merge was around 10 months ago. I'd imagine another is due quite soon as they only merged half last time
    • Heh I remember playing Ikariam during a merge and man its chaos when it goes down since those who login first are placed first and can get started on spending their donation pool for the island mines(resource production is vastly different in that game). Can't imagine how it is for Ogame. Who knows I might give Ogame another look but I can't bring myself to do it right now. I'd wager your W/S/A techs are probably mid 20's by now, if not pushing 30 based on the fleet kills you've been getting.
    • Not really, I don’t invest too much in them. They become worth less and less as you go on. More fleet pays more than anything. I wouldn’t bother with the game again, it’s crap what they’ve done with it and it’s too big a drain on time
    • I remember years ago that there was a huge community backlash over something(may have been Officers or something else... been so long I literally can't remember) where prominent figures, notably one from Universe 2(I think it was Dancake or something similar to that) basically ripping GF for moving in a P2P direction(may have been Officers now that I think about it). More fleet does help but I disagree that W/S/A doesn't still matter. Its something that can't be taken away from you and applies not only to ships but any planetary defenses you happen to have(also to IPM's but I guess people don't bother with that anymore lmao). I do agree that Ogame is a major time sink... even more so than Ikariam frankly.
    • It’s more once you get to higher tier combat, it matters less and less and each level is giving close to meaningless benefit. The backlash was vs officers, but that’s nothing compared to the current res buy feature. 60k dark matter to buy a days worth of metal production. Multiply that however big your wallet is and you can grow massively
  • *waves* Only been like 3 years but it’s interesting that this game is still going. Must be coming up on 20 years pretty soon(Shocking really).
    • It’s kind of limping towards the grave
    • Doesn’t surprise me. Most who played 15 years ago are long gone. Don’t even recognize the forum, much less the game either(not that I’ve started up again… hah). Kind of interesting that they implemented a research modification on top of fleet and economy. Level 20+ techs already take awhile as it is but I guess people didn’t want Research Labs above level 12 or investing into IRN… *shrugs* Do miss the days of Fleet a tad but that might be nostalgia talking. I remember the old days of Universe 5 and it being the lone ACS universe… had my entire account save for my Homeworld in Galaxy 9. Made getting Graviton easier but was foolishly making it a perfect farm target. Fortunately no one even looked out there when Galaxy 1-4 were so active. Retired after Addar got me helping a friend in Galaxy 7. How I still remember that I’ll never know…
    • Astrophysics for extra planets takes years now. My next would be Research time: 218w 6d 16h… assuming no dark matter use. I can still about remember the crows grand plan in uni 5 with hot areas etc. People do play with a more refined variant of that now, so it was a good idea. Adder was a beast, but then I always wonder how the old school guys would fare in this day and age. It’s a game that forces you to constantly evolve for better or for worse
    • Ouch… 4 years to do one tech? How many planets do you have… lmao. As for Dave(aka Crow), he was merely perceptive and knew how to project respected power. Addar was good but all good players would inevitably get sloppy or careless.
    • I've got 15, but I'll never do another astro now, theres no point
  • no - GF must be enjoying weekend
  • hi any news about merge problem?
    • Nothing for days. I guess it won’t be before next week now. Have you heard anything?
  • Should be coming back soon ;) Message me in-game when you do ;)
  • I can add you when I'm back off honeymoon in 3 weeks - not playing my account until then
    • That's fine(and you're not the only person I know who got married recently. Person in my gaming community just got married), but your name must be different than what I remember. Been so long I've probably forgotten your aliases lol. Looks like I caused quite a stir in the DM thread but then again I've always been kind of a common sense type of person. Feel free to drop by the OD Forum if you want.
  • I came back after a couple of years out. Had a bit more time and the guy who took my account wasn't really playing it. I've started Virgo very casually. Not playing atm as I'm currently on honeymoon
    • I’ve only been playing a week or so but wouldn’t mind adding you to Buddy list, if only for communication sake. Might do small scale trades when I get to the point of having a surplus of something.
  • How you doing steve?
    • Doing ok I suppose. I started up on Virgo or the 1x Fleet and 5x Economy. Seems you’re not the retired player I thought you to be unless you’re just sticking around on the Forum lol. Btw, check out Overdosed.net. I’ll admit that the name might be in need of a change but old habits die hard I suppose. It’s a gaming community I’ve been apart of for the last 18 months and the community has been around for at least 15 years. I’ve adopted a Miner/Turtle philosophy for Virgo.
  • Been awhile no?