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  • no - GF must be enjoying weekend
  • hi
    any news about merge problem?
    • Nothing for days. I guess it won’t be before next week now. Have you heard anything?
  • Should be coming back soon ;) Message me in-game when you do ;)
  • I can add you when I'm back off honeymoon in 3 weeks - not playing my account until then
    • That's fine(and you're not the only person I know who got married recently. Person in my gaming community just got married), but your name must be different than what I remember. Been so long I've probably forgotten your aliases lol. Looks like I caused quite a stir in the DM thread but then again I've always been kind of a common sense type of person. Feel free to drop by the OD Forum if you want.
  • I came back after a couple of years out. Had a bit more time and the guy who took my account wasn't really playing it. I've started Virgo very casually. Not playing atm as I'm currently on honeymoon
    • I’ve only been playing a week or so but wouldn’t mind adding you to Buddy list, if only for communication sake. Might do small scale trades when I get to the point of having a surplus of something.
  • How you doing steve?
    • Doing ok I suppose. I started up on Virgo or the 1x Fleet and 5x Economy. Seems you’re not the retired player I thought you to be unless you’re just sticking around on the Forum lol. Btw, check out Overdosed.net. I’ll admit that the name might be in need of a change but old habits die hard I suppose. It’s a gaming community I’ve been apart of for the last 18 months and the community has been around for at least 15 years.

      I’ve adopted a Miner/Turtle philosophy for Virgo.
  • Been awhile no?