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  • The same Trouble / Tribble from the old Fornax days who eventually joined the Star Wolves after the war? Remember me? Still playing this game? what uni('s) I'm in Xanthus and Mensa
  • whats up?
  • You stepped down from mod oO
    • Yes I did. I am still around though :)
  • Hello we could use a mod in hof unity section . thx
    • Things going better now?
    • nop still lazy asses around
    • Will look into it. Thanks for letting me know
  • Hallo strange one ...PM me here when you have a moment plz ...
  • :closed: :cbanned: :headbanging: :ninja: :fatgreengrin:
  • Can i spam again?
    • I had not seen this - of course you can spam as many times as you like
  • [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif'][size=12][color=#ff6600]/me hands Trouble an apron and some cookies[/color][/size][/font]
    • Now the apron will allow you to meet my whip - the cookies - well who can say no to cookies And one thing you should know - I do not mess in the kitchen - but it is a dangerous place - and not somewhere you would want to put me. Trust me on this.
  • [b]Oh noezzz - another one joined the team. I hope its a girl with a lot of self esteem. Cause there is a bunch of nerds and noobs - who never had something like this.[/b] [b]They just know what bashing, banning, fleetsave and masturbate is.[/b] [b] [/b] [b]Its time to reanimate all these frozen collegues - its a mess. We´ll have to spam everyday and every night to keep them warm I guess.[/b] [b] [/b] [b]OMG now Im awake - I dont know what Im about to do. But remember these words: ButtonDan smells like poo![/b] :stick:
    • Love the poetry :love: Bwahahahahaha well luckily although I do not like photos of me =- I have an ego to compensate. And nerds and noobs rule the world. And those last two skillz are particularly useful ;-) and fun (well the FS becomes a bit tedious at times) Do we really want frozen people all over the place - I saw the movie and so much cuteness should not be allowed. Now bring in some Zombies and we can talk! Well if you are already awake = pop into IRC and see who else is up. Sure you will find someone :D Ah ha - are the one and the same? Or is he just smelly?
  • *pokes head in* [i]o.o`[/i] no cookies... *leaves*
    • Oh there are cookies - you just need to know where to look ;-)
  • [size=10][b][i][color=#00ff00][align=center]THE GRINDER WAS HERE! [/align][/color][/i][/b][/size]
    • I see - that puppy face makes me laugh ever time I see it
  • *spams*
    • Sees the *spam* - respect!
  • I'm awesome
  • Apparently I'm the first guy here.. Hi babes ;)
    • The first and only :D Welcome. Thanks for poppin in. Did not know this thing existed until I saw your post. Really must read the screens better.