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  • hello u give acc_? u dont give i want it. i am 16 years play ogame
  • Can you please move the new top 10 solo in Dorado from the CR section to the top 10 section? Thanks.
  • Tnx, but i got answer from warning and it is ingame insult 2nd time.. my bad But he told me that i got banned for 1 day Lucky me
  • I wrote a ticket but it takes like 2days just to answer it and fenrir server is week old and every day in beginning is important and i got u got banned for invlaid date?? And becouse of insult that is not even on that server? Imdont understand
    • I have no control over the game side. Nor do I know about the workings of the GO side. I would PM an SGO here on the boards and give them the ticket information and ask that they look into it
  • I just recived this message: Your account is banned until:Invalid Date Reason: Insult 2nd i didnt insulted anyone on fenrir server ingame becouse i had already spended 500 euros there and im asking why am i banned ? Yes, i have been insulting and trolling others on board server but why just not ban me there? Why on server where i spended 500 euros and where i know that i havent insulted anyone? Form Insult 2nd time i got message on board after cursing. Why ban me in game?
  • Hello Clittle Than You for your comment on board about my unfortunate account trade fubar. Can you tell me how many time is required to GOs answer my ticket on support section ? Tnx
    • All depends on their workload, but in you scenario I think you would want to push it up to an SGO at minimum if anything is even possible about being done on it. Best of luck with getting your account back!
    • And how am i to push it up to an SGO?
    • Just ask that it be elevated to SGO level. I’m almost certain it would be anyway since I doubt there is anything a GO would be able to do
  • Nvm I clicked the wrong one
  • It's not letting me PM you but the cosmos war declarations link is not working
  • You're not my board mod anymore :(
  • Completely forgot about this one. Didn't even list it right. Top 10 plz and ty!
  • Put my new top 10 in xanthus please
  • :D Hit me mate!
  • :D Virgo board, two top 10s
  • Oye mate! You might give it another day or two since one of them just posted, but we got multiple top 10s in Virgo. Keep it classy, C!
  • Stay golden C! Ppreciate it!
  • C! Top 10 me, plz and ty.
  • C! Top 10 me, mate! Plz and Ty
  • says you're involved with too many conversations to make a pm?
    • Sorry bout that. I cleaned them up so you should be able to send now
  • when you get around - top 10 me plz and ty
  • top 10 plz and ty
  • when you get a chance top ten me plz and ty
    • been handled, no need to do anything
  • *poke* ok to unlock the thread now in quaoar hof!
  • Will you move my top 10 in xanthus to number 3 spot...thanks
  • can you move this to top 10 ACS Tarazed, its actually the TOP 01 ACS. I see you've moved the 2nd hit that cleaned up mekoa to top 01 with 1.7bn dmg.
  • yo top ten me please when you get a chance, thank you
  • i have a top 10 hit with warmachine in yildun that hasnt been moved yet if u can do that
  • hey hey. screwed the pooch and double posted. virgo cr section thx
  • its fun comments like the old days stop being like this closing it and let us all have some fun for once and close the real things that need to be closed????
    • It’s closed for 24 hours as a cool down period. The thread is getting way out of hand. I’ll reopen after 24 hours from the time it was closed
    • Reopened
  • can you please not close the thread we are bringing the game alive again ???? are you seriously closing the number 1 hit ?????? that big???
  • pls top 10 l have 2 or 3 battle for top 10 who pick up battle ?