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  • Hi Klass, how are you?

    What do we need to do, to convince you to turn-on the simulator for a while, to enable GF to have a solution?

    Do you have an PayPal account or something where we can send a tip for all your efforts?

    Thank you so much

  • It is devastating to me, and probably a high percentage of Ogamers, that you will be shutting down your sims!

    Would it make it worth your while to keep them active as a subscription only product? A yearly/monthly fee for those that truly find these valuable might generate more income for you than asking for donations.

    OR, could it be made into a browser plug-in, again, with a subscription basis to generate income?

    No one should work for free, and your product is valuable to many of us.

    Good luck regardless!

  • cani give you acc on Qusar ? Not bed one
  • Hi, what did you do about your trading account ?
  • Hi Warsaalk I'm a Great user of your extension, I wonder if You could include the tool to upgrade the buildings, like the easy transport scripts for ogame, I really hate the antigame because is to intrusive and put on the scream a lot of garbage. jajajajajajajaja and thanks your your great work again!! Ps: excuse me for my english I'm from colombia and I speak spanish