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  • Hi Kevlar, I heard you're quitting. I hope you can finally succeed in life and get everything you ever wished for. Hugs and kisses, Your pal, Req
    • I quit about a month ago really but yes life has been great.
  • hey there i saw a post about some accounts up for grabs are they still around ?
  • HI keVLaR since like many more sending a pm is not possible I will introduce myself here. My name is Dayvane AKA MonkeyDFluffy have been playing since a long time on dutch servers. but since everything is dead there have been playing on and of here. since like the start of tarazed have played there not much happens there just a casual miner rank 12 and now in yildun which is kinda active and fun just barely rank 100. and I saw your post about the miner which is right up my alley. and what i would do is more of a serving role ofcourse supplying the fleeters with deut and make mines standard mining stuff. hope i hear something from you. Yours faithfully Fluffy
  • Hey KeVLaR, Since i cannot PM you, lets try it this way. My name is Neego, currently i am playing in Virgo universe with a miner/turtle account with 3 million points, climbing up the ladder slowly but steady. My greatest feat was reaching 25 mil points on the dutch server, also with a miner/turtle account and some sweet rip's. My plan with the account is to build up the mines and expand the account to a balanced miner/turtle with a nice rip fleet. If you have any questions let me know, i have enough time to handle two accounts. Greetings, Neego
  • hey KeVLaR got any account for little old me? :D
  • I'am interested in grimlock account more info will be good , i have play ogame for 8-9 years . And i play in quantum as a miner
  • can u message me pls ? i cant your messages are full :/
  • hey message me im interested in the grimlock account can give you info in message ur messages are full
  • How is it that you seem to inexplicably run into all these bugs and issues? This track record runs back quite a ways too.
  • ....and noob....
  • am i posting these war CR's correctly?
  • Bye bye chiter....
    • Its spelled cheater, but im not sure what you mean....
  • Hey..your acount is valid?
  • dear sir i am greatly interested in the kallisto acc i have been playing as a fleeter since the mizar days, i am more of a high speed player but due to illness i had lost my acct's during the last merge in electra and cygnus. i currently have just started an acc in oberon but you know how slow going that is lol. please feel free to contact me for further info.
  • Your account is valid?