rebel4life sorry cant go to hell satan still has that restraining order on me

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  • Yo still around?
  • DiamondsAreForever here stranger
  • nub
  • *spams*
  • you still alive man?
  • *spams*
    • whats up mate? how have you been ?
    • Getting there. Been a very bad year. How have you been?
    • not bad , work has been slow but always is around the end of the year , it will pick back up very soon and ill be swamped again..tried to get away from this game but just couldnt stay away from the ocrack lol...
    • I quit the game ages ago. But i just can not leave the boards lol.
    • lol yeah im the opposite i played for several years before i ever joined an ally or the boards , just played solo with no friends . all these new unis though you should make a come back ..yildun is pretty sweet so far x6/x7 and 80% df , going to be epic hits in a year or so