threeflipskat3r Ban me! Shoot me! Please let me go :(

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  • Poll is up on Mathilde :)

  • 10 Years here huh

    • Coming up on 18 in October lol I Just dont have my original board account which was 'Frontsideflip' been playing since 2004

    • wow ur a straight OG

    • Haha thanks man and I appreciate your support of the war in Vega. But ya I remember the good ol days of uni 5 and full unis and no DM, much different then todays game

    • no problem bro,oh ya the good ol days where a player couldn't get 57 million points in less than a week

    • Ya back then the top dogs had like 3M points lol, I remember when ADDAR got 100 rips that was a big deal. Ah memory lane....

  • Did you play in Vega, STONERS ally?
    • No never played vega, when the merge happened I went to Taurus and then Uni 1. Sounds like a good ally though right up my alley XD
    • Lol, just reminiscing about old times and a guy I played with there had a very similar name to you but idr exactly what it was.
  • I'm interested in your account
  • hello i want the account rank 432