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  • Could you move my HOF in vega. thx
  • Hi Handi, I just read Iris' post on my thread: "the hit was made the 19th, you posted it the 23rd, more than 48 hours after the hit was done, ill close this thread as the defender has the right to post it, since he posted within the 48 hour period of the hit being made." I'd be messaging him directly except i can't find a way to contact him. I'm really disappointed with his misinterpretation of the rules. No where does it say that i can't post after 48 hrs (whether the defender has already posted or not). This is a gross mis-carriage of justice. Who can i speak to about this? Regards, GKP
    • sorry to hear that.. you should be able to PM iris directly on the forums by searching his profile and "Create Conversation" Ruling can be found here https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/786515-cr-section-rules/
  • Hello Handi, I posted the hit. Can u do me a favor and please edit the font size on the "ASSASSIN'ated" line to a bigger font. Also if it's not too much trouble, can u add this pic to the bottom please: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/1a/85/0c/1a850c8b3c499ce959bcbafc3a5177bb.jpg Regards, GKP
  • Hello Handi, I'll be posting my Top 10 v Learner Driver within the next 48 hrs but he has already posted it. I assume my (attacker's / victor's) version will be the one featured in the Top 10 section? Regards, GKP
  • Hello there. Would you mind moving our hit in U1 to top 10 when you get the chance? Thanks :)
  • Hi mate, could you move the new top ten in virgo when you get the chance. Thanks :)
  • Move my hit in xanthus anytime you would like now. Thanks
  • Hi man, feel free to move the NN1 ACS in Virgo anytime :D Cheers!
  • welcome to virgo boards i see you are one of my new mods i was about to hit clittle up and let him know we had some top 10 to move a few actually though you might wait another 24 hours since one is new i also need this top 10d, did not list right - board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/i…-of-Ice-AzraelZ-vs-deadl/ i have two top 10s, and there are two others, 4 total
    • https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/803487-TOT-P-1-531-380-300-D-4-281-114-000-Heretic-AzraelZ-Lord-of-Ice-AzraelZ-vs-deadl/
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