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  • Ha ha ha. Hopefully your buddy is doing ok, at least better than Villa are!
  • First game I ever went to see was Chelsea v Barnet in the FA cup, Hoddle was manager at the time....long time CFC fan here.
    • Never had the pleasure of seeing a live match, living Stateside, but back in 2006/7 when I played in Uni15, my alliance Otarian was heavily Irish, and I would always poke and prod about how MU was better. I suppose being a Yank I have the privilege of rooting for both sides. I remember catching Chelsea v Aston Villa in 2015, and I remember Chelsea had a shite start that season. I didn't want to miss one of the few televised matches so I took a night off work, and was looking forward to it. My buddy ended up needing surgery that night, and I asked the doc if they had the channel in the lobby, and he said "well if you wanna wait with your friend I can have the maintenance bring you an AV set-up to watch the match in his recovery room." My buddy didn't understand why I was so excited over a 4-0 victory, but I'm pretty sure the anesthesia had him knackered.
  • Are you lurking now?
    • Not intentionally, I had an odd turn of events crop up in my life. Essentially I was fired under illegal premise, and I had to switch career paths literally over a weekend.
    • Ouch =( sorry to hear that
    • Nah, it's good. My last boss did some crooked things, and now I'm delivering my evidence. It's gonna be a whole legal thing, but I've been having fun tormenting the bastard. Edit: What I mean by that is apparently he hired a security guard for a month after firing me. A guilty conscience will put fear even into the most twisted of men.
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  • Maybe my IQ is not 168 but I can recognize backslapper when I see one :D
    • Your IQ may not be 168, but your manners and reading comprehension are lacking. You're also quite young and naive; and this isn't a bad thing. I can infer this fairly because you hadn't any fair purpose to throw about profanity the way you had. I strongly suggest you read the T&Cs of GameForge Services, LLC, the Board Regulations & Rules, as well as the official Ogame rules. Your IQ may not be 168, but that's not an excuse to be ignorant of the rules you are legally required to oblige. I know its tough, but as I told you, the world isn't so black & white. What is black and white is when you register any account with GameForge Services, LLC you are agreeing to enter a legal contract in exchange for the use of free services provided to you by an independent (German) organization, which requires you to comply with [i]all[/i] rules and regulations of any domains and services provided to you via GameForge Services, LLC. I suggest you do some reading on common law, business law, and contractual obligations. There's more to this world than you will ever know, that's why you need to learn as much as you can. The natural order of life is chaos. It is through chaos that the institutions of government, law, and justice are derived and implemented, to bring about order and regulation. There are more ways to create chaos than order; the veil that separates the two within your actions is fragile. It is for this reason, that everything we say and do must be carefully considered. This is the objection of humanity, or consciousness. You may also want to consider doing some reading on philosophy, because, as I told you thrice, the world is not so black and white.
    • -snip- censored Iris
    • Such is the typical response of a delly; if you genuinely cared about the issues of cheating you face in Spica, you'd take my advice instead of burrowing into your own ignorance. Also, I would strongly advise you to stop using profanity so loosely, it's extremely uncouth and only hurts your disposition. You cannot make time for things, as time is taken, never granted. "He who fights with monsters take care lest he thereby become a monster himself... And if you should gaze long into the abyss, it gazes also into you." - S. L. Clemens
    • I will click like button for you there.....because that is the thing you came for ;)
    • Only a fool would engage in an effort to acquiesce popularity. I come to share information and knowledge. Yet another delly tactic, to imply a strawman argument. Any other fallacies you care to pull from your sleeve laddie? I suppose such a delusion is only the result from a life-long presence of the Internet.
  • Dude what is your IQ ? wow your smart I've been reading your post heck some of the words you toss out I am not ashamed to admit I have to look some of them up
    • My IQ is 168, but don't allow that to lead you to believe I'm smart. Many would see that as a challenge to prove that I'm not. In my experience the only people worth conversing with are those who do are not off-put by my demeanor; my RL mannerisms are far more laid back.
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  • Thanks, Rev
  • Nice one Stag
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