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  • Such a cheer leader. You won’t be missed. You block me after talking all that crap. Such closed move. I’ll have you know though. Xiner still plays with us and his account was passed for free so was black shadow and Merlin. They all still play with us you do realize that?? The account that was bought by karma for 1k. I could have bought as could anyone in hot but we didn’t want to. We wanted karma to buy it and us crash him. What do you know... that’s what happen. Don’t block me. It only makes you look weak. You wasted your whole time playing this game anyway. Good riddance. Hope you get a good price for your account I bet it’s crashed in a few months. And karma damage is from defense bashes nothing hat means nothing. Hit hit a ton of inactive turtles omg what a behemoth.
  • Hey is this account gone already? :)