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  • .....*lurking....
  • Personal update: I'm currently in the process of moving house, so my activity here will be limited at best. For anything urgent, please contact Cass or send in a ticket.
    • Yes contact me if you need anything.
    • Update: the move is now in full swing and I'll be completely out of contact until Monday at the absolute earliest.
  • Hi sorry for distrbing here but I like to ask a question. How we can choose an ally class I can find anywhere please little help .Meki
    • If you were disturbing me, I wouldn't allow anyone to leave me wall posts! :P Right now, the option to choose alliance classes is only available on the test servers and hasn't yet been turned on for any live unis. However, as soon as that changes, we'll let everyone know on the boards ahead of time. :)
  • hi, why no event at all since 12.5?
    • Good question! While we don't have an event every day, GF will occasionally take breaks. However, I'm pleased to say the Happy Day event has now begun and can assure you there'll be plenty more coming in the next few days.
  • Now accepting ratings for rubbish Swedish skills! >_>
  • Wanna ask when Cash back activities start to count?
    The event image has shown in game, received the event mail and Forum said start from 21st,
    It means start at 21st 0:00 am server time right?
    But on the login in page, it shows start at 6:00am,(shown as photo)
    Which time is right?
    I have already purchased 28 matal packages after 21st 0:00am server time,
    Will it count?
  • Hello, I'm new here, i would like to know if the new uni Volans will be available for french version ?
  • Hello Rav3n! I'm new to the forum and can't find any options for changing my nickname on the forum. I would like to have the same name as ingame, is there any way i can change my forum nickname?
    • Heya! While you can't change your username on the board, we can for you! Go ahead and send us a ticket with your new name and we can arrange this for you: ogame.support.gameforge.com/en
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Coffee...now.... :P
  • Hy Rav3n. Can u pls tell me what is the "usual" time for server to come?
    • Of course! While there is some flexibility, the servers are usually released around 1pm Server Time.
  • Well, I still got a computer tech upgrade that I can't possibly do in Universe 1 so it is still a problem.
  • Hi, I just created a post in the account trading section and in doing so I noticed that there is no Tag for Tucana universe. All other universe tags are there except Tucana, it's not crucial of course but it would be nice if it was added. Thanks
    • I knew I forgot something! :P That's it added now.
  • Hello

    In universe sombrero we are now at war alliance dark phoenix with alliance ooo
  • Hello, plese when will it be merges ogame cz, thanks your answer and have a nice day :)
    • Unfortunately, I don't have any info on when the CZ merges will be. However, as soon as we have any info at all, we'll announce it on the board. :)
  • Can we know if the new universe will have ACS ? and merchant ?
    • The default options are for both to be on. So if we don't mention it, it's the default option that applies.
  • I need to take a few days off for personal reasons. For anything that would normally require a BA, please contact Kewlness instead.
  • greetings, when will WAR declarations be possible in Indus?
    • Sorry for the late reply, but you should be able to declare war in Indus any time you like! :)
  • I heard down the grape vine that IT IS YOU WHO STOLE MY IRN BRU... :O
    • Maybe... and it was delicious.
  • so.... what's with Mavericks being the only active mod? Strider and Hatu have been inactive for.... far too long.
  • *poke*
    Since the UK community is much more lively and whatnot, Fawkes came here...except someone stole my name 2 years ago...made 1 post...and never was seen or heard from again.
    • Not my fault, honest! ^^
  • You have all grown up with SMod wings :)
    • I've had them for nearly 2 years now, but thanks! ^^
  • I was here!!!
  • hello dear Rav3n u closed my topic.l knew his landing time but l couldnt send fleet him so banned.l wasted 120M deut for phalanx.who can give me my harm !!

    just l need help
  • Hello Rav3n , you can ignore that board report I did in uni 1. I think it was more me reading it wrong ( sorry )
    • Don't worry, my friend. It happens to the best of us! ^^
  • I'm done with fixing Top 10s for today! xD
  • *spams*
  • *pokes back*
  • hello mod, is anything okay?
  • lol baal.. soo much spam.. give him a warning rav3n XD

    gz on the promo btw