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  • I need to take a few days off for personal reasons. For anything that would normally require a BA, please contact Kewlness instead.
  • greetings, when will WAR declarations be possible in Indus?
    • Sorry for the late reply, but you should be able to declare war in Indus any time you like! :)
  • I heard down the grape vine that IT IS YOU WHO STOLE MY IRN BRU... :O
    • Maybe... and it was delicious.
  • so.... what's with Mavericks being the only active mod? Strider and Hatu have been inactive for.... far too long.
  • *poke*
    Since the UK community is much more lively and whatnot, Fawkes came here...except someone stole my name 2 years ago...made 1 post...and never was seen or heard from again.
    • Not my fault, honest! ^^
  • You have all grown up with SMod wings :)
    • I've had them for nearly 2 years now, but thanks! ^^
  • I was here!!!
  • hello dear Rav3n u closed my topic.l knew his landing time but l couldnt send fleet him so banned.l wasted 120M deut for phalanx.who can give me my harm !!

    just l need help
  • Hello Rav3n , you can ignore that board report I did in uni 1. I think it was more me reading it wrong ( sorry )
    • Don't worry, my friend. It happens to the best of us! ^^
  • I'm done with fixing Top 10s for today! xD
  • *spams*
  • *pokes back*
  • hello mod, is anything okay?
  • lol baal.. soo much spam.. give him a warning rav3n XD

    gz on the promo btw
  • good luck with your promotion
  • Just a notice for anyone looking for me in the next few days with regards to my former mod unis: I'm still shown as the assigned mod for U1, Quantum, Eridanus, Hyperion and Polaris. As I'm now SMod, I'll be removed from these sections once new mods have been found to replace me. Until this happens though, I will continue to keep an active eye on these sections for any issues. Alternatively, you can contact any of the other relevant section mods or our latest GMod, Iris.

    Of course, even after mods can be found to fill the gap my promotion leaves, I'll still be around to deal with any issues that need my attention, so don't think I'm abandoning any of you! :P If anyone needs me, I'm always just one message away.
    • Well they got sorted quicker than I thought they would! ^^
  • hey again :) can you pls move to top list :)
  • hey pls move my fight to top5 :)
  • Is there a way that i can view the list of banned players in Universe Polaris? If i remember correctly, there must be a Pillory of the universe that shows the list of banned players. But ican't seem to find a link
    • There used to be a public pillory for each universe, but that was taken out in a previous update.
  • One of the nicest mods i have seen since 2004. Keep up the good work.
  • Heu Rav3n.

    When will my post in polaris hos selection be aproved?
    • Since I'm the only mod for Polaris at the moment, it can only be approved when I'm actually online. Since I'm here now, I'll take a look at your post in a moment.
    • Thank you very much :)
  • Hi Rav3n,

    For some reason my top 10 hasn't been moved yet even though you said it was a few days ago :/
    • With everything that went on in Quantum recently, I'm not surprised I missed something. Anyway, it should be moved now... and if it's still not, I quit! :P
    • Hi,

      It's a top 10 single not acs :/

      Thanks though :)
    • Yeah, I screwed up. Oops. My router's been acting up, plus I was distracted at the time with GO training, so I believe @Cotxe has fixed it.
    • Hi,

      No worries and yeah Cotxe fixed it :)
  • <Mistake>
  • hi rav3n, i found events page showing todays event and all past events but can not find any future events..
    is there such a page ?
    thanks in advance.
  • thanks any way also why cant i my self edit ?
    • I'm not sure, but you're not the first person to report this issue. I'll let my superiors know and they'll go from there.
  • hmm ok never use to be like this
  • hi raven not sure what going on with the editing on threads it wont let me do it or insert pic's can you please add these fitting images =-)

    and this one after attack

    • All images posted on the board have to be in https rather than standard http. That's why you can't post them, and I won't have any luck trying either. EDIT: You might try to upload the images as attachments instead.
    • Alright, I've done it this one time (just to make sure I could :P), but in future, please make sure your image links are https or can be uploaded as an attachment.
  • raven - can you change my board title to veteran please. i asked for a more appropriate title than "beginner" and now i have "learning my ABC" which is hardly much better. on da last forum i had over 2500 post count. also, i cant send any board messages. it says i have used up my limit. thank you.
    • We're aware of these issues, but I'm afraid it's out of my hands. All the changes (including the rank change) have to be done by my superiors.
  • hi raven i need a post approving for some reason also it will not let me edit any reason why ?
    and how much long till our TT get out backup mine and bibas you guys were very quick in taking them down
  • hi. it says a mod needs to approve my post to be visible. i changed it to how it should be if you could approve it , id appreciate it. thanks
    • Sorry for the delay, stepped away for a moment. It's approved now.