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  • interested in your account trade, and what other unis you have account for perhaps trade..
    I have an account in mensa.. newest uni so its quite active.
    currently rank 82, economy rank 67, military rank 70, and research and research 150 but that will jump a ;ot soon as astro 13 underway... has som inventory items including 6 G.O.L.D moons
  • welcome back!
    • You Alex!
      Thank you. Hope we'll play together again someday :)
    • Come to virgo :)
    • .. and by the way, I think your account is still in Vega…t&univers=_122&statview=0
    • Nah my acc got deleted. I contacted support they've said it's gone. That acc don't know what is it. Maybe before I took over another acc lol
      I'm in janice currently. Top 100.
      If you find me an acc like this in virgo I'll come :P
    • Whoa! Logged in into that acc. It's mickey's! Hahah
  • Hey mate what unis you looking for accounts in?
    • Anything with more than 1x fleet speed.
      Would preffer sth like quantum, cygnus.
      But can play anywhere
    • I have a janice account which i realy don't have the time for, top 130 though collector