Nikta Meldin Feared enemy...for some few :p

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  • In the end of the day its all about having fun :) ... Keep enjoying ;) ^^
  • You still playing Nikta ? lol
    • Ello mate!! Yeah iv been on a new uni with my brother for a couple months. Im shocked you too are still playing!?
    • Yeah uni 1 ... Vega acct was given away then the guy got it deleted lol ... Such a shame >>
    • Ah yes! That happened to me too!!? I was in V-mode with DM on the account and when i returned from a work trip after a few mnths it had been deleted! I spoke to the GOs and they could not answer why it was deleted! I even had a screen shot on my DM. I was gutted. But now i am playing in a young uni again. so its not to bad.
  • "I am the monument to all your sin's"