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  • Yeah, im back for more punishment
    • good to know, I'm playing with Semsi from U30/U40 etc ni Zibal right now....and I have a decent fleet in vega. If u run into any accounts in your uni, let me know
    • Shall do, its only 50 days old so its a pretty quick catch up if you want to start a new one
    • ok i'll probably just do that. What Ally and in game nick?
    • Same nick ingame, ally is LND. Let me know when you are in and I'll send some res your way
    • sounds good my friend....will be nice. In zibal i have semsi.....now will have u 3 bastards in europa....nice:)
  • Muppets. Long Live the Muppets.
    • damn, good to know good folk still exist. So u playing?
  • boo.
    • what it do. U playing again?
    • myself, juice & parkway are all in europa its 6x, and only 40 - 50 days old. we all sorta returned at the same time after 6 - 8years ish. one bored weekend i relapsed into ocrack
    • sounds like me lmao. I think i'll join you 3 in the mix.....might have a few other people down for the get down too
    • im under the same name there, so dont be a stranger.