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  • Hi, I'd like to have my username on the boards changed to "Deuterium Powerhouse" (I checked and it's available). Could you do it for me please? Thanks.
  • I'd appreciate it if I could send you a message.
  • I need clarification on account trading -_- I want to receive a "give away" in the same uni, but I dont wanna get banned for multi-accounting. I also would like to give my old account away to a different person, who also would like to give their old one away! Like a big chain of hand me downs.
  • sorted I think, thanks
  • how do I do that
  • I have an account in vega I have a player who wants to take it over, is it as simple as changing the email then giving the other player the password
    • It is even simpler, just create a giftingcode for that account and give the other player that one.
  • Hello....whats going on with this game...does it have anymore support...i've sent my mail to support almost a week ago and they never replied to me and solved problem...?
    • No clue where you wrote your ticket too. I can only see board-tickets and there is not ticket that has been unanswered that long.
    • I tried this on my second email and didnt work,nor email verification nor password recovery...
    • Can you still log into your game account or did you forget your password? Because i'm pretty sure that you have typo in your lobbymail and thats why it isnt working. Better write a ticket for this and ask for this specific thing so that GOs check for it.
    • i've already sent email about this, i deleted my history in web browser and with him passwords,so i forgot password...when i use "forgot password" and try to recover i don't receive anything in my email...same was happening before when tried to validate email...never anything came to my email...
    • The lobby has an issue with some emails that don't get messages, like I said write a ticket and let the GO check if there is a typo in your email and if not, let it get changed to another email so that you can request a password.
  • *spams*
  • One question. Vmode inactives with fleet won't come out of vmode, but how about vmode inactives with defense?
  • Hello
    by mistake i created a second planet on a different universe (Europe / 3:113: 10 - Director Mariner)
    i try to delete it as i am new and still starting with my main planet ( Universe 1 / 8 :19 :12 - Pedro Nolasco) and after notice that this will delete the account and not only the panet created by mistake
    Dont know if this with you or if the delete can be cancelled.
    Please advise as possible.
    Thank a lot and Happy Holidays
    Pedro Nolasco
    • You can set the accounts to delete in the Settings when you open the account. After 7 Days that account would get deleted then.
    • But i dont want to delete,by mistake i kick the delete, can it be undone? i still want to continue playing. Thank you
    • Didnt you say you created the account in universe europa? and you have 7 days to remove the deletion, after 7 days the account will get deleted if you set it to delete
    • Thanks for your reply
      Sorry, maybe didnt explain well, the one in Universe 1 / 8 :19 :12 - Pedro Nolasco also be deleted, correct? And if so, i dont want it deleted, is that possible? I want to continue playing
    • Thank you NoMoreAngel, problem already solved. Cheers and good game
  • Hello NoMoreAngel
    Are board mods trained in the rules of Ogame?
    • They don't get any extra rule training and we don't require them to know all the ins and outs of the rules
    • It seem that to have the privilege to have a tag after a name that a person would know the game very well.
    • Human error happens that's life.
  • hello
    how can i contact to creates of the big bosses
    i have a problem with ogame team in Greece and they dont help me at all
    they speak and act like a gods
    they dont follow the rules...they make their own rules...they have be friands with players and help them
    thank you for your time
  • yo cant pm inactives because you're in too many conversations lol is that really gonna be the way to go ? i remember a few but if it speeds up the process ill help
  • Sorry to be a bother...but I think the 'who is who on the game team' post needs updating... Someone was looking for their GO/SGO and I was not sure who to tell them... I know Val was recently promoted but it doesn't show there.

    I've not been back long enough to know what's going on :/
    Again... sorry to "nag" :)

  • hello
    can i get my "moonshot trade" back on the moonshot section on uni1 please . thanks
  • Hi can you mssg me ?
  • Hi
  • We have about 2-3 New Number 1s and over 10-15 New top 10s in Xanthus CR section, think you can spank some of those Section Mods to move some of the hits into Top10? :)
  • Hello - greetings from North Korea!
  • hello is anyone going to transfer my hit into the top 10?
    • One of the sections mods will do it when he sees it.
  • Hello again... what are u going to do about that duplicated fleet.. just got it back from the docks and his fleet increased by a full 30%... this is completely unfair
    • I'm going to do nothing that I haven't done already. I reported the part as bug and the rest is up to the coma/GAs
  • So what will it be of this duplicated fleet this guy got plus his 30% from docks... ? is it not fair to saw we crashed him fair and square?
  • Hello NoMoreAngel :)