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  • if you wana add me on diskord just say
  • I see you are looking for a miner account in Vega. What player names have you used before? How long have you been out of the game?
  • You selled your account?
  • .
    • what are you taking about I don't even got an account in quantum
  • top 30 spica
  • zeragoza is my skype name.

    hit me up about account.
  • top 100 uriel, 3 moons
  • lol i dont think anyone has got a high enough
    account to trade thats a huge account why would u wanna trade it?
  • top 100 Tarazed
    more info if request
  • I have uni Rhea top 30 miner acc
  • I have uni Rhea top 50 miner acc
  • is it free acc still
  • Saw your post about your account in Spica. You wanting to trade? What are you looking for?
  • So give free account for fun or want something in return?
  • I wish to play are very active ... about 15 hours a day
  • What kind of offer you looking for if account still avaliable
    • hey you on still
    • Sorry I was but not use to new form
    • I b online for next 8 hours
    • I know how that is well hit me up on skype if u have it newgodobito is name but if not can always offer here
    • No Skype currently what offer u looking for or been offered
  • ya
  • You have account ??