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  • Hey this one move to top ACS :) Thnak you. https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/826083-tot-5-337-439-000-foki-ronin-daka-ronin-vs-wolfas-titans-a-1-041-845-000-d-4-295/
    • Sure thing. Don't forget the top 10 tag; I didn't realize it was a top 10 hit.
    • Thank youuu :)) i
    • You're most welcome. :D
  • Hello, pls can you move to top10 solo. https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/826224-tot-20-197-165-000-foki-ronin-vs-captain-eagle-a-4-220-307-000-d-15-976-858-000/
  • https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/826198-tot-18-874-330-000-detroid-platinum-vs-benesingularis-lgn-a-3-130-604-000-d-15-7/ same as below, please
  • When ever you have time can you move My Solo and ACS to the Top 10 in Rosalind [TOT: 7.565.753.000] Sparky [SPQR] vs. Tommy Lucchese (A: 550.000.000, D: 7.015.753.000) [TOT:] Casanova [Mead2] & Sparky [SPQR] vs. Tommy Lucchese (A: 140.000.000, D: 4.924.031.000)
  • Hi, can you check and move my CR in top10 Xanthippe? [Total: 408.969.000] Oumuamua [Friends] vs. goran [Red Hand] (A: 57.493.000, V: 351.476.000)
  • rewards in Nekkar SE are back as arranged but have not been reset https://imgur.com/brLJYgT can u investigate please
  • Could you please move the Zibal NN1 when you get the chance? Thanks a lot!
    • Sure thing; sorry for the delay, I was away.
  • You can move our hit when ever.
  • Hello, You can move both my hits on Rosalind whenever you want. Thanks.
  • Hey Queen, Can you please move my no1 hit in Weywot when you have a chence Thanks, Alex
  • Hi i send a ticket before 7 days in bellatrix ,can you say me when i can expect a answer Tnx
    • Hey there. :) We try to reply to tickets within 48 hours, but I'm not on the game team over here, I'm only on the board. Since I don't "work" the game side here, I can't see the tickets, so I'm not sure what the hold up is. Please be patient; I wish I had a better answer for you. QL
  • Hi, Could you please move my CR in Sombrero to the top 10 ten(I think its top 2) when you get the chance? tnx
  • Hi Will you move my No1 solo on sombrero , when you have time Thx
  • Hi, Could you please move my Zibal top ten when you get the chance? Thanks very much :)
  • nekkar new number 1 can be moved thanks, but please keep an eye on EmperorRover when his bans lifted, also on bandit whos ban has already been lifted, as they will no doubt re-offend, spoils the fun of the game, keep your eyes on me also so you know i dont cheat as i know your ingame aswell thanks
    • Okay. :)
    • oh its me Hello :), my name is fairly visible on that post so let me say somethings. sometimes players makes mistake and they are banned, like me or like you, and if they haven't done anything serious they can back. Like me or you. To be honest when you are banned I felt sad, we already play as very limited community, and bannig of a top player was annoying. I even send a message to Rav3n, to ask is that temporary or not. I didn't know we had such opposite opinions about each other. Farewell good game.
    • Indeed. It's definitely something to consider. And agreed - .se is small, and so let's see what we can do to keep it going. :)
  • Hi Queen Leo I have top 10 solo for Volans. You can see at Cr-section in Volans
  • Not sure how to PM / DM on here, but I would like to request a board username change. Can you help?
    • Hiya. :) I just answered your PM with the steps you should take. :)
    • Thanks. Appreciated
    • Anytime. :)
  • Hiya :) Feel free to move the hit when you can. https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/823358-tot-2-349-830-000-vecna-spqr-apprehendite-vulpes-spqr-vs-apocalypto-insane-a-543/&postID=7133880#post7133880 Thanks for the heads up about it - it's the first time I've posted
    • You're welcome! It's been put in its place of honor. I hope to see more from you. :)
    • Hopefully there are more too! But I think you moved it to the wrong top 10 board. It's an ACS hit and it looks like it's in the solo Top 10 at the moment. I'm hoping that wasn't something I did wrong, I thought I put the right tags on and everything but I could be mistaken. Thanks in advance :)
    • Whoops. No, you did it right. I apparently can't read. Or I've turned blonde...not sure which. It should be fixed now. :D Thank you for catching my error!
    • I like blondes =)
  • Hey Queen Leo :) Can you move to its deserved place #1 https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/822768-tot-1-610-227-000-chuck-norris-alpha-gh0st-alpha-treble-alpha-vs-oceanrider-a-o/ ty
    • Sure thing. :)
    • Can you move all mine to top ten please Queen, ty :D
    • Sure. :)
    • You are up there with the best Mods in recent times, keep doing a great job... sorry we keep you so busy in Tucana haha!
    • No worries, I love it! It's fun. :D
  • Hey can you move to top 10 ACS https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/822709-tot-324-233-000-marcus-aurelius-a-o-d-authority-a-o-d-vs-vodka-a-41-120-000-d-28/ Forgot to add tag sorry :/
  • Why have given me a 1hr post stop on Sombrero? We are allowed to talk about DM...
    • Eh, what? I didn't do anything.
    • Wierd, after you posted I had a timed ban from commenting,,you tell me?
    • Also, why cant I comment on DM usage? Person could only make that hit after massive DM use? Why cant I comment in that regards? No rule against it?
    • First; Mods can't "ban" you from posting inany technical sense. They make modposts and ask you not to. If you still do, they are allowed to close/warn as well. It is well possible that you ran into the spam measure than prohibits you from posting more and one post after the other for a bit. Second: If you have a problem with a moderator and a warning, please contact him/her via PM and if the warnings stands, the superiors, aka in this case either Rav3n or me.
  • Yes pls you can move this CR: https://board.en.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/822406-tot-134-256-000-reborn-303-vs-treshman-a-23-137-000-d-111-119-000/&postID=7127679#post7127679
  • *pounces*
  • I havent spammed you here??? *spams*